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Hello there, my name is Alpha.
Now. Many mysterious things can happen when you encounter an elephant. It may decide to take you on a trip to another planet, which is dangerous because we don't know what kind of food they eat on other planets. If you were allergic to it all you'd probably die very quickly. Of course, you could try to eat the inhabitants of that planet but they'd probably try to kill you for that so maybe that isn't a good idea either.

A good way to get rid of unwanted slices of bread is to toast them. I like to call this "Toasted Bread" or "Toast" for short. Many people toast bread so it's not my invention but it's not something which gets talked about often enough and so I thought I'd write a book on it.
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So I wrote an odd blog post yesterday on a whim because of reasons.
[s]Go read it, it contains all life's secrets and the recipe for perfect pancakes[/s]

Someone in the comments said that first posts usually come as introduction posts.
Seeing as this is MY blog I guess it kinda makes sense for people to know a little more on me so.
I'll try not to bore you too much.

1. My name make no sense.
FlanxLycanth is the name I use for pretty much everything online (except PS3, its Flanx17 there sadly) but it doesn't really mean anything. "Flanx" is a word I made by re-arranging letters that got shot out of a random letter generator. "Lycanth" is short for Lycanthrope which is a word I heard whilst watching a play my friend was performing in.

2. My name makes no sense (pt2).
My birthname, the name given to me by my parents, is Alpha. 
Yes, like the Greek letter Alpha.
My mother chose the name because she thought she was naming me after my Great-Grandfather...
When my mother was shown a picture of him by a relative they told her that his name was Alfred but as his accent was so thick, my mother heard it as Alpha.
Still, it's a pretty cool name.

3. My first gaming experience came with scrambled eggs and loss of breath.
My grandmother had a really big house. She'd invite the whole family around for dinner on the weekends. Btw, she has 5 kids and 19 grandchildren so the whole family was quite a few people. We used to play this game we called "eggy" where we'd run up and down the stairs in a race. Last place had to cook egg for everyone. One night while sitting down to eat, my cousin pulled out a Dreamcast and that's when I discovered Sonic Adventure and Power Stone.

4. My first home games console was the NGC.
Unlike the kids I see with a 3DS by the age of 4, I wasn't given a games console until I was 12. My mother took me to the game store and I had the choice between a Nintendo Gamecube or a Playstation 2. I chose the NGC and have never regretted that choice. The game it came with, funnily enough, was Sonic Adventure 2: Battle! 
My mother always laughs about this though because of the fact that when I got home I found there was already a game in the console. I put the misplaced Mario Kart: Double Dash in a plastic sleeve, took the bus back to the store and gave it back.
The store staff were so shocked that I was honest enough to bring it back.

5. I don't drink, smoke or eat red meat.
For one simple reason. Hard mode.
I don't play any game on Easy.
I don't play any game on Normal.
Life is a game, thus I play it on Hard Mode.
That's it, no religious reason or anything.

6. I only seem to play main characters in fighting games
With the exception of Persona 4 Arena where I play Kanji instead of Narukami, In every other fighter I tend to play the MC. SF = Ryu, BlazBlue = Ragna and so on.
I don't really know why, It's probably because the mains are meant to be the staple characters that everyone learns and so they're just easy to use.

7. All my pets died horrible deaths.
Lets make this one short, I don't want to start crying here.
I had a fish called Onion Head (Please don't ask why) and my Grandmother's husband emptied all the fish food into the tank. It ate to death. 
I had a dog named Ray (Again, Please don't ask why) and it got hit by a truck.

8. I have dreadlocks because I didn't like to comb my hair.
I really used to hate combing my hair. I've always had a lot of it, I use to have a pretty neat afro. Couldn't stand the combing though, I'd always complain about it and so my mother told me to cut it. I hated the idea of cutting it so one day she called a friend over to twist it. 11 years later I'm dreading it.
...Get it?
No but really, I love my hair.

9. Im 6'4 now but when I was born I could fit in my mothers hand.
I was born just under 2 months early. While apparently thats only just barely premature, I wasn't in a good state when I came out. There are lots of pictures of my with tubes feeding me and helping me breathe but that's all I really know about it all...I was too young to remember.

10. Cinemas make me sad.
I no longer go to the cinema anymore because every time I do I end up miserable.
I don't know what this is about to be honest.
No matter the tone of the film, I always end up so sad once a movie has finished.
It's not like an "aww the movie is done" sad but a "one day my life will end and it'll all be over, what am I living for" kind of sad.

Here's a really tiny image of me.

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