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Freefall avatar 5:48 PM on 03.28.2009  (server time)
Achron- The RTS which involves time travel... PARADOX!

No doubt you have heard of this fascinating game: Achron

Achron Site

Obligatory Time travel related Image.

Very interesting stuff here, this is something which has never been attempted in a game before (hence why I'm interested) it's only been talked about in theory and certain books.

Man I love this time travel stuff, I can just imagine some multi-player matches, here is one of the designers talking about a match:

"Chris used a neat strategy against me in a memorable free-for-all game between him, Konrad, and myself. I launched a massive surprise attack on Chris's mining base, so he traveled back in time, prepared a large fleet to counter my attack and succeeded. However, in the present I acquired nukes and sent a nuke back to the end of the battle that destroyed his remaining fleet. Before it was over, he jumped back further in time, moved his mining base and undid his counter attack. Since his fleet had left the area and my army had conquered it, my nuclear blast from the future decimated my own forces! Right at that time, Konrad came at me with his forces, so I didn't have time to undo my nuclear blast. "

So future units can help past units and vice versa, You could theorectically have an army of one unit from every time period, careful not to cause a paradox though!

So what is your opinion on this? I myself will be keeping an eye on this game.

Also, I killed you 35 minutes ago.

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