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Freefall avatar 6:09 AM on 06.19.2009  (server time)
My Videogame Doppelgangers

I think we're on to something here... I'd say it's a conspiracy, but...nah. As you will have seen in What if the Destructoid Crew were Video Game characters it's more likely than you might think.

This dude inspired me to have a go at it myself, so here we go. My Videogame doppelgangers.

Freefall ---> Lucas Kane (Fahrenheit/ Indigo Prophecy)

So this guy is a little bit crazy, but he does save the world, so it's an okay comparison I guess.

Most similar feature: The look of intense thinking, even though no actual thought is going through the mind.


Freefall with Glasses ---> John Vattic (Second Sight)

Yeah, I guess I could see myself in John's shoes, plus he has Telekinesis, Yeah!

Most similar feature: The concerned look and Glasses.


And last of all, just for a bit of fun:

Freefall ---> MAX PAYNE (MAXY PAYNE)


Most similar feature: The constipated look on the face when killing bad guys or chilling.


So, does that look about right? Any other of my Doppelgangers out there? While you're at it, find some of your own Doppelgangers!

Destructoid, Go for it!

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