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Freefall avatar 8:35 AM on 02.03.2009  (server time)
5 Fictional Video Game Locations I would love to visit

The Unofficial Official VG Travelers Guide

A lot of games pride themselves on atmosphere, some more than others, but there are very rare times where the location and setting is just perfect, and it fits so well. I am going to list the places I would love to visit or live in; they are that great.

Number 5.


Featured in BioShock, this just reeks of atmosphere, the 1940’s Art Deco is just fantastic, and you could picture residents living there. Oh yeah and it’s under the FREAKIN’ OCEAN! How cool is that?
Besides, it is just one of those places that (If it were real) you would just have to visit.

Number 4.


Featured in The Longest Journey. At first glance it just appears to be one of those Generic Magical Towns, but it is so much more than that. It just has that Magical feeling and you feel right at home, it is so natural, from the bustling market to the vast docks.
The reason for wanting to visit this place would be for the sights, smells and sounds.

Number 3.

Mirror City

Featured in Mirror’s Edge. Although its name is never mentioned and it may just seem like a dull dystoptian city… It looks so DAMN CLEAN! Seriously, I could see my face in the floor. If real cities were like this, I wouldn’t complain, everything else it just dull compared to this. It’s not like its just plain white either, it has splashes of all the best colours.
It just makes you stand still and go “Wow, this is amazing”.

Number 2.

The Citadel

Featured in Mass Effect. Another contender for the ‘Cleanest place of the galaxy’ award. It reminds me of those perfect imagines futures, when people would predict flying cars and colonisation of planets, when in fact they just wanted to get out of the shithole they live in, I can see why. Apart from being IN SPACE!!!!...!! It is a sight to behold, it has a fantastic Sci-Fi feel mixed with something of a clean reality about it. It is also low maintenance (Those Bug things fix everything, how nice!) and is about as big as things get.

Number 1.


Featured in Grim Fandango. If you have every played Grim Fandango, you will know this is without a doubt the best place in the game. I love the Noir styling, it is pure class. It has a Casino, High Rollers club, Giant Blimp, CAT RACES! Seriously what’s not to like. I can’t explain why I like this place so much, but if I ever go to the land of the freaking dead, this is the place I am heading to first.

Missed the Mark

City 17 in Half-Life 2

I was going to list this until I realized that this City sucks, there’s no fun place to go, you get hit with a stun stick all the time and they stuck a giant steel rod in the middle of it (Over compensating much?) besides from the fact that it is generic and not a pretty sight.

So Dtoiders, what Location has stolen your heart? Where would you like to visit?

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