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FrankHowley's blog

GameStop Crab Meat
3:39 PM on 08.23.2014
One Froggy Knight (Chrono Trigger video parody)
1:46 PM on 05.04.2014
SEGAdeus - a dramatic short about acapella videogame covers.
4:59 PM on 02.21.2014
A Band Called Black Out - Documentary Trailer
2:59 PM on 02.04.2014
Trader 3: The Otaku Yakuza
3:41 PM on 11.29.2013
Dr. Mario's Excellent Adventure (Super Mario 3D World)
2:26 AM on 11.26.2013

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3:39 PM on 08.23.2014

I made this new video to explain GameStop's insane new trade-in policy. No more cash or credit, just crab meat.

Written & directed by Frank Howley
Starring Frank Howley, Kelly Marie Tran, Matthew Bruce, Katherine Mobley, & Robert K. Smith

I shot a Chrono Trigger parody that's partially inspired by the famous Warner Brothers short "One Froggy Evening".

Chrono and Lucca meet a valiant frog that speaks and fights, but only in certain company.

Written & directed by Frank Howley
Starring Dan Christmas, Mark Moss, Frank Howley
Featuring Eric Marquez and Jason Cryer

An acapella YouTuber breathes new life into SEGA with his musical genius.

Written & directed by Frank Howley
Starring Frank Howley, Mauricio Alvarado, Robert K. Smith, and Mark Moss.
Shot by Matt Adams
Music by Frank Howley and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

A documentary on the 2005 Rock trio BLACK OUT, and their new-found popularity a decade after their song "Video Games" first hit YouTube.

Written & directed by Frank Howley
Starring Vince Howley, Spencer Wiley, Connor Wiley, Matt Adams, and Kyle Abarquez
Titlecard by Robert K. Smith

Music by BLACK OUT: http://youtu.be/hpsbj0OoeNo

Inspired by A Band Called Death: http://youtu.be/RDPDm9_nX0o

The Otaku visits a Japanese gangster for an imported copy of Yakuza 5 and invites him to join a small Anime Club, who he then inspires to expand their influence.

Inspired by the Yakuza films of Takeshi Kitano and Sion Sono.

Written & directed by Frank Howley
Starring Jeff Sloniker, Frank Howley, Josie Zuill, Matthew Bruce, Mikayel Nguyen and Matt Adams.
Thumbnail art by Mikayel Nguyen

Trader takes an unflinching look at the game trade, through the eyes of both the dealers and the players.
Trader | Trader 2: Power to the Players

Time lord Doctor Mario sends two teens from the 90ís to the year 2013 to play Super Mario 3D World, but accidentally leaves one pal lost in time.

Written & directed by Frank Howley
Starring Frank Howley, Dan Christmas, Robert K. Smith, Matthew Bruce, Vince Howley, Josie Zuill, and Mark Moss.
VFX by Robert K. Smith

I made this video for Nintendo and I was inspired by both my love of Super Mario World and super goofy 90's gaming commercials.