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FormerAcorn avatar 9:19 PM on 01.13.2009  (server time)
Queue the violins...

Xbox 360 has stolen at least 15 days worth of hours from my life. Not that I mind, I'd just appreciate it if they put a little effort into attempting to not completely screw me over when it comes to repairs.

My first Xbox 360 console lasted me two and a half wonderful years. Two and a half years in which I could have been out, learning about women, playing sports, studying for finals, but instead chose to spend it wandering around Cyrodiil, marveling at the beauty contained on a disk. I was in bliss. But, alas, all good things must come to an end, and July of 2008 marked the start of my decline into the abyss that is customer support hell. On that fateful day in the warm(?) Alaskan summer, my xbox gave me the General Hardware Finger, and those three accursed lights shone like the devil's eyes. I wept for my fallen friend, and like any smart consumer, called tech support.

The first box arove 2 weeks later, which I placed my beloved entertainment system into with the care of lowering a casket into its grave. I waited for the day I could hold it's controller in my hands again, and once more slay wave upon wave of geometrical shapes. Then it came. And oh did it come. Quickly, I unwrapped the packaging, assembled the cords, placed the disk gently in the tray and... alas, it was not to be so. The three red lights once again lit up with the fury of a child who has been turned down ice cream. So once again, a box was sent.

This time the console stayed away for a long month. A gameless month. I would read blogs of gaming, articles of gaming, previews of titles, and, in an attempt to relieve some pain, bought three headliners for my sweet electronic love. Then, once again, it returned.

I conducted the ritual, attaching cords and placing disk, and ALAS! The screen shone white, with the beautiful green and gray logo dancing in the center. I spent a week with my love before tragedy struck me once more. Upon booting it up, it was a saturday I believe, the screen did NOT shine white, oh no, but abysmal black, and upon the screen rested the code. E74.

I have sent it in once more, but have not received update as to the beautiful hardwares condition. I long for the time in which I will once more lose myself in the glory that is Box, but I fear it may be long, long off.

Thank god I have my Dreamcast to keep me company.

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