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FlanxLycanth's blog

3:29 PM on 12.25.2015

[Images] Uh so these things are meant to have titles?

She said if we don't do at least one "romantic" thing a week she'll stop dancing around the house naked. When you healer somehow becomes obsessed with your tank you actually have a chance at clearing content...becaus...   read

8:53 PM on 12.01.2015

Some more of not much tbh.

My Ahriman decided that it forgot how to fly.I am the spooky ghost.Spooky ghosts die when the sun comes out though. We burn.This one lives in my house and eats my food, still don't know why. "Marriage" or something, idk.She m...   read

8:24 AM on 10.06.2015

[Image Blog] All I do in FFXIV is take selfies.


11:38 AM on 09.03.2015

Running for President of Destructoid.

Hello. My name is Flankinson Lycanthra and I am your #1 Candidate for Destructoid President. In this post I shall be posting those things about why you should vote for me and stuff. 1. I promise to give all Destructoid member...   read

6:20 AM on 08.04.2015

Something to make you feel good.


6:21 AM on 07.06.2015

How to get married in Eorzea.

Step 1: Stand in the weird robot carriage and wait to be turned into chicken nuggets.Why does she get to hold the flowers? So what, I don't like flowers because I'm a man? And where did all these flying rats come from? What i...   read

10:27 AM on 07.02.2015

Ruining my life part 76: FF marathon

So I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV a lot recentlyExpansion hype!Finally got to level 60.Got my final skill, made a gif! I sat in my garden until the sun went downI wanted it to look like a silhouette and it work...   read

9:34 AM on 05.29.2015

Sharing the Cool: IRL armour pt.2

(LARGE TEXT BECAUSE SOMEONE SAID THEY LIKED IT LAST TIME). Anyway, hello peeps.I made a couple of purchases and so I thought I'd once again, share the cool.IRL armour, it's clothes....get it? I'm smart now salute me. Mus...   read

3:41 AM on 05.13.2015

What newbie, trigger happy mod is deleting my comments.

Speak up now so I can slap you.   Edit: This has been resolved. Chris Carter has promised to share all his animal crackers with me and I'll be getting a 4.7% cut of all ad generated revenue.   read

9:53 AM on 05.12.2015

AMA allow it. Ask then.

Prayers. How you humans speak you your gods. This is your God. Look at him. Acknowledge him.   Now ask him whatever you wish.     read

4:50 AM on 05.07.2015

Things I do when my internet at home is down

1. Photoshop Kanye West onto spaghetti. 2. Photoshop multiple Kanye West onto spaghetti. 3. Try to figure out why you saved that image of a guy wearing a hat. 4. Fall ill then make cookies. Post on instagram.  ...   read

5:05 AM on 04.17.2015

Info Drop: DMC4 SE and the Digital Curse.

 Hey,As you know I don't actually blog. I just saw something interesting.Earlier on there was a Destructoid post on the DMC4 SE stating that it'll only be digital in the west.I don't know if this is already widely ...   read

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