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Explaining GoW Multiplayer - Fluffiess

Okay, so I noticed many complaints from people playing the Gears3 Multiplayer, and felt I should answer them. I am going to Write the complaint and then my answer in a Q and A format. Please PLEASE read this because I am tire...


Fluffiess - Introduction

Imagine being a 16 year old who attends high school with 900 other students, who is trying to stay away from drug use and alcohol abuse because he knows how bad those things can be.. Imagine being a 16 year old who has witnes...


About Fluffiessone of us since 7:48 AM on 09.12.2011

Hey my name is David and I'm otherwise known as Fluffiess, I play video games, listen to music, watch movies/anime, and read books. All of which are huge parts of my life! I love old Jrpgs and Competitive FPS games.

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The Legends of Dragoon
Final Fantasy 9
World of Warcraft
Warcraft 3
Diablo 2
Pokemon Crystal/Others
Call of Duty 4
Halo 3
Gears of War 2
Eternal Sonata
Tales of Vesperia
Fable 1&3
Harvest Moon
Rune Factory

..And so many more. I prefer Eastern/Japanese RPGS over any other type of game, But competitive FPS games are kinda my thing as well.

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