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Freefall avatar 5:44 AM on 09.06.2009  (server time)
Your Squad is your Weapon: Those Left for Dead

Nothing gets you immersed in games more than being in a squad in the heat of battle. These teams get you through the most deadly of situations. These are the best of the best. I will have a look at the best squads in the coming weeks and finally have a Poll to decide the ultimate Squad. Today we'll have a look at:

The Survivors from Left 4 Dead

About The Survivors:
Francis is a loud cocky Biker who hates everything, Louis is a systems analyst who thinks positive, Bill is a Vietnam war veteran and Zoey is a College dropout geeks dream. Together, they fight for survival against the zombie apocalypse.


Moment of Awesome:
Personally, I think fighting their way through the possible heart of the infection, Mercy Hospital, to escape the roof via helicopter, destroying a whole manner of nasty infected and surviving, is pretty awesome.

Why I think they are Badass:
This can vary for everyone, but I think that killing Tanks which can throw cars, witches which will shred you alive and thousands of other zombies and still managing to escape is badass.

How are they on the Hardest Difficulty Level?
AI wise, they suck, in fact the only thing they are good at doing is killing special infected you can't see. Player wise, not much better. Aha, only kidding, players generally are a lot more competent but it is still a struggle for survival, no other game needs as much teamwork and coordination than Expert on Left 4 Dead.

Four (relatively) normal people immune to a virus which turns everyone into Zombies, outnumbered, but not outgunned, this unlikely bunch has tons of personality, conversations and they know they must work together. They have each others backs, for sure. Although they are not military trained (you could argue for Bill), a difference from the other teams I've had a look at, they are very competent and work more as a team than most Military squads.

Team Rating: 85%

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