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Ficos Gaming Mind avatar 8:29 PM on 04.01.2012  (server time)
The Circle of Life can suck it! Forgive my language!

Orbis Vita! The Circle of Life. Sony has suddenly decided that they are now philosophers and that they are breaking through the next generation with things that are going to revolutionize the gaming industry in the future. But all they have managed to revolutionize is finding ways to piss me off! I've always had problems with Sony and their ways in regards to finding ways to make gamers pay as much money as possible, but with these new rumors about the PlayStation 4, codenamed, Orbis, it's finally become clear that Sony doesn't just not care about their fans or the gamers, but they obviously don't know the first thing about being one.

Back when the PS3 came out, we had to pay an arm and a leg to get one, but at least we could play all our PlayStation games without any problems. But then Sony started to notice that they needed to put in more money and they got sad that their billionaire pockets were getting scratched, so in a dumbass move, they started phasing out the PS3s with the backwards compatibility and started only offering PS3s that could play only PS3 games. So now your entire library of PSOne and PS2 games was wiped off the face of the earth to play with your PS3 unless you either still had a PS2, or you buy one. Sony obviously bet on you not having one, so guess what, you had to buy one; and they were happy, because PS3s weren't costing THEM an arm and a leg and they got an extra body part in the process.

But then they also screwed people with the PSPGo and the Vita. And why not! Their track record for disappointing gamers has to be kept somehow. They create the PSPGo as a way to be able to play your PSP games without the UMD and it was smaller and had more room for game storage space. It was all fine and dandy in the surface, but then you dig in and you realize that Sony is once again trying to screw you like they know how to do best. UMD games on your collection? Sorry! Can't play them on the PSPGo and you can't download them onto your device at all. Discount on converting the data or at least the option? NOPE! You want a PSPGo, you have to get the games from PSN and download them onto your device. But at least the library of PSP games is entirely on PSN, right? OF COURSE NOT! Don't be ridiculous! Sony doesn't have the luxury or the time to listen to gamers, as they didn't even have all of the games available in the roster. Some companies didn't want it this way, but Sony could have put up some sort of a fight and offer games like Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on the PSN. But that would actually require Sony to put some type of effort and they can't be bothered to work. The system was a fail and left as fast as it came in.

And then we have the Circle of Life

The Vita came out a few weeks ago and it's definitely been a hit, but it still doesn't mean it's worth buying. For starters, forcing people to buy memory because it has no integrated memory in the device is their idea of stealing candy from babies. They could have avoided this, but Sony only cares of how to make as much mullah as possible in any way they can. Then you have the games, which aren't that great, and the remote play that requires you to have the Vita and the PS3 version of the game (if this is not true, someone clarify this, but I heard this is how it worked). But the Vita failed to impress me for the same reason I was never impressed with the PSP; no games, price tag that accumulates, and overall hype that doesn't live up to the expectations. But that is only half of it; as this past week Kotaku revealed an article of a rumor about the PlayStation 4 and many things about it make me wish Sony would just jump of a building and put themselves out of their misery.

Orbis, which makes me think about booking hotels, is the codename for the next generation of PS console and it seems like there were several rumors about what it was. Mostly about what it wasn't, and less about why we should buy one. So many things about these rumors about Orbis worries me and upsets me to no end, but I bet most of you might be feeling the same.

Mainly for 2 reasons:


Sony creates the Blu Ray and then pushes HD harder than everyone else, and then have all their catalog of games and movies on Blu Ray all compatible with the PlayStation 3 with no problems and no worries. And for what I think, the next PlayStation will most likely have a BR drive as well. But then if that is the case, then WHY THE HELL ARE YOUR PS3 GAMES NOT COMPATIBLE?!?!?!?!?! This is like a slap to the face...with a pickup truck! So what is Sony thinking, we as gamers, are going to do? Accept this crap again and just buy Orbis games and then just play our PS3 games on the PS3? Sounds like it, only if there is a BR drive on the new console then it should play BR games that were built to run, on a PlayStation, with a BLU RAY DISK PLAYER!!!!!!!

The only reason this might be is that the PS4 won't have a optical drive anymore. And that's it! So let me ask you something; if that was the case, how else can we get our games? Are you saying that we can't only play games on it if we have a connection (and a good one as well) and download every game as mandatory cause your design is no longer offering any other options? How else are people with BR movies going to watch BluRays if all they have is a PS3, like me? I know that the solution is as simple as not unplugging the PS3 and just sticking with it, but knowing Sony, they won't support it anymore, and odds are, they will find some way to make you stop using your PS3 so you can switch to the Orbis and then HAVE to buy ALL YOUR GAMES, AND SWALLOW THEIR BULLSHIT!!!!

This is wrong on so many dimensions that it's not even funny; it's just tragic.

And then...


Specifically, they won't show you the entire game unless you pay some type of online pass or service in which it will unlock the content to access the full game and if you don't, you will basically be playing a demo of it or a trial version of the game.

Let's me repeat this again...You can't play the full game; of the game that you bought, that is inside of the game that you bought...until you pay more money to unlock the rest of the game, that you bought. This is part of Sony's way of identifying the games that belong to you when you registered them new to your PSN account and games that were probably played in others. And why is that a problem? Why would Sony lock out the ability to play used games unless you pay? Well, this is all Sony's plan to look like heroes to the gaming industry as used games is a big reason for many companies that make games to not make the money that is coming to them. When you buy a new game, they make money and I think if you buy a used one, only the retailer makes money. I think. Please someone conform this to me because if this is wrong too, that only makes Sony look more like jackasses. However, if it is true what I said, well it still make Sony look like opportunists and thieves.

This seems like a low move because we have to suffer, like those people that can't get those pirated games from the PSN network just cause Sony still can't figure out how to protect their network from hackers. Why would you make a person pay more than once to play a used video game? To enforce people into buying only new games? To make the used games market disappear? I can't imagine this being successful and not blowing in Sony's face. I don't like Gamestop, at all, but they aren't the only show in town and those other places also suffer cause of this. And what about just plain giving games to friends that used to belong to you, is that over?

In conclusion, Sony can suck it.

This is all rumors at this point so maybe this vent blog post is for nothing. But at the same time, the details are so precise and the sources seem reliable according to all sources. I hope that Sony doesn't do this, because if they do, I promise that I will not endorse this product. I don't care how awesome Orbis is with it's game library. I didn't get a PS3 on my own choice rather it being a gift for me, but if it weren't for that, I probably wouldn't even have one.

Sony has again and again let us down with bullcrap just to get our money. The backwards compatibility from the PS3, the PSPGo, the PSP overall lack of success, the PSN outage, and many more things that have happened and that have yet to happen. All I hope is that the backwards compatibility is still in check, and if they keep the used games deal, it's something most people will just have to deal, but I could use more details.

But for now, Sony, take a deep breath and suck all our dicks!

And please forgive my language in this one. They forced my hand. I'll try to keep it less vulgar next time


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