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Freefall avatar 10:52 AM on 12.29.2009  (server time)
My Top 10 Favorite Playable Guys in Gaming.

Now I like playing a pure killing machine as much as the next guy, but sometimes I enjoy playing someone I can relate to.
When you're asked who you like playing as, you immediately think of the most badass warrior you can, Kratos, Master Chief, Doom Guy. But guys in video games aren't just killing machines. Certain games have evolved beyond that, giving the player characters who you can relate to, characters who can even hold a relationship.
RPG's have plenty of these, but sometimes, I don't want to build a character, or choose how they progress, sometimes it's nice to just be a ready made character who develops on their own.

Here's ten guys that will fuck your shit up, fight for freedom or another miscellaneous cause and still have time to fall in love.

10. The Prince
From Prince of Persia
Let's start this list with the Prince. Now, this may be controversial, but I actually like this Prince, he's lighthearted, always has a witty comment or two and is just looking for his donkey. But beneath that, he is actually a caring hero in disguise, and he throws away the world for what he cares about most.
Badass Rating: 7/10. He easily dispatches the best of the corrupted warriors.
Love interest?: Elika

9. Chris Redfield
From Resident Evil (5)
Zombies, Majini, creatures from nightmares, Chris here will take 'em town. Always honest and trustworthy to a partner, Chris will fight to make the world a safer place.
Badass Rating: 8/10. When the boulder doesn't move, he punches it into submission.
Love interest?: Jill Valentine?

8. Frank West
From Dead Rising
Let's just say that 53,000 zombies VS Frank isn't a fair match- to the zombies. While I would hide in abasement during a zombie outbreak, Frank goes looking for survivors and the photojournalist in him uncovers a massive conspiracy. This is one guy you want to stick next too.
Badass Rating: 9/10. He smashed through thousands of zombies with his bare hands.
Love interest?: Isabella

7. Max Payne
From Max Payne (2)
What appears to be a 'shoot first', pill addicted man is actually a poor tormented soul. Luckily he meets his match in Mona Sax. Max is one of the better heroes because he does what many can't; he forgives himself for his family's death at the end of The Fall Of Max Payne. This man fights for what he believes in.
Badass Rating: 8/10. Kills hundreds of mobs (In slow motion) and shows Vlad who's boss.
Love interest?: Mona Sax

6. Ezio Auditore da Firenze
From Assassin's Creed 2
A young member of the Florentine Nobility and the second son of Giovanni Auditore, an Assassin. This guy packs all of Leanado Davinci's inventions and more. Duel wielding hidden blades? check. Flying machine? Check. Gun? Check. His 10 year quest to avenge his family is undertaken and completed with nothing short of pure skill.
Badass Rating:8/10. Not one, but two hidden blades. 'Nuff said.
Love interest?: Let's just say he's a ladies man.

5. Welkin Gunther
From Valkyria Chonicles
Commander of Squad 7 of the Militia, Welkin takes after his late father, who was an expert in tactics and warfare. Welkin is a loving squad commander, who genuinely cares for his squad, no matter what they think of him.
Badass Rating: 5/10. Full of good ideas, though rarely goes into foot combat himself.
Love interest?: Alicia Melchiott

4. Sergent Cortez
From TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
A space marine with style. Cortez battles the evil timesplitters through time and space, helping other heroes along the way. Cortez is an experienced fighter. If anything disagrees with him, he'll blow it the fuck up. Also unintentionally hilarious.
Badass Rating: 8/10. Restores time to it's original state while killing every foe imaginable.
Love interest?: Anya

3. Kyle Katarn
From Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Born a farmer, trained a Stormtrooper, worked as a mercenary and a Rebel agent, self-taught as a Jedi Knight. He's a crack shot, can use the Force and a lightsaber to obliterate anything which stands in his way.
Badass Rating: 8/10. 'To know the light, you must see the dark'. Those poor stormtroopers...
Love interest?: Jann Ors

2. Nathan Drake
From Uncharted: Among Thieves
A treasure hunter of sorts, Nate is a witty protagonist who manages unbelievable feats. You could send an army to thwart him, but he'll still keep coming. Dedicated and caring, this guy knows when to call it quits, until someone drags him back into it.
Badass Rating: 9/10. I swear this guy is indestructible, he survives a gunshot from a cutscene.
Love interest?: Elena Fisher

1. Manny Calavera
From Grim Fandango
Quite the unusual game protagonist, because he's already dead. Manny owes the powers that be some community service, so he acts as a travel agent to the recently deceased. Manny himself eventually goes on the 4 year journey of the soul, discovering a huge conspiracy of No.9 tickets on the way. Manny thwarts Hector's plan and helps return the tickets to all the good souls who deserve them, getting himself one in the process. Manny is kind-hearted, resourceful and always ready to give a helping hand.
Badass Rating: 5/10. Manny's more of a smooth talker,he still sprouts Hector though.
Love interest?: Mercedes "Meche" Colomar

So there you have it. There are a lot more characters which didn't make my top ten, but they still exist, which is what counts. Here's hoping for far more to come. Keep in mind that these aren't the universally chosen best characters, they're just my favorite.

I dare you to name your favorite.

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