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FoolproofAdam avatar 3:23 PM on 02.12.2014  (server time)
Show Me Your Moves

Whilst busy writing my last blog post the other day, an idea for a new blog organically occurred deep inside the back of the mind. I’m sure we all know of a certain enemy that we just love to go back and humiliate repeatedly, but did you also know that there are various methods of defeating those enemies, and they can be so fun and satisfying that defeating even a mediocre enemy can be turned from a chore into an absolutely amazing experience?
Below are a few of my favourites, please join me as I explain exactly why.

Infamous – The Ground Slam

In Infamous, superhero/supervillain Cole McGrath uses his awesome electricity based powers to shoot enemies with lightning bolts, or knock them away with electric waves. And that is all well and good, but a big part of the game involves climbing tall buildings and jumping between them, and various other freerunning moves. But the real fun comes in when you, at the top of a tall building, see enemies below you.

You have several options, but my favourite is the ground slam. Propelling yourself from the building and hitting attack, you shoot towards the ground (inside my head I see it in slow motion), with your enemies barely having chance to look up and regret their life decisions (maybe the A.I. isn’t that intelligent) before you smash into the ground sending an enormous shockwave out around you, knocking everyone and everything away in every direction. Enemies, objects, civilians, you name it. Some of those things will die from the attack, supposing they were alive in the first place. The attack gets more and more powerful the further you fall, so it’s always a good idea to get as high as possible first for maximum devastation.

Marvel Super Heroes / Marvel Vs Capcom – Proton Cannon

Whether you’ve memorised all the buttons for every fighting game ever, or just button mash like me, chances are there is one move that you just love to break out for special occasions. Special occasions can vary from ‘losing’ to ‘winning’ to even ‘I hit it accidentally’.

My favourite from any of the Capcom Marvel games is Iron Man’s Proton Cannon, a move seemingly triggered by spamming the shoulder buttons. Iron Man whips out his Proton Cannon and yells, “Proton Cannon!” just so your opponent knows exactly what it is that’s about to hit them. The Proton Cannon fires a beam that fills the whole screen and is pretty much impossible to avoid, unless you take the time Iron Man is yelling to jump over to the opposite side of him. Now, I don’t read the comics very much, but how often has Iron Man actually used the Proton Cannon?

Batman: Arkham Asylum / Arkham City – Inverted Takedown

Ever since I watched the 90’s Batman cartoon, I’ve always dreamed about to hanging upside down from a stone gargoyle, surveying a room full of henchmen, waiting patiently for one of them to innocently wander underneath me, so I could then grab them, pull them back up to the gargoyle, knock them unconscious and leave their body hanging from it by a rope to scare the crap out of the others.

In 2009, Rocksteady made this all possible by releasing Batman: Arkham Asylum, which should have had the subtitle of “The Most Fun it is to be Batman”. I can only hope that whatever secret project you’re working on now Rocksteady is something Batman related, because I’ve been put off by the things I’ve heard about Origins.

The Last of Us – Ellie’s Stealth Kill

When you play as Joel in the Last of Us, you have to scrounge around for parts to make shivs. These shivs are the only weapons capable of taking a Clicker down quickly and quietly, and as you normally encounter the Clickers in groups, you really want to have that option open to you so you don’t mess up and get absolutely swamped. The shivs can kill a Clicker in one hit, but they also break after one hit, unless you upgrade your crafting skills.

Ellie on the other hand, holds a knife clearly forged in the Fires of Mount Doom. In the portion of the game where you play as Ellie, you don’t have to scrounge for parts to make shivs, because the flip knife she’s had from the start of the game never breaks and it can still kill enemies in one hit. This may sound like I’m complaining, but I’m not. I love the Last of Us, but by the time you get to Ellie’s part of the game, the Clickers have done enough to ruin your day that killing them this easily has become a wonderful privilege.

What About You?
Do you have a favourite special move that you tend to use just a little bit too much because the consequences of it are hilarious and/or satisfying?

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