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11:57 PM on 04.14.2013

Words, Violence, Words, Bioshock Inifinte, Words, Etc...

There is a ton of talk these past few weeks about the violence (I am getting so sick of seeing that word) in Bioshock Infinite. How much of it there is, Why it even needs to be there, and whether or not there is a point to it in the first place. Every single one of these topics has been picked to death. But here I am to pick at em some more.


Now, I don't have a problem with the intensity of the violence. For the most part of my playthrough it never bothered we one bit outside of the initial rail-hook-to-the-face at the raffle. However I look back and understand that was the developers way of introducing us to our melee weapon for the remainder of the game. It wasn't done simply for the sake of gratuitous violence. During gameplay the small flash of blood across the screen simply let me now that my attacks were landing.

Looks... tasty.

The only bit of gore I found to be pushing it a bit were the number of marks on victims of the “Murder Of Crows” vigor. The total number of “beakings” on the bodies were ridiculous BUT were also there to be able to better identify who of your opponents may have been hit. These bits of excess gore are there as a form of communication of our enemies status aside from the usual health bars that aren’t always visible. They serve a purpose.

Amount and Reasoning

Bioshock Infinite has an incredibly remarkable story something we all know at this point. In fact it may just be in my personal top 3. Some argue that it's a story that could hold it's own without all the fights. I don't believe so. While the story is incredibly rich what with the conversations between Booker and Elizabeth occasionally doling out interesting little tidbits, the Voxophones littering the environment filled with tons of interesting backstory, the Kinetoscopes stationed about showing short silent films about Columbia, and the occasional cinematic. It's those physical items littering the playable landscape that help enrich the story and the experience.

I loved hearing every word I could about these two.

If you were to watch the game unfold via a slapped together Youtube video you would be missing out on so much. But to simply walk through an environment to collect these things as a man wanted by any given people would make no sense. Yes, I believe combat has a place in Bioshock Infinite. Perhaps not to the volume currently present however. To expect a police/Vox presence around every single corner is ridiculous.

However it's there! Every time I round I corner I'm sending out another flock of crows and bullets! And it grows tiring! The only two places (yes two) where I expected and got an appropriate amount of combat were in “The Hall of Heroes” and the taking of Comstocks airship. In both cases I would have absolutely expected an intense enemy presence. And in both cases the fights were evenly distributed. It would have only served to enhance the story by removing a chunk of the excess combat and allowing the player to take in the environment and setting more.

Like this but with guns and slightly better AI.

The violence in Bioshock Infinite has a place, a reasoning, and a rational behind it's intensity. While in it's current state it may be a bit combat heavy, it takes very little away from the overall experience. The key problem I see here is finding a way to make the amount of combat palatable in the context of the story. And it wouldn't take much to make it work.   read

9:29 PM on 04.12.2013

Playing It Easy

Fucking Alex.

Motherfucking. Alex.

Every game Alex has played with a difficulty slider has always been cranked to maximum. Resident Evil 4. Persona 4. Bioshock. Ni No Kuni. Just Fuck.
How the fuck can he do this? Without ripping his own face off? My face would be ripped off and in the wall along with every controller I own if I tried playing though half the shit he has at the difficulty he has.

And that makes me a pussy. His words not mine.

Alex right and truly believes that if you're not playing every single game at it's highest difficulty you may as well not be playing at all. If you don't have the skill for it don't play it at all

I like to play everything on easy. Not because I don't have skill or get easily frustrated (which I really do). But because after a long day at work or even my day off when I just want to relax. I don't want to be on the edge of my seat sweating about how terrible I am at parrying attacks in Metal Gear Rising. I want to sit there and slice some dudes up and have some fun.

That's not to say I don't enjoy the occasional challenge. Almost every year before I sold my original PS2 in 2009, I would play through Final Fantasy X. Not just to re-experience it but also to see how fast I could run through it. I did the same with Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. My times were pretty decent. Nothing record breaking but they still gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Still Alex and I would talk at work about games that were giving him his preferred enjoyable Hell such as SMT: Digital Devil Saga and on the flip side my pussified (his words) playthroughs of Persona 4 and Kingdom Hearts 2. I would be berated for playing on easy whereas I would pity Alex for his self-inforced punishment. We did this everyday until he left the company mid-2012.

With my recent purchase of a PS3 in December (Because I'm that asshole who waits till the end of a generation and buys everything he wants used) I added my old buddy Alex on PSN and what was he playing?

Demon's Souls.

Sounds about right.

The poor fucker.   read

1:24 AM on 04.12.2013

A Self-Centered Story About Coming Back From Homelessness

So my name is Chris.

I'm turning 22 in May. I run a restaurant in Wisconsin for a massive international pizza chain that rhymes with Dittle Beezers. I'm engaged to my high school sweetheart.

Almost 4 years ago I was homeless without a job.

It started at the very end of 2009. My mother was going through another (her 6th to be exact) break up with her "Husband". They got married without saying a word to anyone for almost a month.

She is bipolar and it just gets so much worse when she's under stress.

I come home one night after getting high with my friends to my mom sitting in her armchair sobbing heavily. I try to comfort her. I get punched and told that I'm never there for her. I sit next to her and keep trying. Nothings working. She's becoming increasingly violent. I head to my bedroom and grab some clothes and shove them in my backpack and decide that I'll spend the night at my sisters (26) until my mom can cool down.

I'm then chased out of the house with a baseball bat.

I end up with my friends at Dennys for the entire night, unable to sleep.

The next day my mom calls me to tell me to come get my stuff. I'm on my own now.

Two weeks down the line my sister can't put me up anymore. Her landlord knows I'm staying there and am breaking her lease. My grandma puts me up for 3 weeks while I start searching for a job. No leads. All this while during the day I'm sneaking into the house while my mom is at work to gather my things into a spare closet at my sisters house. It's early February now.

Eventually I have to leave there. I crash on a few couches but after a while no would could put me up.

I start selling off my guitars on Craigslist. My precious SG given to me by my mother now belongs to a 10 year old in Green Bay for $200. I sell of my PS2, Xbox 360, and PSP with all of my games to GameStop. $180.

I give a buddy of mine a few bucks to let me crash some more. 1 week later I'm out.

I get a call on my $20 burner phone from the job I still have today. They'll interview me.

I have a job now. Fucking. Awesome.

But I still have no place to stay. I buy a sleeping bag and make camp behind a large concrete structure behind my work. I shave and wash up when I get into work in the mornings.

I'm finally getting consistent paychecks and have pleaded with a friends family to put me up for a bit of cash. I have a roof over my head.

That friend and I eventually move into a place of our own. He moves out 6 months later.

My friends are more concerned with getting high as fuck than growing up. I no longer have friends.

I get a second job.

My fiancee and I start dating after having reconnected.

My grandmother passes away and after a confrontation between my sister and I about her making moving plans the day after her death we no longer speak. I have no more family.

I quickly advance up the ranks at my job to become one of the youngest in the state to ever take a general manager position in my company.

And here I am today writing this self-centered piece of crap for my first blog.

It just feels good to write it down and share it. Some people might be able to relate.   read

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