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Freefall avatar 10:06 AM on 03.26.2009  (server time)
Gaming Confessions from a Gamer. It makes sense if you think about it.

We all have our little secrets and things we normally don't say, but I hereby want to change that! so without further adu, aduw, adwu........ a due, let me present some of my -- quite frankly embarrassing -- gaming confessions.

I bought the Halo Trilogy for its story rather than the multi-player.

What can I say? I really enjoyed Halo's story of a lone spartan, sexy A.I, marines dying and anarchy within the Covenant.

I only bought BioShock because it came with a free BioShock 360 face plate.

Okay, so its only half true, that August was a gaming drought and although I was tired of Eff-Pee-Esses I got it because it came with a BioShock themed 360 faceplate. In related thoughts, what ever happened to the 'Customize your 360 with Faceplates! LOL

I bought Crackdown for the Halo 3 beta and have spent more time playing Crackdown than Halo 3.

Yeah, I'm guilty of this, but in a surprising twist of events, I have actually spent more time playing Crackdown than the real Halo 3, and this isn't due to the fact that I got ALL 500 AGILITY ORBS! But is in fact due to the reason it is very, very fun! Perhaps more so than Halo 3.

I bought The World Ends With You because the title sounded cool.

One of my college classmates mentioned it, but I didn't pay any attention, it must have buried itself in my subconscious though, because when I went to a game store that weekend, I saw something which caught my eye. It took me a minute to actually decipher than crazy text the title uses, but I thought it sounded neat, so I bought it.

I bought Ninja Gaiden (xbox) because I saw a walkthrough in some magazine.

I had enjoyed the Dead or Alive 3 I got with my xbox, but I had no idea they made other games. So when I saw a walkthough in some random magazine my parents got me, I was amazed.

I thought Left 4 Dead looked shit, until I played the demo and fell in love with it.

The screenshots and videos didn't interest me, but I thought I might as well try the demo.
Oh. My. God. Oh. My. Fucking. God. I fell in love with the game right there and then.

I enjoyed Perfect Dark Zero.

Was it really that bad? it was like the weak Halo of the 360 launch, it had guns, graphics, vehicles and most important of all, Co-op.

I bought Prince of Persia (2008) because Altair was an unlockable outfit, and because I found it 50% off in its second week of release.

I bought Resident Evil 5 because it had Co-op.

I disliked the demo ( I guess I was expecting a more 'Gears of War' type control scheme) But I took the plunge anyway because it had Co-op. Now I love it! (Guess it just takes some getting used to, I'm thankful for the different experience)

I bought Crysis just to see if my family computer could run it (It could actually, on Medium settings)

I don't know what possessed me; for all I knew it would never work. Also, I couldn't get used to the suit controls so I used my 360 controller.

I think that KotOR 2 has a much more interesting story than KotOR 1.

Knights of the Old Republic was my favorite game for a long time, somehow I clocked 74 hours on one playthrough, I really disliked KotOR 2 when I got it, but now, every time I replay it, it gets better, I'm not sure whether my brain just began to comprehend the story more, but I now prefer it the KotOR 1. Also, Kreia was awesome and Disciple was- OH GOD NO.

I had to use a walkthrough for practically all of Grim Fandango.

Grim Fandango was one of the first adventure games i played, and my god, I just couldn't do anything in it, so when I found a Hint system/walkthrough... well one thing led to another... and pretty soon it was over. I still immensely enjoyed Grim Fandango though. Who needs giant mutated tentacle bosses for difficulty; when You can just lock an open door? LOCK AN OPEN DOOR?!?! WHO THOUGHT THAT WAS PAINSTAKINGLY OBVIOUS!! IT'S NOT FUNNY!

I had to read an in depth explanation to understand the story behind Braid.

Okay so the story was abstract, but still...SPOILERTHE PRINCESS IS A NUCLEAR BOMB!SPOILER

I thought Zelda was the main character until I realized it was Link.

Pacman scares me.

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