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Ok! Stop right here! I have a confession to make.

I've never played this game.

I know, I know, shame on me for detailing my favorite Etrian Odyssey experience if I haven't played it. Hadn't even heard of it before yesterday. But I looked it up, found out what it was, and here's what I have to say.

Never played the game, like I said, but when I dungeon-crawl, I do it old school. Like, no graphics old school. I've played Advent. You know Advent, right? The original text adventure? I played it. I beat it. I've played all three original Zork games; I even have the third one on a huge floppy disk. (Admittedly it's my dad's, but hey, I've got it.) I also have a disk of the Wizardry Archives, all the games through Wizardry Gold. Haven't quite gotten the hang of them, but it's mainly because I can't seem to make them run properly on my computer.

I love me some dark dank dungeon-crawling.

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