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Flub's blog

6:33 PM on 10.22.2007

Team Fortress and Web games.

This may be old to you but it's new to me.Does any one remember when games where actually done when they came out ? I don't. Shouldn't a game be done when it's released ? Downloading a patch just to make the game playable is ridiculous. Then again the whole lag thing doesn't effect me in any way(Unless the update doesn't come out before My 360 comes back which I think will happen).

It's official that I have gone insane with withdrawal from not playing my 360 so Could any one suggest
some flash games I already play Heli Attack 3(Google it) but I find it too easy. I'm looking for something hard Twitch like reflexes needed and interesting.

Exactly why I need to play more web games. (I'm Flub)   read

3:29 PM on 10.21.2007

Portal Reveiw / Halo 3 Story

My 360 is broken from the red lights of death or whatever the hell it's called. So I have about 3 weeks of nothing to do. So I started this blog. I must say that this site is complicated, it took me 1 hour just to find out how I post a blog then when I get there I have no idea on what to say or reveiw.
So I'm just going to cock slap you with a review of Portal.


Portal is an interesting game that tends to mind fuck the stupid. The game is really short only about .5 hours if you speed run. The humor and gameplay of the game makes up for the shortness. That's all I really have to say about the game without giving any spoilers. Here's some youtube videos on how fast you can beat Portal.

Halo 3 Story
Went like this....

But I have to send my 360 in for repairs. Bungie/Microsoft/person Who made the disks fucked us over really bad. First some empty promises by Bungie, then this shit happens and pisses more people off(Public Viewing of Custom games and Coop affecting cut scenes). Now I have no 360 to play with until November and a shit load of games are coming out. BTW that's not me I comb my hair.   read

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