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FlatTopJesus's blog

1:46 PM on 04.11.2008

MP3: Corruption Afterthoughts

*Disclaimer* Yeah, yeah; this game is anything but new. However, it seems like no one has talked out it; it's really in the shadow of Super Mario Galaxy and more recently SSBB. So I bought a Wii recently as decided to pick it up over Mario Galaxy (for the the time being, of course I'll buy it eventually) and just finished it. The following are my thoughts:

I'm not sure if a any games has left a more conflicting impression in my mind than Metroid Prime 3. I started out loving the game, and as it progressed I liked it less and less. By the end of it, I could seriously care less. Yet when all was said and done, I thoughly enjoyed it. Maybe even loved it. My mind is aflame.

From a gameplay standpoint, I think it was absolutely fantastic. I had heard that it could be unresponsive and troublesome, but with the exception of pulling energy cells out of walls (seriously, the Wii has some grave trouble with depth detection) I think it worked without a hitch. Enemies fell left and right to what is fundamentally a mouse and analog stick combo, which is indeed an ideal way to play a FPS. It just feels right, and I'm glad to see that the guys at Retro Studios knew what they were doing. However, it struck me as odd that A is the default shoot button despite the fact that B is a trigger. I mean it is easier to shoot with your thumb, but I'm playing a Wii, damn it; immersion is key. Regardless, the button configuration can be changed at any time, so I have real no problems there.

Presentation and Design
Cool menus have to get you somewhere, right? I kid, the polish on this game is astounding. Everything is cohesive, yet the environments and characters are all quite varied. The bounty hunters and bosses are particularly nice and unique. Especially Hunter Ghor; what a bad-ass. Make no mistakes, this is a beautiful game. It's not going to make you poo your pants with glee if you're in to photorealism, but the art style respectable and works well with the somber tone. And do I ever mean somber, this game still makes you feel isolated (despite having the most dialog I can ever recall seeing in a metroid game) even though you're in constant contact with other friendly NPC's. Everything just seems so bleak. For good reason mind you, but still; death and depression are abundant in this story.

The sound is fantastic, the sound effects are as good as ever, but the music has definitely taken a hit. That's not to say it's bad, there are still some good pieces, yet I just don't feel it's up to par. In fact, it might be the weak point of the game, which is saying a lot considering it still isn't bad by any means.

The Bad
So I've said pretty much nothing but praise in regards to the game, so what's the problem? It's hard to explain, really. I've just never felt so indifferent towards a game after finishing it, period. Perhaps it was the inclusion of a very weak plot line that left me wanting more. I kept waiting for it to deliver, yet it never did. Perhaps it was the ending. I won't spoil anything, but the ending is pretty "meh". It's the ending of a trilogy? You wouldn't know, honestly. This thing goes out with a whimper. Speaking a whimpering, this game is easy as hell. Any difficulty the combat would provide is completely negated by the "I win" button, or as it is referred to in the game, Hyper mode. Getting lost presents more challenge than any boss in the entire game, and it's almost impossible to even do that. The franchise has been sufficiently dumbed down for the target Wii audience (read: seven year-olds), and your hand is literally being held the entire time. It's a far cry from the first Prime, where I was literally baffled to tears by the enormous map and complete lack of direction. But that was a good thing, it was Metroid.

That is my main problem with this game: it does not feel like a Metroid game. That's a pretty big problem considering it's supposed to be one of the most atmospheric and immersive game series ever. It has way more action, way less exploration, and none of the challenge of any of the titles before it. Even the world map is broken up to an insane degree. No retarded amount of backtracking? Blasphemy! (Alright, that one isn't so bad)

The Verdict
In the end, I would recommend this game to any and every Wii owner. Despite all the negative points I have brought up, it's till easily one of the best games on Wii, and definitely the best action/fps title. The funny part is, someone would probably like it more if they weren't a fan of Metroid Prime, or even the series as a whole. Which is shouldn't happen to a beloved franchise, or at least that's my take on it. So you've heard me ramble, what are your opinions on it?

Oh, and I'm FlatTopJesus. Hey. Some of you may know me, if not; I have an intro in my side bar or on the forums.   read

4:51 AM on 06.30.2007

Coping with the Death of a Friend: Day 15

It has been 15 days since that red crescent of destruction decided to cut down my 360 in its prime; I do believe the lunacy is startin' to set in. Damn it all. I guess that's what happens when my sober nights end without shooting some virtual mother fucker in the head with some sort of cliched weapon.

Now when I don't get to waste my time with games, I tend to waste it worrying about inconsequential things, like comparing my gamerscore to my friends' via the xbox website. I noticed something that just doesn't sit well with me. I recently spent some time with the god awful piece of garbage known as the Phantasy Star Universe single player, and I missed a literally un-missable achievement, and I will never play that travesty through again for only 100 points. I don't know wether to be proud of the fact that I pulled off the impossible, or upset over the fact that I lost out on 100 easy points. Either way; shit's crazy.

Onto more pressing matters; my Xbox was recieved by the repair center 10 days ago; somehow an extra day was added onto my 3 day shipping. I suppose that Texas is excrutiatingly far from California... wait a minute... nope, that has to be right. Anyways, Microsoft claims that the total turn-around time for a console repair is less than 2 weeks, but I honestly don't know what to expect. To those of you who lost on xbox, how long did you actually end up waiting? And is my console just gonna crap out on me again as soon as I get it back?

Also; a quick question: DiRT or The Darkness? I'm a fan of both genres, and I was wondering which has more value. Perhaps neither warrant a purchase, I have no idea. I was just curious about your experiences with said titles.   read

4:38 AM on 06.20.2007


So I recently took a gander at this Goozex nonsense, and I was wondering if it works, and how long it takes to get crap. Anyone have any experience with it? I'm just trying to ditch my copy of CoD3 for 360 for a copy of shadowrun. That would be sweet beyond all reason.   read

2:36 AM on 06.16.2007

Reminiscences of a Mental Defective.

So in my desperation to feel like I'm enveloped in video games despite my inability to play them, I decided to peruse the good ol' internet and catch myself up on the status of certain titles. So here are some mini-blogs!

Skate? I'd rather not. - So after seeing the new Skate video titled "Agent Orange" video on gametrailers, I have to say that I'm liking the game less and less the more I see of it. I want to like it; I want to break away from Tony Hawk, but some of the stuff I've seen on Skate just irks me. The visuals are pretty nice, some weird textures, but nothing to scoff at; what bothers me is the animation. Some of the animations are smooth, but the pedaling and ollies/landings just look off. I know that it's still in development and this shit can be smoothed out, but when you're going for realism the little details kinda make or break it. I mean a wonky landing on a 720 double-backflip quintuple-hardflip isn't as noticable in comparison to that of a kickflip down a five stair. But visuals aside, the game seems basic and the "flickit" controls seem impercise at best. I know it's release is still a ways off, and I really hope that I'll end up eating my words, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em. I'm honestly more "stoked" for Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds, and I know it'll just be a rehash with a couple new bells and whistles. And mohawks.

Soul Calibur 4 - Jeeeeesus, gimme some details that can be viewed online and not in an upcoming EGM soon! Please? I'll give you like 2 bucks. Also, boobs. If you didn't immediately think of Ivy in the teaser trailer, I envy your clarity of thought.

Bioshock - Can anyone really hate on this game? I'd hope not; quite frankly it looks friggin sweet. Now I'm buying it regardless of how it turns out, but the achievements that have been revealed so far scare me. "At our session's end, we checked out some of the Achievements built into the game...there are some peculiar entries, such as the Wrench King achievement which requires you [to] finish the entire game using the only the wrench and plasmids." I was hoping for an epic game, something like 25-30 hours with a metric asston of replayability, but the achievements are pointing to a more compact experience. Beat the whole game with a wrench and some magic spells (Although, insect swarm ftw.)? Unless functionally being a caster has a good amount of power to it, it seems like it'd be a pain to beat a lengthy game with such a limited arsenal. Who knows. I'm leaning towards the game being about 10-12 hours. *single tear*

Super Smash Bros Brawl - Samus? Crates? ...Sweet? Surprise surprise. Thanks Smash Bros. Dojo.

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition - Why the hate for this game here at D-toid? I know, I know; the Wii owning populous is tired of lazy ports, but seriously? I can't think of a person who didn't think that RE4 would work perfectly with a Wiimote/Nunchuck combo as soon as they saw what the Wii could do. I mean maybe I'm just excited because I'll get to play as Ada and force Leon to wear a sweet mobster hat without owning a PS2.

Yeah, some of this stuff may be old x 10, but I felt like talkin' about it regardless. Also, two more days for sweet trade-in deals at Gamestop/Ebgames! I urge you not to miss it. Shameless self plug, I know.   read

3:37 AM on 06.15.2007

Feel Ripped Off by Trade-ins?

I hate two post 2 blogs consecutively, but I feel this was important enough to be its own topic due to time restrictions and whatnot.

When one sells back games, consoles, or accessories to Gamestop/EBgames/Gamecrazy/ect, I think it's human nature to instinctively feel robbed. But mostly it's because you are being robbed; those dicks give you almost nothing. Anyways, I recently traded in some games and was actually friggin' satisfied due to some awesome deals at EB and Gamestop that only last until Sunday; so I feel obligated to inform you guys that weren't aware. Now is the time to cash in on those gems you'll never play again.

So I traded in 5 games and a gamecube. All those games, sans one that was $22 credit, were valued at less than $15 each and the gamecube itself was valued at $20-ish. I ended up with roughly $145 in credit. Sweet deal if I've ever seen one.

Here's the cliff notes version of the offers (THEY DO NOT WORK WITH CASH TRADE INS):
Trade in 3 games: extra %10 credit
Trade in 4 games: exrta %20 credit
Trade in 5 or more games: exrta %30 credit
Trade any system besides GBA and GBA:SP - Extra $20   read

3:04 AM on 06.15.2007

Forza Withdrawl

Ugh. So in case you didn't read my previous post, my 360 broke yesterday, 4 fucking days after the warranty was up. I could rant about that incident, but that'd be getting off topic. So the day before I got the ring of death, I decided to sell my soul and buy Forza 2. I loved the first one, and was aware that by buying the second one I had signed an invisible contract that guarenteed I would waste no less than 200 hours of my life tuning and painting cars, as well as participating in the obligitory race here and there.

Well I came to terms with that; and quite frankly was ready to play the fuck out of Forza 2. After a glorius 6 hours of menial races and car collection, the xbox died. You would think that my reaction would be "Ohmagawd, $400 machine broke." Nope. It was "Damn it, can't try out the online on Forza."

So now here I sit, a broken man, waiting for my coffin to arrive with only dreams of taking turns at unreasonable high speeds in a no doubt profanely painted car in my head.

I just wanted to see who here plays Forza, if my grief over not experiencing the online is in vain, and who wants to race when I get the 'box up and running.

P.S. Damn it; this is just a rant. So much for intelligent blog posts only.   read

3:09 AM on 06.14.2007

Microsoft r conquered

So my 360 crapped out on me today; less than a month after my warranty was up... eerie. "So i didn't know what to do i was totally lost, and then TheAggroCrag came and totally saved the day, hes my hero". Anyways, I called those goons and gave them what for; and by that I mean I get a free repair. Woo. Anyways, if the $130 price tag for repair doesn't sit well with you, give this a read or two, then pretend you know what you're talking about and argue your ass off.

Here's hoping that damn coffin shows up this week. Anyone else successfully repaired a 360 recently?

P.S. Earth Defense Force 2017: Worth 40 bucks? I really want to buy it for no good reason.   read

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