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Forest Green Lantern's blog

9:24 PM on 02.04.2010


A few months back I joined this wonderful site and up until recently had not bothered to write any blogs or anything. About 2 months ago I posted something about new Zelda info that I had run across on Gamespot. Well apparently it wasn't so new to alot of folks, and I got burned. The other day I mentioned that the Super Bowl ad for Dante's Inferno was up and was told that my post would be better off suited in the forums. Well after reading walkyourpath's blog today I get it! So I figured this would be a good time to introduce myself to the community.
I am a 33 yr old gamer who has been playing games since the 2600 days. The first time my big brother took me to an arcade and I saw the Tron game I was instantly hooked! Before that I loved the old school games such as Donkey Kong and Pacman but have since "grown up". I remember getting my first NES at the tender age of 10 and falling in love with the Mario games that followed although I pretty much played anything and everything I could get my hands on at the rental stores.
These days I am still a Nintendo fanboy but I am also firmly positioned in the Playstation corner. I feel that it is the best console ever made and if I catch hell about that so be it. Microsoft fans in my opinion tend to be haters of both Nintendo and Sony, yet there are haters on all sides. As far as I am concerned I won't ever own a Xbox system due to Microsoft's inherit inability to make a quality product and the fact that they actually charge to play anything online! As far as the game series I love it goes without saying that all the Mario games (platformers that is), even including Mario 2 are my favorites but there is plenty of room for other series such as the Uncharted series, Metroid, Zelda, God of War, Fallout, Final Fantasy up til and including VII, Castlevania and pretty much anything that seems to just jump out and grab my attention.
Reading is also a hobby of mine with a particular love for SciFi and anything dealing with Post Apocalyptic futures, hence the Fallout series! Recently I have completed Darksiders to which I actually made a seperate post about (thanks Anonymouse for the tips on a good post) and finally today got to play God of War 2 since a friend let me borrow the compilation Blue-ray. I am currently excited about Nintendo's line up for this year, New Mario, Zelda and Metroid and if they actually pull off bringing all 3 out in the same year it will be a huge coup for them. Also greatly looking forward to the new Sonic game even if it is episodic!
Lastly I want to say thank you to the people behind the curtains here at Destructoid for putting out a excellent site for gamers that isn't all corporate bullshit and gives real reviews of games and meaningful news.   read

1:32 AM on 02.04.2010


Finally beat this long and wonderful game! Although the last bosses were entirely too easy the ending was very fulfilling and set up the sequel perfectly. And since today's news that there is a sequel coming in 2012 all I can hope is that it arrives before the Mayan calendar dooms us all!!!   read

8:22 PM on 02.02.2010

Dante Super Bowl ad

IGN has posted the Dante's Inferno Super Bowl ad on their site! Looks good but still disappointed that the "Go to Hell" tagline is missing.   read

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