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FireFox516's blog

8:12 PM on 05.10.2012

Virtual Console games I (still) want.

Back in 2006, I thought the Wii's implementation of the Virtual Console service was a godsend. I was graduating in less than six months and was planning on moving away for college, and the last thing I wanted to do was haul A...   read

4:38 PM on 08.10.2011

A Tale of a Mega Man (Or, How I Spent My Summer Blue)

This weekend past, I did something I don't think I've ever done before; I did nothing but play Mega Man. I'm not sure why the mood struck me, but it probably had something to do with all this hubbub about the cancellation of ...   read

3:00 AM on 03.02.2011

It's On... Like Donkey Kong.

Have you ever had one of those gaming moments where you seem to go through a "phase" of either a certain franchise or genre? If you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe it will start to make sense as I go on. Recently, ...   read

3:33 AM on 12.31.2010

You know, it's funny; I always find it incredibly hard to sit myself down and write for myself. I always tell myself I should do this more often, and though I have ideas I can write about, I can never bring myself to actually...   read

1:19 AM on 03.08.2010

First Blog Entry

I figure if I'm going to have an account here, I should probably keep a blog. I've never kept a blog before - let alone a gaming one -, so forgive me if it sounds a bit amateur-ish at times. I guess a good first entry would ...   read

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