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Hi I'm me, and thats me!
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6:51 AM on 09.10.2014






Hey there!
Lets talk.
Too shy? How about I speak first and you go after? We can speak about what ever.†
I'll go first and just dump my brain on you.
Then you go after in the comments and talk back? :D

To buy or not to buy is the question for me with the Playstation 4. I wanted to buy one on release but I'd thought it'd be a better idea to hold out until more games I was interested in came about...but that time seems to be coming rather soon. My interests in the console before kinda centred around Final Fantasy XV. With Persona 5 and Disgaea 5 being announced recently, along with other interesting games such as Bloodborne my interest has suddenly grown quite a bit. I also had the idea that It'd be nice to start my PS4 collection early. Wonder how many of the new titles I can keep in a good quality once the lifetime of this console is over...Might have to buy new shelving units! Anyone who has read my first blog knows I'm adamant about physical copies (and maybe a bit of a hoarder).†

Also I seem to be spending a lot of time on free-to-play games, particularly League and Warframe (if any EU Dtoiders wanna add me, I'm FlanxLycanth on both!). Although I'm having fun, it's kinda annoying me because I haven't touched a single game I bought in the Steam Summer Sale...and then I bought the Humble Jumbo Bundle....
Maybe my hoarding is getting the better of me, am i just buying games because they're there? Surely if I had a true interest in them I'd have played them by now. A lot of people seem very excited about Witcher 3 while I still have 1 & 2 to be installed and played... I think it's fair to say that I have a decent backlog. It kinda feels like support though, I know that If I ever get bored of what I'm doing at the moment I have something else to fall back on.†

And to finish, what's everyone playing?! For the Vita I've been playing Soul Sacrifice Delta and having a lot of fun with it. I just finished the FFX HD remaster but can't be bothered to play X-2. Yuna is a cutie but I got other games to play! My next purchase there will probably be Disgaea 4: A promise revisited. The power of Sardines!
Then on the PS3 I'm about to start playing Tales of Xilla 2. I reaaaalllyyyy enjoyed the first one. Spent too much time on it and kinda played it all out at once. Can't wait to get stuck into this one!

So, how was your day?

I haven't played a Pokemon game in a long while now. I think the last one I bought was Pokemon Emerald. That's quite a while ago...
My brother is really into Pokemon Y so I've been playing it with him. More than being impressed with the new visuals, we've been finding little things to laugh about while also remembering little bits that always confused me when I was younger.

1. All newborns come from eggs
No matter that animal the Pokemon is based off, no matter what it looks like...they're all born from eggs? You can put two Miltank in the daycare and get an egg. Aren't Miltank cows? Cows don't lay eggs...wut dis?

2. Can't anything be a fighting type?
My brother was laughing about this the other day and I thought it was kinda true. For example, as long as it has arms surely it should be able to do a Karate Chop right? And what makes a Low Kick so special eh? A Pikachu could kick you in the shin too you know...Still waiting for Shoryuken to be a Pokemon move. We have Aura Sphere, that's pretty much Hadoken right?

3. Exactly why do Ghost type moves not work on Normal types?
I've never understood this one. Does that mean horror movies don't work in the Pokemon world? For example, a ghost appears in your bedroom...but it doesn't do much because its not effective. Or maybe normal type Pokemon just don't get spooked? Is it because most of them are pink?
(Why are so many normal types pink...?)

4. Pokemon FireRed mentions Indian Elephant?
On the topic of ghost type Pokemon, FireRed's Pokedex entry for Ghastly reads:
A being that exists in a thin gas. It can topple an Indian Elephant by enveloping the prey in two seconds.
Indian Elephant? Pokemon has India? Pokemon has Elephants? I thought the Pokemon themselves were the animals...India region to come soon?†
Pokemon Spicy Bombay version? Idk.

5. Where does the bike go?

Key Items slot hold more than any other bag in existence.
This is some Dragonball Capsule Corp. kinda shit.

6. Do they eat them or what?
Or actually, what I'm more interested in is do they eat each other?
Like, do Pidgey eat Metapods and other bugs?
Do Wailord eat other smaller fish Pokemon?
What DO Geodude eat...?
In the games you can feed them berries...does that mean they are all herbivores?†
I'm pretty sure I've seen the characters in the anime eat meat before also, if Pokemon are their animals then...

Either way, I'm saving for a 3DS.

So I wrote an odd blog post yesterday on a whim because of reasons.
[s]Go read it, it contains all life's secrets and the recipe for perfect pancakes[/s]

Someone in the comments said that first posts usually come as introduction posts.
Seeing as this is MY blog I guess it kinda makes sense for people to know a little more on me so.
I'll try not to bore you too much.

1. My name make no sense.
FlanxLycanth is the name I use for pretty much everything online (except PS3, its Flanx17 there sadly) but it doesn't really mean anything. "Flanx" is a word I made by re-arranging letters that got shot out of a random letter generator. "Lycanth" is short for Lycanthrope which is a word I heard whilst watching a play my friend was performing in.

2. My name makes no sense (pt2).
My birthname, the name given to me by my parents, is Alpha.†
Yes, like the Greek letter Alpha.
My mother chose the name because she thought she was naming me after my Great-Grandfather...
When my mother was shown a picture of him by a relative they told her that his name was Alfred but as his accent was so thick, my mother heard it as Alpha.
Still, it's a pretty cool name.

3. My first gaming experience came with scrambled eggs and loss of breath.
My grandmother had a really big house. She'd invite the whole family around for dinner on the weekends. Btw, she has 5 kids and 19 grandchildren so the whole family was quite a few people. We used to play this game we called "eggy" where we'd run up and down the stairs in a race. Last place had to cook egg for everyone. One night while sitting down to eat, my cousin pulled out a Dreamcast and that's when I discovered Sonic Adventure and Power Stone.

4. My first home games console was the NGC.
Unlike the kids I see with a 3DS by the age of 4, I wasn't given a games console until I was 12. My mother took me to the game store and I had the choice between a Nintendo Gamecube or a Playstation 2. I chose the NGC and have never regretted that choice. The game it came with, funnily enough, was Sonic Adventure 2: Battle!†
My mother always laughs about this though because of the fact that when I got home I found there was already a game in the console. I put the misplaced Mario Kart: Double Dash in a plastic sleeve, took the bus back to the store and gave it back.
The store staff were so shocked that I was honest enough to bring it back.

5. I don't drink, smoke or eat red meat.
For one simple reason. Hard mode.
I don't play any game on Easy.
I don't play any game on Normal.
Life is a game, thus I play it on Hard Mode.
That's it, no religious reason or anything.

6. I only seem to play main characters in fighting games
With the exception of Persona 4 Arena where I play Kanji instead of Narukami, In every other fighter I tend to play the MC. SF = Ryu, BlazBlue = Ragna and so on.
I don't really know why, It's probably because the mains are meant to be the staple characters that everyone learns and so they're just easy to use.

7. All my pets died horrible deaths.
Lets make this one short, I don't want to start crying here.
I had a fish called Onion Head (Please don't ask why) and my Grandmother's husband emptied all the fish food into the tank. It ate to death.†
I had a dog named Ray (Again, Please don't ask why) and it got hit by a truck.

8. I have dreadlocks because I didn't like to comb my hair.
I really used to hate combing my hair. I've always had a lot of it, I use to have a pretty neat afro. Couldn't stand the combing though, I'd always complain about it and so my mother told me to cut it. I hated the idea of cutting it so one day she called a friend over to twist it. 11 years later I'm dreading it.
...Get it?
No but really, I love my hair.

9. Im 6'4 now but when I was born I could fit in my mothers hand.
I was born just under 2 months early. While apparently thats only just barely premature, I wasn't in a good state when I came out. There are lots of pictures of my with tubes feeding me and helping me breathe but that's all I really know about it all...I was too young to remember.

10. Cinemas make me sad.
I no longer go to the cinema anymore because every time I do I end up miserable.
I don't know what this is about to be honest.
No matter the tone of the film, I always end up so sad once a movie has finished.
It's not like an "aww the movie is done" sad but a "one day my life will end and it'll all be over, what am I living for" kind of sad.

Here's a really tiny image of me.

It seems I'm being labelled as a complete scrub by Destructoid as I haven't written a blog post so here's my first. If this blog is of poor quality then I apologize. You can send me messages about how bad I am at writing blogs.

Probably If you've seen me comment on an article about a new game release, it'll probably look a bit like this:
†Lets take a second to understand why this is the most important question ever. Ever.

Reason 1: Mine is bigger than yours.
Maybe I'm a bit biased because I'm a bit of a collector. If I were a carpenter then I'd have spent a lot less on shelves to put things on. Lets not lie to ourselves here; the more we have of something we like, the better we feel about it. It works with everything, even when you get that little bit more food than your brother at dinner time. There's no need to be ashamed of bragging and showing off your superior collection because you're human and as a human you're obliged to be an asshat.
This is lost with digital copies in a sense. Instead you have the opportunity to sit your friend down and show him a list of titles on a TV screen which, no matter how big it may be, will feel minuscule because scrolling through menus takes no time at all.†
I don't know, maybe your friend IS jealous of how many pixel words you have stored on your HDD.

Reason 2: Memories of the past and increased replay potential.
I have a disk of FFX on my shelf sitting next a few of my anime figures. It's not in an official case but instead it sleeps in a plastic sleeve. I keep it as a memento, a living memory of my first videogame waifu, Lulu.
You though I was gonna say Yuna? Pfft.
You seen the moogles on Lulu? Polygons of beauty.
I'll never forget her beauty. Why? Because I've played the game over and over again.
Because it's on disk.
Ok now this might be a subjective one. Let me explain.
It's not necessarily because its on a disk, it's more because it still exists. I and a lot of my friends will admit to deleting games from our digital libraries once we've finished them because they take up space or they make the list longer or blah blah... Yeah fine, you've got the option to download them again but....who ever does?†
Here's the key thing though. When you've got a load of games in mind to play in the future and a few games you still haven't finished but you mysteriously find your favourite old game from the 1990's under your porn collection, you'll probably play it again.†
If you're in a similar situation and you have to install/download that game again to play it...?
Nah, cba.†

Reason 3: Educating the future...and the past.
My younger brother's friend has my copy of Final Fantasy 12. Why? Education purposes.†
This one's more about sharing games. Something that can't be done with digital copies and should definitely be a thing which continues. This is an important one for me because I feel the need to make other peoples lives better by bestowing upon them the games they were foolish enough to skip. I want to be able to make people feel the feels I did so we can sit on a sofa and cry while eating ice cream about our fictional experience.†
Being part of a community, it is our duty to make sure that everyone gets the most out of being a member thus throwing blu-ray disks at peoples faces and locking them in their bedrooms is essential.
Really, its a case of:
"Hey man, I played this really great game over the summer holidays, thought I'd bring it over so you can try it out"
"Hey man, I played this really great game over the summer holidays, if you've ever got any spare money left after buy all the stuff you need to survive it's only £14.99 on Amazon"

Reason 4: Same reason Master Chief didn't have a jetpack in Halo 1-3.
Computers. They sit there all day being abused by your grubby little hands. Silent and crafty they watch. Do you trust them? One day they might turn against you...and format their own hard drives...
...Ok maybe not.
But you get the gist of this one. I don't trust digital storage.
No I'm not 42, I'm 19. Yes I know what URL stands for. No I did not click on the spam email.
Here's an easier way of understanding this point. For example:

Tim sits at home where suddenly a Black Mage casts Fira on his PS3/Xbox. Tim buys a new console and plays again like normal except the fact that his carpet is a little burnt. All the games are on disks. No problem.

Jack sits at home where suddenly a Black Mage casts Fira on his PS3/Xbox. Jack buys a new console, and as well as having a burnt carpet, he has lost all his games and has to download all of them again. Some can't be retrieved because they were special purchases during sales and so Jack commits suicide before dinner time.

Reason 5: When the money you paid is heavier than the product, you've got an issue.
My final issue is simple to understand. It's a short one. You cant hold what is not physical.
I don't like that idea, to me it's far too weird. Why am I paying the same price when I don't get a disk, manual, case and case art? Not only are you getting less for your money but you also have to physical proof of purchase! Especially when receipts are electronic too...what am I paying for, electrical impulses and...binary?†

So. Next time there's a game you really want to buy, take the time to think.
Oh wait, here's a completely related vid.