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Freefall avatar 6:02 AM on 08.19.2010  (server time)
Why you will never see a sequel to your favourite Star Wars game.

Star Wars is huge, everybody likes Star Wars in some way (Apart from my sister, but I know she’s not human, so that’s alright). Star Wars has had some fantastic games, and I mean incredible. But these days, Star Wars games are becoming a former shell of themselves. There are so many series left to rot by LucasArts as they make another SuperJedi™ game. Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you some great Star Wars games that will never get sequels: Get some tissues ready for some manly tears.

You want to read more?

Why you will never see a sequel to... Republic Commando

What is Republic Commando?
Star Wars Republic Commando is a first-person shooter based around the ‘Delta Squad’ during the clone wars. The team commands are similar to the Rainbow Six series with commands such as door breaches, taking cover and mounting heavy weapons as well as the squad mates ability to revive each other, even the player, when they are down. Republic Commando was looked upon fondly as a solid shooter with likable characters, even though they are supposed clones, each one was unique. It is also a Star Wars game that avoids any direct contact with Jedi, bringing a certain reality to the front lines of the war.

Why won’t we ever see a sequel to it?
That’s the thing: there was. Republic Commando: Order 66 was released exclusively on mobile phones. This sequel takes place during the events of Star Wars Episode 3, where you fight droids and eventually have to eliminate the Jedi. But it is not what the fans wanted, but I bring good news, it is NOT canon! So why won’t there be a sequel again? Books mother***ers!
The Republic Commando series was a novel spin off to the game, each book looks at the adventures of the Omega Commando squad, with faithful cameos of Delta Squad and Jedi. A sequel book to the Republic Commando books, Imperial Commandos deals with members of Delta Squad and Omega squad becoming a black-ops unit within Darth Vader’s 501st legion and hunting down fugitive Jedi.
So as you can see, the canon and path of the Republic Commando’s is already set out and written about. A Republic Commando game could simply not deal with the ridiculous writing and plot turns that the books offer out, so we are left replaying an old solid Star Wars FPS, I’m sorry to say.

Is there even a slim chance in the cosmos?
Unless the canon of the Star Wars universe is changed; the same canon where The Force is a mystical bacteria that shits out magic (No George Lucas, I did not forget). We are not going to ever see a true sequel to Republic Commando. Nope, not a chance in Korriban.

I see.

Why you will never see a sequel to... Battlefront.

What is Battlefront?
Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront 2 are third person shooters where you have to conquer the galaxy with your faction, one planet at a time. It is similar in vain to the Battlefield series, in fact starting its life as a mod for Battlefield 1942. During the game-play, you choose a class of soldier to become and have to take over outposts that grant reinforcements, you usually conquer all these outposts to win, otherwise killing foes until their body count (Score) reaches zero.

Why won’t we ever see a sequel to it?
There were two spin offs on hand held consoles and an actual third game in th series was being worked on. Unfortunately, Free Radical lost the rights to make it after 2 years of work on the game. Art was leaked, assets were shown, and the truth is; now nothing remains of it, the sequel was perhaps 1 to 2 years away from release and it got shut down. Tragedy at its finest. If another sequel were to actually be released, it would have to have the nod from Lucas, then have to be contructed from scratch, something that they don’t want to bother with it seems.

Is there even a slim chance in the cosmos?
Maybe if Rebellion Develpoments (The creators of the handheld battlefront games) were given orders to make it for next gen consoles? Other than that, no other studio would be given untested grounds to create a third game in a successful game series straight away. And Lucasarts? Hah, even less of chance with the lay-offs going on right now. You’d have a better chance chance of winning an arm wrestle against a wookie. A BIG WOOKIE.

It's... understandable I guess.

Why you will never see a sequel to... Knights of the Old Republic.

What is Knights of the Old Republic.
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords are role-playing games set around 4000 years before Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. The games are renowned for having gripping stories and interesting characters.

Why won’t we ever see a sequel to it?
Bioware: the creator of the first game, is releasing a sequel of sorts. Star Wars The Old Republic is an MMO set 300 years after KotOR 2, having nothing to do with Revan or The Exile or in fact any other character found in KotOR 1 or 2. So no, it is not a sequel in any apart from being a Star Wars game set in The Old Republic. A Bioware designer had this to say about a Kotor 3: "Kotor 3? Yes, it's called "The Old Republic" and it is KOTOR 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8!". No. I’m sorry, but no. I know it is just Pre-release hype and the game will be great in its own right, but it is not a Kotor sequel. The TOR designers said that every player will have their own crew and be a hero, but not really, no. Will my player character have their own Wikipedia entry? Have a lot of plot twists to do with his/her past? Have their fate tied to the destiny of their chosen side? Hmm.

Is there even a slim chance in the cosmos?
If you want to see a spiritual sequel, then by all means, pay monthly to experience The Old Republic. Otherwise, a single-player RPG telling us the fates of the heroes from the first two games had been shot down by the creators of Kotor thousands of times.

So, uh... Okay.

Why you will never see a sequel to... X-Wing.

What is X-Wing?
The X-Wing series is the collective name for 4 PC games: Star Wars: X-Wing, Star Wars: TIE Fighter, Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. They are space combat simulation games where the player takes on the role of a Rebel Alliance Pilot or a Galactic Empire Pilot.

Why won’t we ever see a sequel to it?
The games were developed by ‘Totally Games’ under licence from LucasArts. The Amazing LucasArts™ see fit to hold onto this licence and not give it to anyone at all. So there are no plans to release any further games in the series; although in an interview in, The X-Wing creator indicated he would like to return to the series at some point in the future. Even the series’ original mission designers, have also stated that they would happily return to the series. But LucasArts has decided that nobody wants to be a normal pilot these days, they all want to be Jedis and Siths with their Lazer sticks and over-the-top dragonball-esque force powers.

Is there even a slim chance in the cosmos?
The original team is no longer employed at ‘Totally Games’ and every single one of them have either left the industry or joined another game company. So that means that you would need a brand new team of hot-shots who want to make a space combat simulator (Something nobody does these days) as well as LucasArts to give up the X-Wing License. Not Gonna Happen. I guess we should all hold onto our dusty joysticks and remember the good days long past.

Makes sense.

Why you will never see a sequel to... Jedi Knight.

What is Jedi Knight?
The Jedi Knight Series includes a lot of games. It all starts with Star Wars: Dark Forces, followed by Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, followed by Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith. Years later another game came, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and the Last game was Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (Which should rightly be called Star Wars: Dark Forces 5: Jedi Knight 4: Jedi Outcast 2: Jedi Academy. But you can see why they went with ‘Jedi Academy’). These games are First/Third-Person shooters with a storyline that focuses around the character Kyle Katarn.

Why won’t we ever see a sequel to it?
Dark Forces, Dark Forces 2 and Mysteries of the Sith were developed in-house at LucasArts (Back when it was great, with those fantastic adventure games they used to make.) But LucasArts Partnered with Raven Software who made Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. Obviously this contract has ended as LucasArts have not contacted Raven Software for another game. Raven Software has recently finished their original game ‘Singularity’ after some major layoffs within the company. With neither company making any move to return to this fantastic series of games, it’s stuck dead in the water, forgotten about along with that half-eaten pizza underneath my bed.

Is there even a slim chance in the cosmos?
If LucasArts decided that another Jedi Knight game would sell impossibly well and Raven Software was motivated and paid enough, sure it’s possible. It’s unlikely that Kyle Katarn would ever return as the player character as the Star Wars Expanded universe is bloated as bantha. Our hero, Kyle Katarn has appeared in numerous books and comics, as has the canon player character (Jaden Korr from Jedi Academy.) So a new character would have to be created. As you can tell, there are just too many hoops to jump through for another game. At least we can remember Kyle’s greatest moments.

......I got nothing.

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