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9:33 PM on 02.27.2013

Long time no see. PS4 Event Reactions

I've been neglecting Destructoid and not because I want to, it's because I've just not spent enough time here to share my thoughts. My friend Victor showed me this site and I was very happy to find this world of expression and love for video games. And for you guys, I bring my Blogger post for the Sony 2013 Playstation 4 event from last week. I hope you guys read it and like it. Let me know what you guys think as well if you want ;)


We'll guys, I'm falling asleep on my desk at work right now so I wanted to give you guys my impressions on what occurred today and what could be the most exciting day that Sony has had in a very long time. It's no secret to anyone that me and Sony are not too good together, in fact, I can outright say that I don't really like Sony too much as a company for gamers. But this time, on an event that might have triggered the beginning of the next Console Wars, the Sony Playstation 2013 Event held in New York and streamed to millions was an event that had only one thing on everyone's mind when talking about it, discussions in websites and gaming shows, and of course, me; it was the announcement of the Playstation 4.

Over the last few weeks I've been finding out more information about Microsoft's endevours and their current soon-to-be future console Project Durango and the only thing that has been shown so far until yesterday was that the console might be named Orbis, used games might not be playable, and the leak of a demo controller that was shown a few days before the huge event. As it turns out, no one thought that today wouldn't be about PS4, since Sony at first said they wouldn't have minded letting Microsoft go first with the reveal and then suddently, they are announcing this event and encouraging everyone to tune in and watch. Clearly Sony couldn't contain themselves and after today, it's not really hard to see why. Sony came out balls blazing with tons of specs of the console, showing the controller, showing tech demos, games, and announcements from companies that have not worked on consoles for a very long time. I won't go over everything that happened but I will go over my favorite things that occurred in the event.

1- The Dual Shock 4 controller

To the surprise of no one the controller that was leaked and deemed as a demo product was actually the official controller of the PS4. This new controller's triggers were redesigned and placed in good spots and I definitely feel improvements were made as they also mentioned better wireless technology and less focus on the rumble aspects. Also, the controller comes with a touchpad in the middle of the controller and a "light bar" that can interact with a sensor that looks like a redesigned Sony Eye and allow to view perspectives in the game by moving the controller.

My favortie feature of this controller is the Share Button. This button is included as the broader spectrum of Sony, cloud gaming and inteactivity with gamers. Like FRAPS, Game Capture and streaming, you can hit this Share button and you can record your gameplay footage and share it over PSN with it's improved connectivity all cloud based. This makes things very interesting since I definitely see people acquire gameplay and share it being easier than capturing the game footage and editing it and then sharing it with the world. How it works, it wasn't explained in detail but I bet a long ass demo will be available on E3.

The reason I like this is because it's a hardware reveal and proof that the Sony PS4 exists and it's not just something that Sony decided to just throw out to have the first leg out on this new console war that is most likely going to start this year. And the Share function is a huge way to allow gamers to share their personalities and their highlights, granted that the function is not like FRAPS and slows their game to a crawl while it captures, but if it's in the cloud, it might not even interfere, or so we think. I don't know if I will get much use, but if I can share it with the world, why not.

Did I also mentioned on board headphone jacks on the controller? Nice

2- Cloud

OnLive was known for being a company to provide games you can play over a server and you can also acquire highlights as well. Sony definitely one ups this company by buying a company solely focused on cloud technology and implemented an entire ecosystem on the cloud. New interface of the PSN GUI and you can notice the cloud sending information, uploading footage, downloading a game and also even going as far as allowing you to play bits of a game you are downloading while it finishes to download.
Again, like most of the reveals, it's all explained over the top and not in full detail, but the jist is that sony wants to make PSN into a cloud based experience and they want everything on the cloud. Even launch games from the cloud which could mean a possible lack of a need for CDs anymore which sadly could mean another backwards compatible problem. It sounded like they wanted to make sure you can launch any game from the entire Playstation catalog that was available on the cloud, launch it right away without waiting, and play right away to avoid boot ups and loading disks and such.

This is fascinating to me as cloud based storage, gaming and other things are what is making this future the more interesting to be in, but Sony does seems to have a firm grip on cloud, just that they didn't explain too much in detail. Sadly.

3- Hardware was like a powerful PC

I'm a PC gamer above a Playstation player. I won't say I'm a total PC gamer, but I will take PC over any game console because the games on the consoles run and look so much better on the PC. If Xbox games where all on the PC, I wouldn't have an 360, but they are not so I do. And I grew up playing console games and they hold a special place in my heart and of course, to be a PC gamer, you need a gaming PC and money to put in decent hardware to run the games like Far Cry, Crysis and Skyrim. But Sony with it's ports it has always been a bit clunky. It's usually the one where it doesn't nearly look or run as good as the rest of the courterpart systems and the hardware is usually not bad, but not great.
The PS3 was a powerful system, but it was so locked up and restricted to developers, they could never make games to benefit from the machine they were given to experiment with. But PS4 had a nod for developers during the entire event, but more on that later.

The specs on this PS4 are pretty insane: x86 Motherboard, 8 GBs of RAM, Specilized GRR5 GPU, and internal storage as well. The specs sound like a pretty awesome PC that you can build yourself but it also has technology that can run background processes like download games while another plays them. This allows for enjoyment of your games without waiting for downloading the game or the part of the install to finish like it did on Metal Gear Solid 4 almost during the entire game. My favorite part of the system was the Suspend/Resume function because it's basically a Sleep Mode function for the console. Suspend the action or game that you are playing and then you can resume what you were doing on the next bootup like normal. It's Sleep Mode! Long over due. Also, they are also testing Havok and Unreal Engine 4 as well with the hardware and they were explaining how the GPU will take stress away from the CPU and run complex functions left for the GPU. You know, like PCs do now with CUDA and Nvidia cards now. But for games, bananas!

4- Developers were given love

There was an overall theme in the event about the developers of games being listened too and a video montage of many developers, if what it's left me to believe, is the reason this new console is so expansive with features and functions. Developers are being given free range to code and design and unlock the potential of the dev kits and if the developers in that video clip are true, this is truly going to let them create things that were limited on doing on the last console.
Seems they are all up for the cloud and some are even blessing the Move controller as a design tool like Media Molecule did. They created these real time sculptures they all kept re-shaping into other designs and hundreds were created just with this tool. The rock montage made no sense since I didn't see them design anything so I can't say it was valid.

But I think the reason I'm very excited that Sony is working a lot more closers to developers is that Sony finally realizes that they are the backbone of their division. They are the reason games are being made and they are the reason the console will have longevity. If they are given freedom to do whatever they want and unlock untapped potential in a super console like the PS4, just like developers do with PCs that they spec out to the max and work with different dimensions and different builds and such, Sony will find games suck a lot less because developers will not be restrained to what ifs and buts.

5- Holiday 2013

This was the last thing that was shown before signing off, and they didn't even reveal the console at all. They revealed that the whole event was for PS4 but they didn't show off the PS4. But that didn't mean they didn't make a statement when they placed the Holiday 2013 on the end of the conference. This puts Microsoft in notice and Nintendo I'm afraid.
Microsoft is now going to be on the lookout for that date and on the hunt to try and out do Sony with a better presentation on E3 or before. They will be filling the heat since they are now generating so much buzz with all the reveals and the tech that went behind each moment they were talking about something on stage. And Nintendo has to be more afraid than ever.

They just got their next gen console out which really isn't even next gen at all. It's outdated current gen that isn't even working like it should be doing. Nintendo can be heard miles away screaming their eyes out because of this. They can pretend to act as cool as cucumbers but they cannot deny that they are way in the back and after Microsoft unveils their console, they might as well consider themselves defeated. And I hate that I have to know this because I love the Big N, always have and always will. But the E3 bombs and the constant disappointments and those boring ass announcement videos from Nintendo Direct. How in the living Hell are we going to be excited when Satoru Iwata looks like he just walked away from Ground Zero on every one of those videos.

Sony, you nailed it and started the next gen console wars. Let the blood bath begin!

6- Watch Dogs

The best game of E3 last year was Watch Dogs. And this cyber punk action sandbox game is looking even brighter than ever after ending the show with it. Watch Dogs' demo on PS4 tech showed the main character hacking a bank account and stealing money, trying to stop a dude from killing someone he is stalking, and running from security by raising road blocks and pinning cop cars, stopping trains and blowing gas mains with his FREAKING PHONE!
Watch Dogs is a game where you can access anything and anyone with your phone and with your tech and you can basically cause mayhem to try and evade threats from coming at you. The story is still not clear by espionage, security, hacking and tons of cyberpunk are all over this thing and I want this game right now.

7-Second Son and Destiny

Following the half way mark, Sucker Punch came to the stage and then this dude started talking about cops, about security, about monitoring stats and about camera abuse and this guy started to like ramble like he was Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory. A loon that was talking about the government monitoring us and looking at everything that we do.

Then out of nowhere he starts talking about having powers that can allow us to bypass these security measures and not be in the cross hairs of these security details that watch everything. And then they start showing this guy decimating a security team but this guy has like fire controlling powers and teleportation. Reminded me of Infamous, and it should, it's the same developer. I think it might be something related or if it's not, I can't wait to see more on this. Turns out that this is a follow up to the Infamous franchise and I kind of thought it felt like it and missed the upper part of the title, but I can blame that on the poor stream quality.

But another big announcement was that Bungie had come to Sony and they are bringing Destiny to the new console. This was days after they revealed a bunch of new information about Destiny and they are going to be bringing exclusive content to the PS4 when they release the game for that console.

Mind you that the game is also coming out on Xbox as well, but the truth is that this game is going to rock on the PS4 if they can tap on this kit and create the Halo Killer. Because, if they created Halo and manage to create an even bigger IP, 343 Studios are going to look like fools. And that is still with all the good work they have done so far with the Halo IP, but honestly, they aren't Bungie.

8- Deep Down and Panta Rhei/Square Enix and Luminous Engine Demos

Seems like it was also a night to show up engines as well as many companies came to the stage to show many improvements on technology from what they bring to the next console generation. First Yoshinori Ono from Capcom came on stage and didn't give us fighting games but instead delivered what looked like Dark Souls on 5 cans of Red Bull. Showing of a tentative titled demo called Deep Down, it shows a group of knights taking on a dragon and the fight just looks amazing. This is Capcom's Panta Rhei Engine, or at least that was the codename given to the engine demonstrated.

Square Enix showed also a pretty impressive demo of their new engine, Luminous. Their demo was more along the lines of magic using and summoning spirits and then getting assaulted by unknown forces with guns and then one girl that is part of this order gets an artifact and gets chased but when she is about to face her end, the summoned monster comes to her aid and they flight off and I sort of felt like it could be a Panzer Dragoon game from this point but this was of course, a tech demo so no actual gameplay.

These were more for flair more than anything and Media Molecule and Quantic Dream both did the same and this conference as a whole was, in my opinion, one big tech demo but I guess I can't be surprised because the PS4 is the biggest thing to come out of Sony at the moment and E3 is the biggest event in gaming so I do believe some or all these will be filled in with more detail and maybe even more gameplay like KNACK and KillZone Shadow Land and maybe even some playable Destiny and more Watch Dogs. More of all is always great.

In conclusion:

There has been more news coming out for the PS4 soon after the conference and more news has continued to arrived after I end this blog since I started last week and now I'm finished. The possibility of not having physical media, being able to play used games, Dual Shock 3 not being compatible and backwards compatibility for anything native from the last generation is all just a small fraction of what has happened and been confirmed or at least assured of what is going to happen.

The head of Sony would like to see a more subscription based service for gamers kind of similar to the cable companies where they offer you more services depending on your tastes and for what I've seen so far, at least the technology is looking like it's much more developer friendly and also more advanced for consoles. The console is a mid grade gaming PC and I know of many friends that have PCs that smoke the PS4 in terms of hardware and performance right now and have been for some time, but at least now the PS4 can be a part of this community a bit more by generating more tech that makes sense instead of blocking devs from creating games because you won't share how your Cell processors work.

Most of all, my impressions of this conference were a bit left short because we didn't get a console reveal, we didn't get a price, we didn't get much detail of the console's hardware other than the first 15 minutes of a 3 hour conference. I know Sony wanted to make developers slobber with the tech demos and the hardware is something that they not need to know much since they understand it more than I do at least, but if you want to wow everyone and not just us gamers who want to get this console down the road in a few months, show more than demos that might not have been even running on the PS4. Show more detail on the hardware and also share more about the Share functions as well. Like I said, this is most likely going to be all shown on E3 but I have to wonder how long will this conference be. If they show all the capabilities and all the hardware and software in detail on E3, I believe they will have a successful launch later down the year and put Microsoft and Nintendo to shame.

Microsoft might have something going on April and we know nothing about Nintendo for later and for E3. Only time will tell and I'm very excited for this time. A new console generation. I hope this brings joy and not frustration. I hope it keeps some tradition and not alienate the gamers by forcing too many changes. I hope for the best.

And that is all I can ask for. E3, get here now please. We all need answers.   read

9:58 AM on 06.01.2012

E3 2012- Microsoft's year to improve

This entire week, I plan on laying down my thoughts when it comes to all the conferences in E3, and I plan on doing videos about everything I can for every one next week after every conference and also lay a huge master blog post I will share not just here, but in Destructoid as well. My next topic is with a company I grew to get attached to thanks to their superior online offerings, their awesome 1st party titles, and their exclusive downloadable games for their awesome service, XBLA. Of course, I'm talking about Microsoft and they are set to be the first ones out of the gate when they present this year, as usual, and they can come out with a strong conference and establish the momentum first and come out pretty well. The Xbox 360 is one of my favorite things that Microsoft has come out with and I didn't think I would be a lover for the Xbox since I was like most people at first and thought Halo was their only good game. Gears of War was the game that made me fall in love with the Xbox 360 and since then, for over 5 years, I have been a Gold Member and I've loved everything about what they've done so far. However, last year's conference was great and not so great on both ends. Where it started to turn me off was when the actors came out and started acting, BADLY, and they followed the trend from when the Kinect was first revealed. At first, it was nauseous, and then they brought it back last year and I was like, are we in a babies' show now? What is with these kids and this Disney game? Why are those dumb jocks, who are obviously not gamers, pretending to be gamers playing football for the Kinect? What were they thinking?

In my opinion, Microsoft never attempted to cater for young kids before this aggressively during the last 2 years since the Kinect came to be. But when they showed it in action with Mass Effect 3 and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, it became more of a possibility that Kinect could become a very powerful tool to use for gaming and not a gimmick to compete again Nintendo and their Wii dominance. This year they need to come out with something that will make the hardcore crowd it's currently focused in fall in love with the Kinect, and offer more than just a few games and a few more Dance Central games because the truth is, all of this has been done and it needs to get past this. Of course, it's also about the games coming to the console as well and they need a strong presence to get the show going.

1) Xbox 1st party games

The main reason why Xbox 360 has been such a huge hit it's because the exclusive titles available for the console are in my opinion the strongest in the show. Although some games, like Bioshock Infinite last year, are pretty much the overall attention and it's for multiple consoles, the Xbox exclusives have been very strong and very attractive to the gamers in the past. Gears of War ended gracefully, Fable is something that can still be tapped if done right, and others are very strong if shown and given some attention. Halo 4 is going to be the mayor game for the Microsoft conference since it's the return of the franchise that started Xbox and the beginning of a brand new trilogy and a chapter for the new company creating all of Halo's content, 343 Industries. They did an amazing job with the series so far and gave justice to the Halo Anniversary Edition and I believe they are the right team for the job to follow Bungie's legacy. But what else can Microsoft show this year? How are people are going to be more attracted to get a 360 if the current lineup is still not good enough? The answer is to show new IPs, more exclusives and offer the gamers something they haven't seen before. It's obvious it might start with Black Ops 2, just like it did with MW3 last year, but if they didn't and they started with something new and fresh and exciting, it could make a strong entrance and it'll make the rest of the presentation even sweeter

2)Kinect is not for babies

I don't have a Kinect. I don't even want one. And there is a good reason why. Although now that I'm in Weight Watchers I can definitely put in some great use for the Kinect fitness games and get me into good shape, the Kinect is not suppose to be a fitness machine or an assistant to help you lose weight. It's great that the Kinect is helping kids and adults get of the couch and get more active and do more exercise and sweat and even have fun in the process as well, the Kinect was not built for that purpose exclusively. The Kinect was created to offer a new way into playing games and it has been one bomb after the other. Kinect Star Wars is the most recent good example of hype just gone completely wrong. Kinect was not just hyped, it was orchestrated hype. It got Cirque de Soleil involved and got them to give E3 2010 the most hyped piece of hardware in recent memory. I can't stretch out how much they tried to make the Kinect seem like it was the best thing in the world, and Star Wars was suppose to be the flagship title to make the Kinect a guaranteed purchase. But it wasn't was the final nail in the coffin for George Lucas and Star Wars. It all ended when they created Galactic Dance-Off, a very poor Dance Central rip-off, putting Han Solo in the same chamber prior to his carbonite imprisonment, and making him dance to a very bad Star Wars version of Going Solo by Jason Derulo. Thanks to this version, I can't even enjoy the song anymore without thinking of Han Solo, one of Star Wars most iconic characters, dancing in the same room that he got imprisoned in and I can't stop thinking of that song every time that scene comes in the movie. Kinect Star Wars was awful, and further pushed me away from buying a Kinect and I'm pretty sure it did the same for almost everyone else that felt the same way.

To get back their self respect and to get gamers into believing that the Kinect is not a novelty and a trend that will go away soon, they need to push Kinect the way it was meant to be. The small things like how they incorporated it in Mass Effect 3 or how you can fully customize weapons in Ghost Recon: Future Soldier or even fire with it as well is a step towards the right direction. Also, something they they don't do at all it incorporate Kinect as a way to interact with the game's environment, like with screens, or puzzles or different things to make hybrids. If they did more games that make use of the Kinect and not as the primary controller, I believe that the Kinect can be much stronger and more liked but the hardcore crowd.

3)Xbox Dashboard Updates that work

The new Dashboard looks better, but it's gotta be one of the most annoying upgrades they have ever done for the Xbox Dashboard. I know that they wanted to add more interactivity and more entertainment to the Dashboard and the channels are actually working much better now but some are still a pain in the ass to use. The YouTube channel is the most problematic to me and for some reason, I seem to always get disconnected from my Xbox Live account, a problem I never used to have until they moved to the new Dashboard. What they need to do is redo the Dashboard and make it more simpler to find things, and make it useful without making someone buy a Kinect for it. They clearly only meant these changes for those that he a Kinect to tell the Xbox where to take them, but for the rest, it's just a big waste and it's a pain to use. Plus there are so many ads now that it just takes away from the entire uniqueness it had before. Why are there so many ads in every corner of the Dashboard? It may seem like I'm complaining a lot, but if you are adding something, it might as well be something useful.


I just literally found this out right now, and I cannot believe how amazingly excited I am about this news. On the next Game Informer, the cover of it is going to be Gears Of War, and it's about the next installment of the series. Let me repeat that...GEARS OF WAR SEQUEL!!!!!!! The series ended with the 3rd game pretty well and I didn't think there was anything else that needed to be done, but in reality, there really is plenty that can be done, like an origins story about how the entire thing happened and the story behind Marcus Fenix's dad and how the Locust came to be on Resurgence Day, and how the COG became to be and the Scraps distanced themselves from the rest of the COG and well, pretty much anything before the 1st game and you can have an amazing origin story. I honestly cannot imagine anything else other than that, but they confirmed that this will be one of the things that will be mentioned on E3 on the 1st day. This is the game that is going to have the chance and steal the show early, even if it's another sequel and not a new IP or whatever, this game is gonna strike to the fans and it'll get me and the rest of the fans of the GOW saga pumped all over again. And you can bet that Cliffy B will be there, along with (name of special guest voice actor) and we'll be blown away. I predict that the new Unreal Engine will also be on display and it will most likely be the driving force of the new game. Because why not with Gears of War, right?

What I wish to see Microsoft do for E3 2012:

New console- They already said that they are not introducing this year any new hardware, but at the same time, when to we ever get to know everything about the show anyway. Too many surprises get spoiled and we know eventually what happens. Which is why is would be so freak so freaking hard if this E3 Microsoft at the end of the conference gave us a Steve Jobs "One More Thing" moment, and then ended up revealing the actual console and we would all just freak out together. Just imagine it guys.
Spotify- I know that there are a bunch of channels available for the Xbox and some are music channels like and VEVO, but wouldn't it be cool if Spotify, probably the best music streaming service that is currently available today would have the ability to search it's immense catalog of songs from the Xbox and obviously share your playlists, but at the same time, why not go a step further and share with the Xbox community and share each others playlists of course. It's a long shot guess, but since I'm thinking of using Spotify, I might as well expand my horizons and enjoy this even better from the Xbox and share with the rest of the community like anyone with Spotify usually does with Facebook.
Mass Effect Sequel- I know that most people were very upset with the ending of Mass Effect 3 and many were promised that the DLC coming will expand and give gamers more closure from their favorite franchise. But imagine if Bioware had other plans, imagine if the DLC turned into ME3.5, an expanded aftermath that will lead you back in the post ME3 world were you will basically be able to use the rest of the squad for once and help unite the galaxy just like Shepard did. Of course, it's a stretch but this is a list of what I would like to see; unlikely, but who knows.
Xbox Live for PC- PC support from Games with Windows is really pitiful and it doesn't sound like a long shot to offer XBLA for the PC. It doesn't seem like it's something that would be too difficult to imagine since no one used GFW anyway. It's just another offering for digital distribution that is trying to compete with Steam. Why compete when you can...
STEAM/XBLA Partnership- Imagine if Steamworks and XBLA came together. Imagine it, I mean, Steam has a really good service and it's no wonder why they are the best digital distribution option that is out there, but what if you can combine the interaction of both services together and also have them share both Steam Achievement systems and Gamerscore in one platform. I know that Sony and Steam technically already did this, but it was only for one game, Portal 2, and nothing has been mentioned since. This can be possible in my opinion.
Microsoft is my 2nd favorite company of the 3 mayor players and at times it's usually been either Nintendo or Microsoft who have come out to give the best conferences. Microsoft needs to do what we expect but also give us something we haven't seen or heard of from all year. We need to be surprised and I hope when they come out of the gate, they engage and become the strong ones that I've known for year.

Tune it, because next time, I bring the least favorite of my companies and put them in the spotlight. They disappointed me over and over every year delivering dull, boring and uninteresting conferences and this year, it doesn't look strong. But let's give them a chance at least. Sony, your head is on the chopping block.   read

9:36 AM on 05.31.2012

E3 2012- Nintendo's Year to Shine

Well guys, we know that this year has been freaking awesome with the amount of games that have come out so far. And also there is a big amount of games still to come out this year and we've also know of a few that won't come this year but know of their existence. But we only just started to get excited about these games from a magical event that graces us every year. This magical event gives the press and every great video game publication the all access pass to the world of video games that it going to hit over the next fiscal year of gaming. This event is so large in spectacle and so large in anticipation, that I am just quivering like pudding of excitement and anticipation about the announcements, the moments, the games, and the future. This event is the Electronic Entertainment Expo...


This event is so big in scope in the video game industry that it has been a long time dream of mine to just attend to the entire thing for one time. But since I won't be this year, I might as well give you guys a very well detailed and written report of my predictions for the different companies and what they plan on revealing this year as the mayor announcements and also which games I'm most looking forward for them to actually talk about this year on E3. I was thinking about doing a video, but I've promised for too long about videos and I'm just recovering from an abscess on my tailbone and I have a few videos that I'm still trying to cut and put together about other things. So what I will do in this post is to basically break down all the companies and then give my predictions and then at the end, I'll mention the games that I'm most looking forward to hearing more about during the magnificent week of E3 2012 (and hopefully not the last one...)


My all time favorite company of all the 3, Nintendo has been a stable of my childhood and my upbringing from a very early age and I can never be sad about what they have to offer. They have given me more heart stopping moment in E3 that I can't even recall a time they didn't. They have had bad E3 conferences before, and I hate those as well. I didn't like the one where the lady took over Reggie Fils-Amie's position and she was such a fake about what she was talking about. She looked like someone that just read everything she was suppose to say a day or two ago, and she basically didn't sound like someone that knew anything about video games. But then again, I've never seen her, so maybe that was just the first time that she was on the big stage and she got nervous and wanted to prepare better. But it wasn't just that, because it was just not Reggie. When Reggie talked, it seemed like everyone was just frozen, and that year, even when he eventually showed up, there was nothing to show. No exciting games, Wii Fit, and that's pretty much it; I was just taken on awe as to how much suck that conference was. But they have more than made it up for it since I haven't seen that woman again, Reggie is going at full blast as usual, and Satoru Iwata still puts atoms to sleep. I know, he's Japanese, and English is not his first language and maybe he has a hard time expressing himself. But after so many years, you'd think that he would be able to say what he felt without it sounding like he's doing brain surgery in Words With Friends. But with that said, the conference this year outta be another spectacular show, since the last time that a console was presented, our minds were blown with the 3DS. And since then, we've heard of the news of the newest console coming and of course, the extended 3DS titles and whatever is left for the Wii as well. Here is what I'm hoping they give us next week with the conference.

1) WiiU's real name and some gameplay

They said some time ago that the WiiU is not going to be the official name and that it was going to be presented on E3 this year. And it would seem that it could be entirely possible that we will get everything from the WiiU this year, like, any information at all. All we know about the WiiU at this point is that it's controller is like a tablet, it will finally show games in HD, it's online playability will grow significantly with the online stores and make it more like Xbox Live, and that it's not compatible with GameCube games. But as for technical specs and the details of the console, we know almost nothing about it. As for the name, it's been suggested that the name is going to be different at the presentation and it seems that they are going to be amongst the first ones to present at E3, which is great and puts a ton of pressure on Sony. I can't say that I have a prediction as to what the name is going to be, because the names that I've seen lately have been pulled straight out of thin air and I just can't analyze thin air. As for the hardware, I do hope that it makes it compatible with Blu-Ray so that it can also become a BR player and also I want the HD to be really good. It's a few years late to the party, but at least the HD era is still in effect and Nintendo can play their games on higher end TVs and not worry about a mash of pixel junk that barely resembles a game.

2) Zelda, SSB game, Mario, Pikmin 1st Galore!

We saw that there was a HD Zelda on the demos from last year, and they announced a new Super Mario Brothers game for the WiiU already along with a new Pikmin game. But we have no information about them at all and none of been presented with any gameplay of them on the WiiU at all. The Pikmin game is under complete wraps and I have no idea about this at all, but I'm willing to be that the controller is going to function as your main Pikmin hub center where you can command the little lovable Pikmin to help Olimar through another quest. The Zelda game is what I'm most excited about, because this is a franchise that is close to my heart and I've seen it evolve over and over I just can't wait to see it in action in beautiful HD. Along with Link looking freaking awesome, I just can't wait to see more enemies, the worlds, the bosses and the most kickass Legend of Zelda trailer I have ever seen.

Of course, Super Smash Bros can also be another title that they can talk about, since they basically haven't even started with it. It was announced last year, and it seems like the team didn't even know they were doing that game. Or at least they weren't working on it yet, and from what it sounds, this one is going to take a while, but any news on one of my favorite Nintendo IPs the better, especially when some other company is completely ripping off SSB with it's own version with characters that lack interest or any epic definition like all the Nintendo characters. More on Sony's next fail later.

3) Third Party and Online Promises that hopefully they will keep

Nintendo isn't usually a follower; unlike the previously mentioned company that takes ideas from better games and turns them into "original" ones. But focusing more on 3rd party support and network connectivity features is something that Nintendo has missed out. Even with the services on both Wii and 3DS where we can buy games and oldies, we still feel that Nintendo might not be doing it at it's best potential. There aren't any games made by Nintendo that have benefited truly from having a connection to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Network. You can't even share anything with other people and when you play them, the interaction is still the same as with a CPU. Animal Crossing: City Folk seems to be the only one that embraced connectivity a bit better, but you still had to work with those SPOOPID Friend Codes. But the Big N wants to change, into a better model. With the announcement of the new console, the new service will be available as well. Already promising that you can, for the first time ever in Nintendo history, purchase games online on the same day it gets released in retail stores and also offering DLC for games. These 2 common things are completely alien to Big N, but if they can provide a strong support for a service that can not only rival with XBLA and PSN, but to make it better, easy and not a pain to work with.

But as for 3rd party support, it seems to be pretty solid because now Nintendo has a console that can deal with the bulk of the graphics like the rest do. Bioshock Infinite might get a release for it, Assassin's Creed 3, Darksiders 2, and a ton of other games might start showing up here. And since they are offering DLC as well, there is a good chance that companies will eat this up as well since it offers yet another portal to sell the additional content. And Nintendo content might even start popping into these games as well like mini cameos or such...who knows! As long as the Big N's hardware specs can impress the other companies and the companies are willing to listen to Nintendo, I'm sure that they will be more than happy to develop games for them as well. But their online must be strong. E3 is their only chance to make good of this chance.

What I want from Nintendo in E3 2012:

Super Smash Bros game for WiiU- this is a given but like I said, there really isn't any proof that the game is even being worked on yet. But if they can show us something on SSB at all like a video or an estimated status of this project, I would be eternally grateful.
Backwards Compatibility with all Wii Shop Channel products- because the purchases you made on one console can't be transferred, I only hope that when you log in your Club Nintendo or your login into this new console it detects purchases that can be transferred and be played for your new system. At the very least, for the new controller. Already not compatible with the GameCube games, I wish that the same fate can be spared for all my other games.
Friends and no Friend Codes- Seems like it's already been dealt with, but I'm not sure about how Nintendo is going to create this online community yet. I hope that is something very similar to XBLA, in which we can add many friends, join games, chat, and basically feel as thought we are playing against other people. This worries me since Nintendo really hasn't been much of a pioneer in the online department when it comes to the multiplayer aspects. They can provide good content, but to me, they need to come out guns blazing with multiplayer in not just games like the new ones, but if there could be a way to bring the backwards compatibility and somehow add multiplayer to games from that era, that would be the most awesomemess thing in the world.
HardCore- The era of the Wii is over now, and it united a lot of people that would have never become gamers in their lives. But after putting the hardcore gamers in the back and making them wait for a bit, it's now time to bring them back to the front and give them some love. The hardcore fans want gamers for them and need gamers that make them do more than just create an Mii and make it do simple things. They need 3rd party hard core games and mostly, 1st party games that blow our minds. The pureness of Nintendo won't bother me. I love everything that they do; but the hardcore want more from Nintendo. It's their chance to give it to them now.
Strong focus in community- Nintendo has always pleased the crowds, but they don't engaged as strong as they should. With the online capabilities expanded, they should be able to engage with more fans, gamers, and people all over. It was nice of them to offer those channels like the Nintendo Channel and the 3DS Nintendo Channel, but they can do so much better. They need a Major Nelson, and if they get something like that going, they will reach more gamers and keep them hooked on Nintendo for a long time.

With all of this in mind, I really do hope that Nintendo bring their new HD guns swinging. I would be incredibly impressed, but I wouldn't be surprised. My only worry is that they become to much like the other two companies they are competing against. Despite everything I said, I would rather play fun video games than pretty ones. If Nintendo can do both, they are geniuses. We shall all be waiting next week patiently. Tune in later as I discuss the next company I always root for, Microsoft.   read

8:29 PM on 04.01.2012

The Circle of Life can suck it! Forgive my language!

Orbis Vita! The Circle of Life. Sony has suddenly decided that they are now philosophers and that they are breaking through the next generation with things that are going to revolutionize the gaming industry in the future. But all they have managed to revolutionize is finding ways to piss me off! I've always had problems with Sony and their ways in regards to finding ways to make gamers pay as much money as possible, but with these new rumors about the PlayStation 4, codenamed, Orbis, it's finally become clear that Sony doesn't just not care about their fans or the gamers, but they obviously don't know the first thing about being one.

Back when the PS3 came out, we had to pay an arm and a leg to get one, but at least we could play all our PlayStation games without any problems. But then Sony started to notice that they needed to put in more money and they got sad that their billionaire pockets were getting scratched, so in a dumbass move, they started phasing out the PS3s with the backwards compatibility and started only offering PS3s that could play only PS3 games. So now your entire library of PSOne and PS2 games was wiped off the face of the earth to play with your PS3 unless you either still had a PS2, or you buy one. Sony obviously bet on you not having one, so guess what, you had to buy one; and they were happy, because PS3s weren't costing THEM an arm and a leg and they got an extra body part in the process.

But then they also screwed people with the PSPGo and the Vita. And why not! Their track record for disappointing gamers has to be kept somehow. They create the PSPGo as a way to be able to play your PSP games without the UMD and it was smaller and had more room for game storage space. It was all fine and dandy in the surface, but then you dig in and you realize that Sony is once again trying to screw you like they know how to do best. UMD games on your collection? Sorry! Can't play them on the PSPGo and you can't download them onto your device at all. Discount on converting the data or at least the option? NOPE! You want a PSPGo, you have to get the games from PSN and download them onto your device. But at least the library of PSP games is entirely on PSN, right? OF COURSE NOT! Don't be ridiculous! Sony doesn't have the luxury or the time to listen to gamers, as they didn't even have all of the games available in the roster. Some companies didn't want it this way, but Sony could have put up some sort of a fight and offer games like Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on the PSN. But that would actually require Sony to put some type of effort and they can't be bothered to work. The system was a fail and left as fast as it came in.

And then we have the Circle of Life

The Vita came out a few weeks ago and it's definitely been a hit, but it still doesn't mean it's worth buying. For starters, forcing people to buy memory because it has no integrated memory in the device is their idea of stealing candy from babies. They could have avoided this, but Sony only cares of how to make as much mullah as possible in any way they can. Then you have the games, which aren't that great, and the remote play that requires you to have the Vita and the PS3 version of the game (if this is not true, someone clarify this, but I heard this is how it worked). But the Vita failed to impress me for the same reason I was never impressed with the PSP; no games, price tag that accumulates, and overall hype that doesn't live up to the expectations. But that is only half of it; as this past week Kotaku revealed an article of a rumor about the PlayStation 4 and many things about it make me wish Sony would just jump of a building and put themselves out of their misery.

Orbis, which makes me think about booking hotels, is the codename for the next generation of PS console and it seems like there were several rumors about what it was. Mostly about what it wasn't, and less about why we should buy one. So many things about these rumors about Orbis worries me and upsets me to no end, but I bet most of you might be feeling the same.

Mainly for 2 reasons:


Sony creates the Blu Ray and then pushes HD harder than everyone else, and then have all their catalog of games and movies on Blu Ray all compatible with the PlayStation 3 with no problems and no worries. And for what I think, the next PlayStation will most likely have a BR drive as well. But then if that is the case, then WHY THE HELL ARE YOUR PS3 GAMES NOT COMPATIBLE?!?!?!?!?! This is like a slap to the face...with a pickup truck! So what is Sony thinking, we as gamers, are going to do? Accept this crap again and just buy Orbis games and then just play our PS3 games on the PS3? Sounds like it, only if there is a BR drive on the new console then it should play BR games that were built to run, on a PlayStation, with a BLU RAY DISK PLAYER!!!!!!!

The only reason this might be is that the PS4 won't have a optical drive anymore. And that's it! So let me ask you something; if that was the case, how else can we get our games? Are you saying that we can't only play games on it if we have a connection (and a good one as well) and download every game as mandatory cause your design is no longer offering any other options? How else are people with BR movies going to watch BluRays if all they have is a PS3, like me? I know that the solution is as simple as not unplugging the PS3 and just sticking with it, but knowing Sony, they won't support it anymore, and odds are, they will find some way to make you stop using your PS3 so you can switch to the Orbis and then HAVE to buy ALL YOUR GAMES, AND SWALLOW THEIR BULLSHIT!!!!

This is wrong on so many dimensions that it's not even funny; it's just tragic.

And then...


Specifically, they won't show you the entire game unless you pay some type of online pass or service in which it will unlock the content to access the full game and if you don't, you will basically be playing a demo of it or a trial version of the game.

Let's me repeat this again...You can't play the full game; of the game that you bought, that is inside of the game that you bought...until you pay more money to unlock the rest of the game, that you bought. This is part of Sony's way of identifying the games that belong to you when you registered them new to your PSN account and games that were probably played in others. And why is that a problem? Why would Sony lock out the ability to play used games unless you pay? Well, this is all Sony's plan to look like heroes to the gaming industry as used games is a big reason for many companies that make games to not make the money that is coming to them. When you buy a new game, they make money and I think if you buy a used one, only the retailer makes money. I think. Please someone conform this to me because if this is wrong too, that only makes Sony look more like jackasses. However, if it is true what I said, well it still make Sony look like opportunists and thieves.

This seems like a low move because we have to suffer, like those people that can't get those pirated games from the PSN network just cause Sony still can't figure out how to protect their network from hackers. Why would you make a person pay more than once to play a used video game? To enforce people into buying only new games? To make the used games market disappear? I can't imagine this being successful and not blowing in Sony's face. I don't like Gamestop, at all, but they aren't the only show in town and those other places also suffer cause of this. And what about just plain giving games to friends that used to belong to you, is that over?

In conclusion, Sony can suck it.

This is all rumors at this point so maybe this vent blog post is for nothing. But at the same time, the details are so precise and the sources seem reliable according to all sources. I hope that Sony doesn't do this, because if they do, I promise that I will not endorse this product. I don't care how awesome Orbis is with it's game library. I didn't get a PS3 on my own choice rather it being a gift for me, but if it weren't for that, I probably wouldn't even have one.

Sony has again and again let us down with bullcrap just to get our money. The backwards compatibility from the PS3, the PSPGo, the PSP overall lack of success, the PSN outage, and many more things that have happened and that have yet to happen. All I hope is that the backwards compatibility is still in check, and if they keep the used games deal, it's something most people will just have to deal, but I could use more details.

But for now, Sony, take a deep breath and suck all our dicks!

And please forgive my language in this one. They forced my hand. I'll try to keep it less vulgar next time

;)   read

7:22 PM on 03.21.2012

Disappointment: Soul Calibur 5- The boat lost at sea.

As part of my indoctrination in the world of Destructoid (and blogging on different sites) I have the unfortunate duty to report that this year, although they're have been many greats games come out at the moment, some have been greater than others. The truth about Soul Calibur 5 is that I actually really like it, and the many things that it offers does keep a fan of the series, like myself, coming back for more. The character creation mode is probably the best I've seen in it's many editions and probably might be the best option out of all the fighting games I've played recently. But that being said, Soul Calibur 5 is like a ship that set sail and got lost along the way plenty of times and when it arrived to the port, we almost didn't recognize it and frankly, we almost wished she stayed at sea. What we got was a very pretty game, and gameplay that is as tight as ever. Some of that decisions done in the overall fighting mechanics were bold and risky, but they add an element of strategy that turns this game into a tournament worthy game. But some decisions were made in the overall process and I got a game that seemed to be missing a ton of information, explanation and overall, more to do in it. This is Soul Calibur 5...I pray for a better journey next time.

#1: The Story: Where's the rest of it?

Soul Calibur's story has always been a mess to me to understand, but every new game offers what happened at the end of the previous version. This gives us an idea of what was at stake that last time as well as what we look forward in this new title. This is where Soul Calibur 5 drops the ball and sadly never picks it up, just looks at it, with fascination... PICK THE DAMN BALL UP!!!!!

Sorry, that ball was frustrating me. Namco said from the very beginning that the game was going to be a change in the overall story, sort of, like a re-imagining or a brand new game altogether. The story takes place 17 years after the events of SC4 and that to me got me very excited. Then, I saw the game and started playing the story mode and, I think this is where SC5's maiden voyage first started getting lost. For starters, we don't get an epilogue or any sort of recap or even an update of what happened between SC4 and SC5. Yes we see Siegfried defeat Nightmare in an epic duel and then...nothing. We don't know anything about what happened to the characters that came back, and we certainly don't know anything about the characters that didn't make it back. It wouldn't be a problem if the characters were new in the last game, but these characters have been in these games FROM THE BEGINNING; I had to say they got really freaking lost. What happened to Sophitia, Taki, Talim, Rock, Kilik and Xianghua? What about Zasalamel, remember him? He was the main villain in the 3rd game and returned in the 4th game. Shouldn't he need a recap? This part should have been vital to getting us pumped to a new story, but instead, we just get thrown into this new universe and we are expected to accept that they're gone and we might never see them again. It feels more like a reboot more than anything, but then why call it Soul Calibur 5? But wait, this is just the 1st misstep for the SS Soul Calibur 5.

Then with no recap, we are introduced to Patroklos, Sophitia's son and he is, an asshole. Yeah I know he is killing people infected with Soul Edge's influence, but he doesn't know for sure if they were. He starts killing people like nothing. Then we learn he works for a Count Dumas, some douche we know nothing about and then well, that's that. No backstory or nothing on him and how Patroklos became this raging lunatic sociopath or how he got acquainted with Count Dumas. But then we are introduced to more characters as the story goes on and we meet our new characters; Z.W.E.I, which they seem to call him Svy for some reason; and Viola, who is friends with Z.W.E.I. and we get absolutely nothing from her either. They are teamed up with Siegfried and they want his help, but wait...WHO THE HELL IS Z.W.E.I. AND VIOLA? We aren't told anything about them at all, in fact, we aren't told anything about anyone of the new characters AT ALL. So the SC5 team created this game, told half the important cast to go away, and then brought these new faces and didn't say anything. Like we are suppose to accept they are here and forget about Taki and Sophitia, series staples? Nevermind, where was I?

Then after a few "go to hell" moments from Patroklos we move on to Pyrrha, Sophitia's daughter and Patroklos' main objective on his quest. She is being pursued by guards as she seems to be one of the malfested that Patroklos was talking about earlier. She is also important to the story, but again, we aren't told why. But as it turns out she is malfested but Tira is influencing her to become evil and more deranged and well, malfested. But we don't know why! Why is Pyrrha filled with evil energy? We are told during the story of SC4 something about how Sophitia had a piece of SoulEdge in her while she was pregnant with Pyrrha, but at least if we were told in this game, it could cure the curiosity without going to a website to see her backstory.

But it's all over the place, really. We're not told anything about who are the new characters, about the replacements for Kilik and the others (Xiba, Natsu and Leixia) and we aren't given a clear story as to what is happening now. To me, the backstory should have been important and more of the story mode should have been added. And the idea of showing the story with artwork instead of cut scenes (in a mode WITH CUT SCENES) is inexcusable. The story isn't the most important thing in a fighting game, but since this was their main focus for this new game, they botched in too many ways. I wish this was it for this game, but this trip isn't a vacation, it's a voyage.

#2- The character selection screen is the saddest I've ever seen it.

The SS SC5 is off to a rough start, but it's about to get hit with a thunderstorm. The characters that are available this time around to me are rather alien. Favorites like Siegfried, Ivy, Voldo and Maxi have been left almost untouched. The new characters are rather interesting but seem odd at the same time. They feel like Teen Titans almost, younger versions of the characters from the past. Leixia is suppose to be Xianghua and Kilik's daughter, but she doesn't seem to have an important role in this game. Natsu is Taki's protege, but she is almost like Taki in every way, except that she is blond and acts like a cheerleader but that's fine. Xiba is Kilik's replacement, but he acts more like Yunsung. Is he the offspring of Yunsung and someone else trained by Kilik? I wish I knew because we aren't told anything about these guys at all, and what's worse is that the Arcade Mode doesn't give us any added information about them at all. I actually like using them, and Ezio is a rad edition, but we aren't told why they were replaced, so it's hard to accept them as replacements.

However, now the ship is being sucked into a vortex unlike never seen before. The unlockables in this game are pathetic! I can't even begin to describe how lazy and dumb these additions are. The breakdown so simple, it's sad; 3 characters are the same, and 2 others are 2 of the main cast, just with different moves. Allow that to go into your subconsciousness. Patroklos and Pyrrha are both in this game, TWICE. Alpha Patroklos controls almost like Setsuka (which is missing for no reason) and Pyrrha Omega is basically Sophitia (who is also missing, again). That seems a bit odd, because they could have incorporated them like a different moveset within the same characters, like Tira and her Jolly\Mad stances. And that's not even the worse travesty committed. Remember EdgeMaster? The old sage type dude that could use every character's weapons like Inferno and Olcadan from the other games? Well as it turns out, EdgeMaster is not alone in this game as two, TWO, characters are also along for the ride. The first one just made me angry...Kilik. That's right, one of my favorite characters of the entire Soul Calibur universe, is back. I mentioned earlier that he wasn't because this abomination is not Kilik. Instead he is like this masked figure that has the same abilities as EdgeMaster; in other words, he plays like EVERYONE! This adds to the first problem of not knowing anything but this begs for an explanation. And having Xiba here adds more to the doubt, like why is he the holder of the Kali Yuga and not Kilik. Why is Kilik like EdgeMaster? Why is he acting like Edward from Twilight? And why the hell isn't he fighting like he used to? This begs an explanation, but unfortunately, we have yet ANOTHER EdgeMaster clone to mention.

This one is by far the most confusing one of the bunch and in the story mode has an important role. Elysium is the physical representation of Soul Calibur, and it looks like Sophitia, and she uses all of the fighting styles with Soul Calibur shaping into them. This is probably explained because since Soul Calibur can take the form of the weapon the user is good at, it can explain why she can use all the characters' abilities. However, this means that there are THREE EDGEMASTERS!!! I think this is where the voyage's captain decided to commit suicide after realizing he doomed his crew. I have a problem with this because it adds nothing to the game and it makes EdgeMaster unimportant. His name means nothing if 2 other people in the same universe can do the same thing! And Elysium's reason for doing the things in the story and her appearance adds even less. It makes no sense!

The characters that are available are not a problem, with Algol and Dampierre (if you bought him) add more to the table, but it's sad that the team at Project Soul took these shortcuts just to get the game out. The previous game had more characters to offer and this game has about a half of staff present. None of the modes give us any insight of the characters and that makes us not care about them. It makes us wish for the old cast to come back and save us from this storm.

[b] #3 Pirates have taken my game modes [b]

The final nail on the coffin in this disappointing boat trip is the lack of modes that this game offers. This game offers very little to do and it's sad because the other games had modes that added to the longevity and the challenge. The Arcade Mode doesn't offer an ending to any of the characters and the other modes are just for unlocking titles to add to your character card. But the problem with the single player modes is that is lacking a mode that stands out, like Weapon Master Mode in SC2 or Chronicles of the Sword in SC3. Instead is just more modes to fight CPUs and you don't really get much out of them either. Plus for some reason the CPU is now cheap as hell, it's an observation I noticed when every opponent would just crouch and start hitting you with low attacks. At this point it's more of a personal gripe really, but the reality is that without more modes to keep us interested in the Single Player experience, it's gotta be the multiplayer that is going to have to hold us over.

And the SS SC5 finally arrives to port.

Even with everything I've said above I still think Soul Calibur 5 is a good game. I was disappointed with the decisions that they made for the single player modes and I think that more time would have done good. I noticed the ride was going to be rocky when I noticed that none of the returning cast aged a day when in reality they should all be 17 years older. So something told me in the back of my head before I set sail with the rest of the crew that something was going to happen. And it did...we got lost in the story, got sucked in a vortex of plot holes and then got raided by pirates cause we seem to be missing a few modes in this game. But we didn't crash and burn and the SS Soul Calibur 5 made it banged up but not destroyed. The online is solid and I find the decisions of the Guard Impact and the addition of the Brave and Critical Edge moves are a good change for the series. But I'm disappointed that they didn't put more effort in the new story; we are given new characters to control, aren't told why things are happening and expect to be happy for them when they succeed, when we don't even know anything about them. More importantly, because the story isn't important cause nothing is explained, the 17 year push to the future was totally pointless. Why make the story take place in the future when we know nothing of what happened in the past and we aren't given any explanation about the current events?

The ship survived the voyage, but just barely. SS Soul Calibur 6 better plan the trip better, get a weather report and watch out for pirates for the next trip.

This was Fico, and this was my Gaming Mind. AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!   read

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