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Freefall avatar 6:47 AM on 01.10.2010  (server time)
Why it took me 6 years to complete Jet Set Radio Future

The Game and a picture of myself after I had played it for the first time. Yes that is me 6 years ago.

- The first words you hear when you boot up JSRF.

At first, I was ashamed to tell this story, but it involves the great game known as Jet Set Radio Future, so I'll tell it anyway. Another plus side is that it has a moral. This is the story of why it took me 6 years to complete Jet Set Radio Future:

2003: This was the year I got Jet Set Radio Future in a bundle pack with Sega GT 2002 on my very first Xbox. It was the second game I tried. I had no idea it would take me 6 years to finish, but this is where it all began. After starting it up, I found it hard, I just couldnít get used to the controls, but I loved the music and the style of it all, unfortunately I kept getting lost, my young mind wasn't that good at comprehending maps back then. I'll tell you what was fun though, creating your own sprays, god, My sprays sucked, but I loved it., it never got old. I played it on and off for a while, but I preferred other games like Halo, Dead or Alive 3 and 007:Nightfire at the time.

Grinding is my cause

2004: I got back into it because it was there on top of my Xbox, taunting me. I continued to plug away at it until I got to a boss fight, if I recall, it was that bastard cop in a giant mecha of some sort. I took me several weeks before I managed to not fall off to the ground and spray that mother f***er dead. Then it was on/off for a year until I got lost in The Skyscraper District and Pharaoh Park, I just didn't know where to go and I wasn't good enough to continue, I tried for weeks, but I just got bored, so I gave up and forgot about it.

The police. Fuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkk Yoooooouuuuuu!

2005: Ignored it for other commitments and games, I was also in the FPS crowd at this time I just wasn't interested in good games. If I could go back in time and kick my younger self for thinking such things, I totally would. Hey, what's that bruise on my shin?

2006: I was '360' heavy this year, foolishly thinking that the 'Next Gen' was the way forward. One rainy day though, I plugged in my original Xbox and booted it up; opened my save, remembered my days of frustration then turned it off.

In a related note, I hated that 'Graffiti is art but also vandalism' message that appeared every time you booted it up. I mean, if games influenced us, we'd all be eating pills in a dark room while listening to repetitive music.

2007: Ignored it all year due to my commitment to my 360, I didnít think I would go back to the original Xbox. I can't believe I just ignored it again, what a crime against humanity! This was also the year I got an HDTV, I foolishly thought that looking at SDTV again would burn my eyes out or something.

2008: I did play some old Xbox games due to the need and urge for something old. Completely Forgot about JSRF though and I'll tell you why: it was because the JSRF/SegaGT2002 bundle Disc came in a little paper wallet and, not wanting it damaged, I put that in one of those old Xbox magazine demo disc cases. Hot Damn, talk about bad planning.


2009: This was the year I made a promise to myself to complete as many games as possible. By chance I saw and downloaded the soundtrack. Memories came flooding back, soon, I told myself, I'd get to it soon, and this time, it would be different. I finally got around to JSRF the second week of March. I booted it up, but I had long forgot what I was supposed to be doing, So I decided to start a new game. I grew tired of the tutorials, but had gained my skating skills back. I loaded up the blasted Save file containing my Demise. I boosted like the freakin' Fist of the North Star, somehow I progressed and wondered why I had been stuck all this time, I think Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider Legend helped me acquire the necessary platforming skills, thinking back on it. I said to myself "Right, I'm going to make it right to the end" All my other games and priorities went on hold for a week. After 6 years, I finally understood the game. I blazed through the world, laughing at the idea of a young Nick struggling at the game.

My two most used characters. On the left: Rhyth, on the right, Gum, why these two? why play as girls? I think it was the short dresses. Call it male instinct combined with the need for some decent acceleration.

So I changed my character from Gum to Rhyth and began grinding rails like there was no tomorrow, why was I using such a slow character such as Gum? I wish I could ask my younger self.
A sunny Saturday morning arrived. I knew I was nearing the end. 11:45am, I defeated the final boss, I'd done it, adrenaline was pumping through my vains, Iíd actually done it! I began Jumping up and down while I did the dance of awesomeness as the credits rolled, I realized I had finally completed my quest.


Listening to banging tunes while grinding?= Priceless.

Mini Review:
Gameplay: 8/10 (What can I say, there's nothing quite like it)
Sound: 9/10 (I love the music, apart from one song called Birthday Cake, god that was annoying)
Visuals: 9/10 (The Cel-shaded style is perfect, can't really fault it here)

I loved how everyone was dancing at the GG's hideout. This is also what I call 'The Dance of Awesome'.

Will I ever go back to it? Maybe. It may of sounded stupid, as I'm sure many of you had no trouble completing JSRF at all. But keep in mind that as a gamer, I've come a long way. I wasn't always diverse, but I think JSRF has broken that part of me. I Love it. But I also realize that this game was truly unique, there may never be another one quite like it. Do we need a sequel? God Yes.

So if you find yourself with a game collecting dust on the back shelf, for the LOVE OF GOD. Go back to it and show it who's boss, who knows? You might just come out with a new favorite game.

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