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Flakor's blog

4:49 AM on 12.31.2007

2am Ramblings

Naturally after I stirred the hornets nest of this community with a very odd post, I thought it would be right and proper and put a real blog post up. The last one was to test and see what happens really, but it would seem that if people don't read it they decide that you fail and spam you with hate. Oh well, the thought of people who sit at a computer all day and calling me a failure doesn't seem to effect me these days.

Anywho, well I am up and about so here goes nothing.

Lately it would seem that gamers are unsatisfied with this whole GOTY stuff, because frankly no one seems to be happy about what the certain choices are.
On gametrailers, everyone seems dissapointed that Uncharted didn't do as well as it should have. Though it would seem, according to Game Trailers, that while it was a pretty game, it was just taking all the good things in games and put it all into a linear not-real platforming game. Now, I havn't played the game, but just looking at it I would think it would be fun...for PS3 owners. Not saying that the PS3 has lower standards, but more on the lines of people who have played Gears, played it a bunch then went and played Uncharted would feel odd.

Back to the thought at hand, what makes a GOTY? In terms of sales Halo 3 wins by a landslide, in terms of scale how much is in the disk, Mass Effect. In terms of storytelling, its Bioshock. Really in the end its all one giant opinion question, and no one will ever be happy with it. When I heard about the Spike Game Awards give Bioshock GOTY I questioned to weather I actually enjoyed the game that much. While I did enjoy Bioshock I felt that a GOTY was a bit odd.

Personally I feel that Portal is the best game to come out this year, though I have yet to pick up my copy of Super Mario Galaxy yet so who knows. Naturally people would say "Hey, none of that now". So whats the point of all this? Well it would seem to me that people are curious to other peoples opinions and feels the need to talk about such things. I get really exciting when people have a debate without yelling at each other. The issue here, is that after these GOTY stories most seem to disagree and all use of the mind in the upper story is totally disregarded for more favorable tactics such as saying "You Suck" and not saying anything further.

So, I feel that if you disagree with a site saying that a game is the GOTY you should just say "Oh, well I disagree, I thought [Game Title] was the best game of [Year] because of [Things you thought were cool, awesome etc.]" because like I said, its an opinion question and your not required by law to agree with it.

I love how I started this at 2am and its getting close to 3am as I post it (Alaskan Time Mind you)   read

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