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Usually E3 events follow this order

> Announcement of new console (Every 1 - 6 Years) > New games / New Services > New trailers for announced games > Website impressions are posted.

This year, I created a check list of events that might happen during the Nintendo conference based off another checklist I've seen. (Orignally posted by me on a facepunch thread)

Feel free to make a game out of this.

Example: If one of these things happen you donate 1$ to American Red Cross. If the event that is crossed out happens, you donate 10$.

12:39 AM on 05.16.2010

"Activision has been quite busy recently registering domain names, and all for one brand. I'll give you one guess what it is, and the hint that it doesn't have to do with plastic instruments. Yup, the Call of Duty series has recently had multiple domain names registered for it and they could hint at where the series is going.

Activision registered, and on Tuesday showing that they are not only looking into the future of the franchise, but looking into the future for the franchise as well. On top of those three domains they also registered,, and Finally,, and were registered as well."