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Fluffy Pancakes's blog

6:19 PM on 03.16.2012

Happy Anniversary Destructoid!

Thanks for a community filled with great people. Here's to many more years.   read

3:13 PM on 09.17.2011

Dtoid Minimalistic Metroid shirt now available for pre-order.

Another one of my t-shirt designs is now on sale. A minimalistic take on those pesky little quad-fanged parasitic creatures from the Metroid series. You can find it at the Split Reason/Destructoid Store. There you can also find my previous Fallout inspired, Two Bears High-Fiving design.   read

1:59 PM on 07.24.2011

Fallout inspired t-shirt, Two Bears High-fiving is available for pre-order

A t-shirt I designed with direction from Hamza Aziz is now available for pre-order at the Dtoid store. Since I suck at blogging, I'll just post a quote from Hamza's post: "Fallout: New Vegas fans may remember this excell...   read

1:37 PM on 07.24.2011

Astro A30s/Destructoid Illustration

It's been a while since I opened my Destructoid account and I finally decided to post something. Here is an illustration I did for a Dtoid contest to win a pair of Astro A30 gaming headset. My illustration was selected first ...   read

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