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I figured this might be as good a time as any to ask you guys a question that's been on  my mind for quite some time:

What do you think of SEGA?

It's a bit of an odd question to ask, I guess, but seeing as any typical comment in a SEGA-related article is basically 'SEGA lolz', I wanted to know your thoughts on the company, what they've done and how they are now.

Personally, they're my favourite video gaming company; yes, they've made a lot of mistakes (I could make a laundry list of what they did wrong with the SEGA Saturn) and yes, they really should be paying attention to their other franchises (I will wait 'till Third Impact if I have to just to get Jet Set Radio 3) but honestly, there's something about their games that always puts a big grin on my face.

Whether it's the generally positive tone of what they make, the variety of gameplay styles or the sheer unabashed camp of some games (Sonic Heroes & Space Channel 5, anyone?), I just prefer SEGA over most other video game companies.

Well, that's my thoughts so tell me what you think of the company, and be completely, brutally honest if you have to. I'm just curious to see what you guys say.

If you comment, thanks very much and have a good day!

Only a few short days ago, to the excitement of millions of gamers, Hideo Kojima finally announced Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (yay, semi-pretentious names!) for the PS3 and 360. The previously announced Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain projects were announced to be part of the same game and now, everyone's anticipating the release of what will probably be a great old stealth game with tons of cutscenes and sh...I can't keep going with this.

I'll get straight to the point on this one; I'm tired of Mr Kojima working on Metal Gear. I'm sorry if this annoys you but I'm tired of seeing this one guy being forced in some manner to work on a series that he's clearly tired of. I don't know if it's the fans that pressure him, if it's Konami or if Kojima himself has that kind of OCD where he has to keep telling stories even when no-one wants them, along the lines of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, but I just want the man to go by his word; if you want to stop doing Metal Gear, Kojima, then stop f*$%ing doing it!

While I'm not a fan of the Metal Gear series in any manner, I am interested in it enough to care about what goes on around in making these games, and particularly the creative and insane mind of Kojima. The point is, I want to see the man work on other projects that aren't Metal Gear; sure, maybe things'll go wrong if he's not at the helm but at least he wouldn't have to keep working on a series that he's more than likely burnt out on.

Try put yourself in his shoes for even a minute; imagine working on the same franchise for over 25 years and not being able to work on anything else for one reason or another. How tired and sick of that franchise would you be by now if you had to go through all that? And as Jim Sterling once pointed out in an article on GameFront, Guns of the Patriots was a near-perfect analogy of how Kojima was feeling at that time.

A man weary and tired of the same work he's been doing for so long and just wants to end it all. While the aforementioned article put it a lot better than what I just said, it's the same point that Kojima wants to stop doing Metal Gear, especially since Guns of the Patriots is widely considered to be the fitting end to Metal Gear, and as such could be a fitting end to Kojima's tenure.

However, that's not the case as he once again plans to basically make MGS5 all by himself and while the game itself may be good, what it stands for and why it's even being made after the conclusion in Guns of the Patriots just feels...wrong. Hopefully, this'll be the very last MGS-related thing Kojima supervises and finally, he'll be able to let this whole thing go once and for all.

If Snake can finally live out the rest of his days in peace after all he's done, surely Kojima should be able to do the same...right?

This seems to be one of those weird days. You know, one of those days where all you do is laze about while listening to depressing music; not because of angst, depression or something like that but because you're so worried about something bad happening that when it seems likely, your spirit is partially crushed for a while.

Alright, the reason I bring this up is because I'm feeling pretty down while looking up several ideas presented in the gaming industry over the last few months, and in particular the latest Jimquisition on Escapist. It's a well done video by good lord, is it depressing! The point I'm making is because I want to know your answer to an important question:

Is the video gaming industry headed for a second crash?

If you asked me this question over a year ago, I would've confidently said that it wouldn't happen as the circumstances to me weren't the same as they were 30 years ago. However, due to many recent depressing developments in publisher schemes to get money, development team forclosures and all sorts of things that I've read up over the last several months, I don't really know anymore.

And honestly, I'm really scared. I don't want another crash to happen; I don't think anyone wants to go through a crash again. But I just wanna know your opinions on the matter and what you think will happen to the industry:

Will the industry crash on a scale even worse than the original crash over 30 years ago?

Will things turn out okay?

If there is a crash, will the industry live on in spite of it?

Just a couple of days ago,the long-anticipated Bayonetta 2 was announced to be saved from cancellation by Platinum Games and is back in development.Of course,the fandom rejoiced.......until it was revealed the game was a Wii U exclusive.Oh dear.As is the natural order with things these days,a lot of people freaked out and since an article was posted on Destructoid today reporting the negative comments,people are debating about gamer entitlement again.Since I usually go against those who complain about things pre-release,you'd think I'd be telling these complainers to shut up but to tell you the truth,I understand why they're annoyed to begin with.

Let me start off by saying that I freaking love Bayonetta;it's a damn good action game,the homages to old SEGA games are brilliant and it introduced me to the greatest song in the world (I'm probably the only anime fan on the interwebs who was introduced to 'Fly me to the Moon' by methods other than Neon Genesis Evangelion).So,when the sequel was announced,I was glad as all hell but when I saw the exclusive banner,I just ended up annoyed.

The reason for this isn't because I hate Nintendo (as theorized by many people as of late) but really because a large portion of the fanbase,me included, is forced to miss out on the sequel until they go out and buy a new console that they have no interest in and then the game possibly goes multi-format some time later.

The best example I can think of in this case is Tales of Vesperia,particularly in Japan.The game was originally a 360 exclusive,forcing many Tales fans in Japan to buy a console they had no interested in to get a game they wanted to play.A year later,the game was put on the PS3 and many fans got pissed by the dickery involved in this.I can imagine the same thing happening to Bayonetta 2 should the game get ported over to the 360 and PS3 eventually,thus pulling off a dick move on fans worse than the original's QTEs.

Let me explain why I'm really annoyed at this.I'm generally not interested in the Wii U.Will it be a good console? Well,probably since the new ideas look good and Nintendo have a reputation for making good games.However,there have been several games announced for the Wii U that are exclusive even though they could work on other consoles.Not the first-party games but thrid-party titles like Rayman Legends,LEGO City Undercover and more that aren't available on other consoles.

It's annoying as these games are exclusives on a new console that costs between $300 and $400 and no-one knows if the console's going to be successful,meaning the publisher might lose out sales-wise (why UbiSoft is doing this to Legends after Origins' multi-format 50,000 sales altogether is particularly baffling) and people who can't afford a new console are missing out on good games.It doesn't matter to me which console the game's on;if it's exclusive,it's just frustrating to fans who don't have every console known to man.

Bayonetta 2 was simply the last straw for me and while I don't disown the game or Platinum Games,I do think that the idea of console exclusitivity is incredibly redundant in this current financial climate.And I think that this may have been the big reason why there was such a mass freak-out from Bayonetta fans as they felt the same way about all these good-looking exclusives and this was the final,very last straw for a lot of them.

That's not to say that there aren't a few people over-reacting by disowning the game or hating it because it's on a Nintendo;there are.However,I think most of this just comes out of frustration with a buggered system that requires people to buy every console to buy games that could easily be ported over to other consoles.

[For those of you who will mention the Wii U's Gamepad features make it impossible to port games,the console also has a Pro Controller,which is essentially a Nintendo-developed Xbox 360 controller;they even said as much a while back]

Am I still interested in Bayonetta 2? Definitely and I wish it and Platinum Games the best of luck when it comes out.Still,I wish I could play it on a console that I already had along with every other Bayonetta fan not rich enough to get an extra console and can understand the rage of those who feel let down by the pointless nonsense that is console exclusitivity.To those that are getting a Wii U,I hope you enjoy the hell out of it and tell me how things turn out.

Now to listen to every version of Fly Me to the Moon for the rest of the afternoon!

Among the many things in the world that annoy me,one of the more......let's say vocal frustrations has to be the massive amounts of internet rage that any new game receives from angry fanboys pre-release.Seriously,it's like a yearly ritual nowadays for a random game to be screwed over by a very,very vocal minority of whiny,petulant fanboys that don't have their priorities straight before it even comes out.

In 2008,we had the double team of Diablo 3/Fallout 3;the former for having a slightly brighter colour palette and the latter for not playing like the first 2 games.In 2009,there was Left 4 Dead 2,which apparently was announced way too soon instead of waiting an eternity for it.In 2010,we got Sonic the Hedgehog 4,a game that everyone demanded mind you,and yet people were complaining about everything from the physics to the fact that Sonic had green eyes.

Then last year,we had Skylanders:Spyro's Adventure,which every Spyro fan under the sun seemed to get pissed off at for a billion reasons from Spyro's ''goblin-like'' redesign to the admittily awesome gimmick of putting toys on a Power Pad to play as certain characters.Of course,after the games are released,everyone forgets about them until another game takes up the mantle.

And this year,that honor goes to Silent Hill:Book of Memories,the latest installment in the much-loved Silent Hill survival horror franchise by Konami.For those who don't know what Book of Memories is,it's an isometric dungeon crawler headed for the PS Vita and is being developed by the much-loved WayForward Technologies and since it's announcement,it's become the most bitched about game on the interwebs for various reasons,the biggest of all being that it isn't like Silent Hill.

Don't believe me? Look up any trailer of Book of Memories on YouTube and look how many dislikes there are compared to dislikes and the huge number of comments damning the game.Seriously,there's even a Facebook group known as ''Cancel Book of Memories'',which is completely amateurish since it's logo.Seriously,who tries to look professional in MS Paint? (Come to think of it,I do)

And since I hate it when something is hated so much that's it's barely given a chance,I've decided to once again defend this game from the stupidity of internet fanboy rage,even though I'm not a Silent Hill fan.Firstly,there's the very obvious fact that the game isn't out yet.You can't just watch a couple of trailers and confirm that the game is shit.Gaming is an interactive medium,not a visual medium like movies or books;you have to actually play the game before you can yell at it.

Secondly,it's a spin-off;Konami doesn't have to make the exact same game every single time and you know,I think it's refreshing that they're trying something different instead of re-hashing Silent Hill 2 again like with their last few games.Some of you will acknowledge this but feel that Book of Memories doesn't have the spirit of the main games.Once again,you've seen just trailers and screenshots;wait 'till you've played the game before you accuse it of being unfaithful.In fact,the developers have stated in an interview that they're trying as hard as they possibly can to make the game faithful to the main series and to include themes from the much-loved original trilogy so don't be so quick to judge their intentions just because you've seen gameplay footage.

And thirdly,just because you don't like the look of the game doesn't mean that other people feel the same.There are people who are genuinely looking forward to the game because it looks good and trying to cancel the game because it's not the same as before is so utterly childish that it comes off as something that feels surreal.Seriously,if you don't like the game then don't pay attention to it.If other people like it then pay no attention to them and just play the Silent Hill games you like instead of getting pissed off over something you have utterly no obligation to get involved with!

Plus,there's the fact that Konami really has nothing to lose at this point.The reputation of the series has been all but tarnished due to the negative reception of recent entries and the massive pile of incompetance that was the HD Collection,where Konami gave unfinished code to the people porting the games,forcing them with bugs that were dealt with years ago as well as the bugs that came about in the port.After all they've done,what possible harm could be done in trying something different?

However,the issue that annoys me the most is the complete,utter,blantant hypocrisy of the gaming community when it comes to the issue of change and something new.Day in,day out,we hear about gamers constantly whinging about games like Call of Duty or New Super Mario Bros for being the exact same with each new game and shouting at publishers for playing it safe but when they try and do something new or different,be it a new,interesting gameplay idea,an all new artistic direction or whatever,something to make it disthinguishible from previous games,they are instantly shat on by the exact same gamers who moan about never changing just because something changed.

To everyone who does this,shame on you for lacking the spine to actually stick by your word just because change affects your own beloved franchises as well as other franchises.I gurantee that most of the people whinging about Book of Memories will buy it the minute it comes out anyway and it'll prove how pathetic this whole situation is.

Am I going to buy the game when it comes out? Well,no since I don't have a PS Vita but from what I've seen it looks like a fun tribute to a much-loved franchise and since WayForward has had a reputation for making high-quality games no matter what they're making,there's a chance that Book of Memories will get quite a fanbase so to all those looking forward to it,I hope you enjoy it.

After years and years of DBZ fans all over the world asking for it,Namco Bandai have finally given in to demands and have announced the Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection for release on the PS3 and 360 this upcoming winter.You'd think like everyone else,I'd be excited as all hell for it,right? Well,not really.It's not the fact that I own most of the Budokai games (even the POS that is Burst Limit) in case you're wondering but a few other things.

Am I being an ungrateful bastard for complaining about this? Well,maybe but I never asked for a HD Collection to begin with so I don't think that matters.In any case,here are a few reasons why I'm not getting the Budokai HD Collection (besides the fact I already own the games).

Reason 1:Where's Budokai 2?

When a publisher decides to remaster a series of games from a certain console generation,it's common to include as many games as possible;usually 3 games are adapted if the games come from the PS2/Xbox/GC generation.However,that's not the case here as for some bizarre reason,Budokai 2 is completely skipped over and only 1 & 3 are remastered.

Now I don't know what the majority of DBZ fans think of Budokai 2 but I'm sure that the game does have its fans so why not include it? Is it because the game didn't really have a story? If that's the case,then why is Raging Blast 2 still being sold,since that has no story to speak of? For whatever reason,we're simply not getting Budokai 2,which would be fine if they included another game as compensation like Shin Budokai or Infinite World but we're not getting those games either.

Reason 2:Possibly no Kenji Yamamoto music!

For those of you not in the know,Kenji Yamamoto (not to be confused with the Metroid composer of the same name) was the man who composed the music for many DBZ games over the years,including the Budokai games,created various insert songs in the anime and eventually composed the score for Dragon Ball Kai.However in early 2011,Yamamoto was sacked by Toei due to claims of copyright infringment (basically some of the songs he made sounded very much like songs from Avatar and Terminator:Salvation,among others).

Becuase of this,Toei has tried to eliminate all traces of Yamamoto from their Dragon Ball products such as replacing as his DBKai score with the original DBZ score by Shunsuke Kikuchi and replacing the music in newer copies of Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 with music from Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (strange considering Yamamoto possibly composed BT2's music).

What does this have to do with the HD Collection? Well,it's very likely that Namco Bandai is going to replace Yamamoto's score with new music.In fact there's already hints to this seeing as the announcement trailer had music that wasn't in any of the Budokai games.Like a lot of you DBZ fans,I grew up with the Budokai games and I really enjoy their songs so to see them replaced with something else is well,really damn annoying.Yes,the new songs may be good but I'd rather not have the music replaced to begin with.

Reason 3:There's only one good game on the entire collection!

I'll be very honest here and say that Budokai 1 is an absolute chore to play through.Sure,the story is pretty well done but everything else isn't that interesting.In fact everything was improved by a thousand in Budokai 3 so why include a game that people are only going to play for novelty value?

It would've made much more sense to include other well-loved DBZ games like Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and Super DBZ instead of Budokai 1 and just call the collection DBZ Mega Awesome Variety Collection SSJ5 Edition.Or something infinitely less retarded than what I just suggested.

So basically,Namco Bandai are giving us 2 PS2 games,only one of which is good by the way,with replaced music and no online play (I forgot to mention that too) for $60 when we could get those 2 games,in addition to the rest of the PS2 games,for far less with their original score intact and still have some money left over for other games.Thanks Bandai but you're going to need to do a lot better if you want to snatch my money.Now if you'll excuse me,I'm going to go listen to more EVA music for the rest of the afternoon and wait for Bandai to port Naruto:Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 to the 360 just to see what all the fuss is about.Good day and thanks for reading :)