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FourFingerFreddy's blog

12:02 PM on 09.09.2015

Dragon's Dogma Online Review: You are the True Pawn

Looking back on the original Dragon’s Dogma, it stands out to me as one of the most underrated games of the last console generation. When I heard that Capcom was bringing the game to an online, free-to-play format, I w...   read

11:42 AM on 02.14.2015

Girls Rule: Why Fictional Lesbian Relationships Succeed where Hetero Love Fails

It was a few years ago that Remember Me's devs, Dontnod, made this comment relaying what publishers told them about Nilin’s gender:“‘Well, we don’t want to publish it because that’s not goin...   read

5:13 PM on 11.30.2012

Anything You Can Do: The Top 10 Game Franchises That Need A Female Protagonist

With all of the recent hubub surrounding women in the games industry, a lot of blogs have been focusing on the real-world politics of the issue. I, on the other hand, found myself immediately excited by the prospect of seei...   read

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