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Forsakeneyes's blog

7:08 PM on 07.24.2015

My Dad Is Going To Die And It Feels Good To Feel Bad dad was getting weaker and losing weight fast. For some of you these signs will immediately ring the alarm bells. For yes, it was cancer indeed. Of the lung kind, to be exact. My mom broke down in tears, I didn't budge ...   read

4:20 PM on 05.30.2015

I Finally Bought A Playstation Vita And I'm Digging It!

At the very end of my previous blog I said I hoped to get back into videogames again now that my struggle with depression and anhedonia is pretty much over. I missed out on a lot of great games, simply because I couldn't...   read

4:45 PM on 05.19.2015

How Magic Mushrooms Lifted My Treatment-Resistant Depression

This is a slightly edited repost from a MyTake I posted on Warning: Even though mushrooms have 'cured' me, they are not without dangers. I am not condoning its use without some serious reading, careful ...   read

7:49 PM on 12.18.2011

Thanks Dtoid and Squeenix! - Child's Play

Maybe it's a bit 'not done' to brag about winning a prize from a charity giveaway, but let's just say I'm really happy with what came in the mail two days ago: I'm actually not much of a Final Fantasy fan myself, I wa...   read

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