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Frans Van Carpels's blog

3:12 AM on 06.02.2012

That which can not stop.

As the dawn breaks over this majestic land and the birds sing their songs of a new day, the pot of coffee I had programmed for seven actually would work if I didn't actually dream I did that. But I'am awake, alive to fight another day and a feeling i would describe as "morning rage." I look out across the green fields of this earth, out my window looking across the street to some houses, and I think to myself... "I'm in HELL! Oh hell yeah!" Yes boys and girls a Diablo talk.
With my induction into the ranks of the Hell mode the other night, thanks to my brother, I found myself at a cross roads. Should I continue on with the long hard fight against the forces of evil or should I take a break away from Diablo and give another one of games it's attention it deserves? So I made the hardest decision that last a long 3 minutes. I bought the Humble Indie Bundle V... and Alan Wake. So now their is more games added to my list of games I need to beat. I'm excited to finally own these games; Amnesia, Bastion, Limbo, Psychonauts and Alan Wake with Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP as a new game that looks interesting. I spent the better part of my afternoon yesterday fooling around with each game and my sleepless night working out the cost on how much 20 flashlights and batteries that would last me six months would cost.
These games I bought yesterday (5/31/12) after a very long and annoying shift at work made me actually feel good, even though Limbo makes me feel like cutting myself and Bastion should have been narrated by Morgan Freeman with my nights being rounded out with flashlights and matchbooks, I'm good. But I cant shake this feeling that I'm letting down my lvl 51 Barbarian Thor, yeah that's right name drop, and that I must see him through his quest. So I shut out the thought of spoils and XP and carried on through my day... Until about seven hours ago when I helped a few buddy's get through Act I of Nightmare and now I'm jones'n for another hit.
Now my plans of running through a dark forest fighting of spiders, trying not to fall of the world while my hipster narrates my doom, and I play in a meadow of pixels... Can somebody tell me how to play Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP I got so lost in the menus & was confused during the tutorial. To now clicking my way past hordes of goat men and worms from dune with my arrival at *SPOILERS* Leablo's footsteps. So I guess that's that, from now until my gamepad arrives so I can really help out Mr. Wake, to the depths of hell where I will make the minions of Hell grow stronger.
P.s. You know what scratch the part about Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery Ep I'm gonna sit down next Friday and play the shit out of it. Next weeks new talk, I see in PIXELS!   read

2:40 AM on 05.26.2012

My not so quick issue's.

So let me start by saying, "Hello welcome." I'm very new to the DTOID community I'm excited that now I have a real place to go to talk about video games with people who share my interest in a setting that I very much like. Its really hard to rant & rave about video games at the work place or on other social networks. Piece of information I work 5 days a week not a 9-5 but more of a "I'll be starting either at 6am or 7pm" so one of my favorite pass times is kinda of a rare treat for me when i get it. Anyway on with my late night talk.

So for the last month I bought a "load" of games & acquired alot (through family) consisting of Skyrim-pc, L.A. Noire-360, MW3-360, The Witcher 2-pc, Trials Evolution-360, Plants vs. Zombies-pc, Metal Gear Solid HD-360, Silent Hill HD-360, Minecraft-360, & DIABLO 3! Now I have this problem where I will jump into a game with all intention of completing it with flying colors with my head held high knowing I've vanquished the evil foe or built the most luxurious castle or solved the case (even though i may or may not have accused an innocent man), but then this happens. I'm strolling along as Phelps in disc 2 when i realize "hey I still havent beat Alduin on the pc, lets do this...." Twenty or so many odd minutes later I'm no longer preparing to do battle with the great dragon, of which i have a awesome statue of who guards my wallet from bandits, I'm looking at mods "so i can has armor!" After the hour or so nexus I'm back on my 360 to gun down people on Call of Duty. Anyway i digress, I'm bouncing off walls trying to finish a game when a newer title comes in & now I feel like I haven't actually completed a game since Gears 3 back in mid October. Then last week with the launch of Diablo 3 I was true to it, beat down that vile creature with a combined game play time of 9 hours (i did alot of running around). Now with me in nightmare I'm running to get through into hell & I'm grinding my self into an early grave. I feel I must abandon Tristram & force the minions of hell to grow weaker to go play a game I bought for 40% due to a best buy closing... Witcher 2.

No here's where I bring this writing, rant if you will, to it's core point. I really want to dive into this game head first with a cinder block attached to my leg so I wont up & leave at any moment, but I had an idea of picking up the first Witcher game to complete it before hand to add to my experience of the Witcher 2. So I would really appreciate the fans of the Witcher series to give me incite on the game as a whole, what you as a fan loves about the games, how you went about picking your path to play through the games & if i should buy another game to add to my collection. I know some might say "go read a review to make a decision." but NAH! I want the opinions of the people who really loved playing as a witcher, the guys & girls who would highly thumbs up to the idea of playing both games back to back for a whole weekend.

So anyway I will go ahead & conclude this post after 2 hours of how to go about writing this mess, please leave comments or send me messages with your advice. So thank you for staying awhile and listening.   read

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