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Flap's blog

8:46 AM on 10.05.2011

Between Maxs Gears

Marcus, now almost tearing through his anus with the tips of his fingers. Max felt as though he had seen this before, Goat "A"? Goat "B"? No no no no. definitely Goat C. Marcus squatting over Max. In his growly thick voice Marcus yelled "EMERGENCE HOLE!". A steamy pile of feces shot out of Markuses anus and on to Maxs chest.   read

9:58 AM on 09.23.2011

Crossing Max Scoville

Bob the cat was an interesting little critter, pink flowery dress and slick purple fur. Max had been running errands for Bob all morning, trading clothing with Jay and the other folk of the town to get Bob's yellow gameboy back. Max was panting, he had just run back with Bob's game boy. "Heres your gameboy" Max handed Bob the gameboy then waited for the inevitable returning of the favor. "Thanks" said Bob, now turning to go back into his tiny cottage. Max, a bit peeved after running around all morning helping Bob and not getting anything in return. "uhhhem! I thought you said there would something in this for me" Max said with a stern and demanding voice. Bob turned around with a look on his face like he had totally forgotten that Max was there. "ah sorry man, im kinda pretty blazed right now, ill see what iv got for you". Bob reached into his fur and handed Max a little green leaf. "A leaf?" asked Max. "naw naw naw, its more than that, go toss it in your house, I think its called a Gyroid". Giggling slightly Bob returned to his home. "I wonder what this is" Max thought to himself on his journey back to the hovel of a house that Tom Nook had provided him with. There was nothing besides a box with a journal in Max's home, his feat tapped on the musty hard wood floor. "well lets see what this is" Max threw the leaf down on the ground and POOF there stood a little man somewhat akin to a mushroom with simple circles for eyes and a mouth. "this is it? Not even a couch or an NES or anything". The Gyroid stood in silence, then with force jerked its face forward to a ninety degree angle. "MOIP" it screeched. Max jumped back startled at first. The Gyroid then returned to its normal standing position then repeated the jerking motion every few seconds. "MOIP.....MOIP.......MOIP" "this is totally useless............wait a minute" the cogs in Max's brain were now moving. Max removed his pants and sat on the hardwood floor, small splinters picking at his gooch and anus. He slid himself forward on the wood floor till he had positioned himself so that as the Gyroid came down to its 90 degree angle its mouth would cover Max's penis, then recoil with great speed. "this head might be even better than what I got from Kiki". "MOIP MOIP" the Gyroid continued as normal but as Max got closer and closer to climaxing his eyes lit up with fiery passion. "FASTER...... SO ..... SO.... CLOSE" "HARDER" the Gyroid started speeding up faster and faster "MOIP MOIP MOIP MOIP MOIP" and increasingly harder, smashing Max's genitals into a bloody paste. "ahhhhhhhhhhh" Max was elated with the pleasure and the pain. It was worth it.   read

11:07 AM on 09.16.2011

Max Scoville Noir

The burnt embers of a fading memory lie below Maxs feat. The home was now but a shell of its former self. Max ran his had through his hair, not sure what to believe anymore. " I knew you would be back". Surprised Max looked around the room searching from the sounds origination, and there he was. Standing in the door was a dark figure, his hands the only thing exposed by the damp moon light. Not sure what to think Max responded honestly "I don't want to remember, but I had to come back". " You haven't lived here for a long time boy. Did you know I would be the one to investigate this?" uttered the dark figure. "I wanted it to go away..... the". The man now stepped out of the shadows revealing a man in an investigators suit. "You thought you could just end our memory by burning this place down? YOU THINK YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT ME? Now ill have to remind you of why this place is so special. Max now cowering in the corner "Coal..... I dont want this, you dont want this." "DONT TELL ME WHAT I DO AND DONT WANT!" Coal then forcefully grabs Max and throws him atop the remnants of a washing machine. "hold still you pile of shit, Ill give you a new memory, a recurring dream if you will. It will be as easy as Okinawa ." Coal now pinning Max to the washing machine rips Maxes pants off and begins taking his own pants off. "Im scared whispers Max". Coal forces himself into Max, at first it is discomforting, but then a feeling of elation and remembrance from the first time flutters through Maxes mind. Thrusting. Maxs mouth now next to Coals ear. "I..... UH.......UHHHHH..... "Max now whispering to Coal "this is exactly what I wanted.....thank you".   read

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