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10:29 AM on 09.23.2011

Explaining GoW Multiplayer - Fluffiess

Okay, so I noticed many complaints from people playing the Gears3 Multiplayer, and felt I should answer them. I am going to Write the complaint and then my answer in a Q and A format. Please PLEASE read this because I am tired of all your fucking complaints.

1. "Dude this game is shotguns of war, everyone just uses their shotgun because every other weapon is under-powered."

Answer. NO. NO. NO, everyone uses their Gnasher because it is the easiest weapon to steal kills with. If I am playing support and using the lancer, I get a guy down 75% of his hp without a successful kill, and someone walks up to that 75% damaged player with a Gnasher, they CAN AND WILL 1 shot him. Also the Gnasher is a connection based weapon, the worse your connection is, the less chance of a 1 shot you have, so seeing as this game plays on really good servers, 1 shots are going to happen more often, the only thing you can do to stop that, is play with a full team, and play smart. Rushing in is about the dumbest thing you can do, unless your team has a planned path. Like say "I am going Torque Bow!" and then you get 2 guys to come with you, that would be a smart plan, the 2 guys with you support you with the lancer and keep those Gnasher using cunts back while you grab a POWER weapon and proceed to blow their heads off.

The simple solution is, play gears how it was meant to be played. Get a PARTY of FRIENDS and go into the game together, that way, no one steals kills, and not many people will even use their Gnasher. Once you have said PARTY of FRIENDS you can now use teamwork and win the match a hell-of-a-lot quicker.
(This requires that your team at least knows how to play, I mean fuck, if all your friends just use shotguns they clearly don't understand how the fuck to play.)

2. "What is the point of the Sawed-Off, if the Gnasher is already a 1shot."

First thing wrong with this, the Gnasher does NOT hit 100% Hp every single time you fucking fire, if even 1 bullet in the spray misses, it won't kill! (UNLESS THE TARGET HAS BEEN FUCKING DAMAGED.)

Now to get technical about the uses of the Sawed-Off. The point of the sawed-off is simple, it is ALMOST ALWAYS, a 1 shot kill, but you only get 1 shot. So if you play support with the Lancer and your whole team dies and it is a 1 on 1 situation, in a gametype like warzone, and YOU have the SAWED-OFF and he has the Gnasher or any other weapon, you ARE going to WIN. (Depending on the enemy players skill, but it does give a massive advantage.)

Now instead of answering questions I am just going to explain every other gun people bitch about.

Old-School Lancer. Yes it has a fuck-ton of recoil, but the best use of it, is for downing multiple enemies at once when they are bunched up, so you should put this gun away until a situation appears to use it, you kinda store it and just roll with the Boltok or something untill you see 3-4 enemies walking to close to eachother, pull it out and spray them down. INSTANT Success. YOU are WELCOME.

Also the Old-school is a good alternative of the Gnasher for close up fights. Spray, spray fucking spray. <3

Now some fuckheads bitching about the digger.

The digger is for getting people out of cover, and killing Call of Duty(Shitty) campers. Also if their whole team camps back, grab the digger, flush them out and run in guns blazing.

Okay so I covered the Gnasher, Sawed-Off, Digger and Old School Lancer.

Now to explain the Lancer and Hammerburst.

The Lancer and the Hammerburst AKA support weapons.

The point of these Weapons is to wrack up DAMAGE on the enemies, so your Gnasher wielding rusher can fuck them up, 1 shot, by 1 shot. You notice he gets less points per kill, and you get more? That is because you damaged the enemy more. Typically you want to call out their location and then get you and 1 other support team mate to spray them down, and have the guy with the Gnasher or Old school, rushing the damaged enemies resulting in them falling back, or getting owned by your Boltok/Sniper Wielding mate who was camping in a nice high place. Unless of course the rusher kills them first, but yeah my point is Team-Work = Success, it is known fact that the odds of team-work happening with total randies is very low.

Oh and one more thing, the Gnasher is not a power weapon, any POWER weapon, is probably going to be more powerful, the hammer of fucking dawn is a one shot weapon, bitch about that, not the fucking shotgun. If you are mad about the shotgun chances are, you play alone or with 1 other friend, and fucking suck.

Good-fucking-day! <3   read

2:55 PM on 09.12.2011

Fluffiess - Introduction

Imagine being a 16 year old who attends high school with 900 other students, who is trying to stay away from drug use and alcohol abuse because he knows how bad those things can be.. Imagine being a 16 year old who has witnessed rape, has seen heroine users sitting in the streets.. Imagine being bullied, harassed, imagine growing up in one of the worst hoods in Canada, while suffering from ADHD.. Imagine seeing such terrible things, and living in such a dirty place, with no escape.. It would be horrible, but lucky enough for me, I found a few ways to escape and they were simple..

Video Games - My first way to escape was playing video games, I could waste 3-4 hours in front of my computer or TV playing Final Fantasy 1 or 2, with nearly no idea what I was doing, I still found it fun, and once I taught myself to read the games were even more enjoyable, because I didn't need my Mom to sit and read the words for me, causing me to get frustrated at myself for not being able to read it on my own. Once I could read, I started playing games like Final Fantasy and Legends of Dragoon for PSX way more often, instead of silly games like Crash Team Racing or Spyro.. (Don't get me wrong, those games were epic and still are, I am just saying, once I could read, JRPGS were ten times as fun.)

Gaming has been a major part of my life, my whole life, being a kid with ADHD it was tough to get school work done because I never paid attention, it all seemed easy, and pointless in my foolish little eyes, instead I spent a good deal of class time doodling about games I played or being a pain in my teachers rear end and making everyone laugh. Skip ahead a few years and here I am in grade 11 with something like an 80 average and plenty of friends, and I still play video games! The only difference is I play competitively most of the time.. and with friends.

I love games like Gears of War and Halo for both the social aspects and the competitive aspects. Don't get me wrong I still love a good jrpg when I get my hands on one, but these new consoles seem to be lacking them, instead I find myself playing western RPGS like Mass Effect and while these games are good, they are not GREAT, nothing can compare to the epic boss fight at the end of FF7 or the amazing amount of extra stuff in FF9. I don't care if the game has multiple endings or whatever other supposed replay value, I care about the GAME, If the Story, gameplay, sound and graphics are decent. Then I will play it gladly with a smile on my face and a gleam in my eye..oh, and I like fighting games too..but not street fighter, I never was any good at that game.. I prefer Tekken or SC4.

Reading - The second way I got away.. Reading was and is a big part of my life, I love to read, I have read everything from The Wheel of Time to Twilight and Harry Potter. Books are a very sweet way to escape reality, I can sit and read for 5 hours and find myself 230 pages into a book I have never even heard of and simply found at my local library. Books have the power to take me away to a world where anything is possible and anything exists, fantasy..Fantasy books are my absolute favourite, I have read nearly all the major Fantasy titles, I have read the Dragonlance books, The Forgotten Realms Books, The Inheritance Saga, The Lord of The Rings, The Sword of Truth, The Wheel of Time, I have read so many books that it is hard to think of them all, and I will continue to read books, because books are a nice break from reality.

The last way I escape is music.. Music helps with everything, If I am sad, I listen to music, and it cheers me up.. If I am angry I put on some metal and get pumped.. etc. etc. Music exists for almost any emotion, and any situation, the amount of music that exists is mind blowing, and some music honestly is, If I crank up some Black metal and it doesn't make you say WOW, then I don't know what will, maybe I could put on some Dubstep? Or some pop/punk? The thing about music is it gets stuck in my head and clears up my infernal boredom almost every-time. If someone got a hold of my top 50 most played songs, they could tell exactly what kind of person I am.. (Assuming they knew the songs.) Music is a powerful thing, and no single genre should be undermined.

F-F-Fluffiess?! Fluffiess is my internet Alias, I am Fluffiess on everything internet, Xbox, Twitter, Youtube, THIS, Etc. I chose this name because, I have hopped names many many times, and decided I wanted something that sounded different, or interesting.. and at the time my friends Alias was Pillowss, so we kind of went hand in hand. But he changed his.. and I kept mine! Um, a known fact about me, is I like to make jokes, act like a troll and support the bad guy, more so then the good guy in an argument. I like to defend the least defended and attack the strongest point in arguments. Not that I enjoy arguing, it just seems to happen often. I am a 16 year old who is filled with angst and always makes lame jokes, I am the first to say thats what she said, or your mum. But behind all the trollish nonsense, I am a fairly intelligent person, and if I find a cause worth defending I will actually act mature. At least untill I win, once I've won there is so telling what I will do, I remember going into a heated debate about FF13 and coming out of it saying Hamtaro was the best anime ever, and that Tidus was a rather queer fellow with gay shorts... and that is the norm for me. Some people think I am funny, others tend to hate me, I hope you all get to me better, and I get to know you all better.. (Sexually of course... (>*,*)> aah yeah!)

... So that is that, my introduction, I am not sure if it was to long or to short. I don't even know if it was good, because I am new to blogging, and when I write it is normally poetry or stories.. please excuse any grammar errors..I try not to mess up, but it happens more then I'd like.

PS. Tidus has big feet, and you know what they say about big feet! ;O   read

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