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Playing videogames used to be my biggest hobby. Due to issues it has more or less slipped over the past years. However, I still play games now and then and I still love to read about them. Destructoid just happens to be the most awesome place to read about videogames.
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Maybe it's a bit 'not done' to brag about winning a prize from a charity giveaway, but let's just say I'm really happy with what came in the mail two days ago:

I'm actually not much of a Final Fantasy fan myself, I was hooked on VIII, yet never really explored the universe beyond that game. My friend however, is a big fan, and I want to share something about him which relates to all this.

You see, my friend has suffered from an extremely rare condition since childhood. It has messed up his body in a lot of ways, the biggest of them all being total renal failure at an early age.

So far, he's been through two kidney transplants. Both however, didn't last for more than a couple of years. Going through dialysis for two hours per day, six times per week is no joke, but for him it's simply a part of life. At least it's a part of life which he can do from the comfort of his own home, a luxury not every kidney-patient is able to get.

When he was a kid, he eagerly made use of the Super Nintendo on the dialysis department. It only had a handful of games, but it worked like magic to kill time for a kid hooked up on a dialysis machine for hours on end. From that moment on he was destined to become a gamer and still is to this day. Very proud of what is still his biggest hobby. I really can't imagine him ever giving up on his passion, which is good. Everyone needs a passion in life, it can be anything really, and for a lot of us that passion is video games.

I'm honestly not that much of a philanthropist and I would be lying if I said that Dtoid's massive giveaway wasn't an incentive to donate more than I would have. But it also made me think of my friend and how hospital-white was pretty much the color of his childhood. It's not very fun, a place you don't want children to be calling a second home like he did.

So in the end it's all good. My donation will help sick kids to kill time with something fun and my stroke of luck is going to make my friend a very happy gamer.

Thanks to Destructoid for being awesome, to Square Enix for being very generous and kudos to everyone who donated. See you guys next year!