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Flamoctapus's blog

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Flamoctapus avatar 10:18 PM on 11.07.2013  (server time)
Hey guys, I'm Flam

Hey. Iíve been a part of this place for quite some time, but Iíve been sorta drifting away as of late due toÖ hell I really donít know. With the recent changes happening at the site, I figured I might as well begin to make an effort to write shit and try to get into the C-blogs. So anyway, hey, Iím Flamoctapus.†

My experience around here has been pretty damn stellar. Iíve been on the forums for about 3 years, Iíve listened to Podtoid religiously, won some contests, and had my opinion of the entirety of the internet change while Iíve been here. Itís been a hell of a ride and I love this community with a passion.†

As for games, I spend about 75% of my free time playing League of Legends. I love it to death, and I really canít imagine my life without it. Other than that, I have a 360 and both handhelds, and for some godforsaken reason, a Wii-U, so I pretty much just play what ever strikes my interest. Currently, that is Pokemon Y, because itís pokemon.†

I honestly have no idea how to end this, so Iíll just say this: The culture behind this site is really astounding. I really cannot stress how great of a place this is, and I canít wait to start tossing stuff out there for you to see. So, yeahÖ uhÖ nice to meet you I guessÖ?


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