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Freefall avatar 6:06 AM on 09.03.2009  (server time)
Your Squad is your Weapon: The Republic Commandos

Nothing gets you immersed in games more than being in a squad in the heat of battle. These teams get you through the most deadly of situations. These are the best of the best. I will have a look at the best squads in the coming weeks and finally have a Poll to decide the ultimate Squad. Today we'll have a look at:

Delta Squad from Star Wars: Republic Commando

About Delta Squad:
Delta Squad was an elite clone commando squad that carried out demanding missions for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Part of Zero Five Commando, the unit played instrumental roles in the Battle of Geonosis as well as in the lead up to the Battle of Kashyyyk. Consisting of four commandos, Delta Squad received their orders from CC-01/425, a clone advisor.

* RC-1138 (Boss) C.Q.B.
* RC-1140 (Fixer) Slicer
* RC-1207 (Sev) Sniper
* RC-1262 (Scorch) Demolitions Expert

Moment of Awesome:
Fighting their way through the hangars of droids in a derelict ship, blowing every one of them up before making their way to the bridge and shooting the Separatist Droid control ship.

Why I think they are Badass:
Every member has a distinct personality and all of them are capable of saving your butt. Even if you get shot down, they will keep on fighting and revive you. Even against incredible odds, the team succeeds in halting Droid armies and Trandoshan Slavers. And not a Jedi in sight to steal their thunder. Efficient, Deadly and Awesome, this is Delta Squad.

How are they on the Hardest Difficulty Level?
They die as much as the player does, in fact, its really even, for every time I have to revive them, they revive me and keep me going, they listen to orders well and generally do nothing stupid... apart from get shot. One time, I got shot down by 4 Super Battle Droids and only Fixer was left, I ordered him to revive me, He did just that, of course he got downed right after, but I managed to get everyone up and running again, thanks to just one of my squad-mates.

Let's be honest here, Delta Squad makes the game, its about an elite squad of commando's in dangerous scenarios, there isn't much more story than that, the gameplay is good, the AI is pretty competent and the weapons are good to use. I have replayed Republic Commando, Eight times and I'm not bored or annoyed of the squad at all, they are brilliant.

Team Rating: 92%

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