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Fiat Mediocrity avatar 7:44 PM on 12.15.2007  (server time)
Gaming community makes commercial pointing the middle finger at Greenpeace

The gaming community recently drew some not-so-peaceful press in Greenpeace's direction by stating that the Earth was bottom of the barrel when it came to realistically rendered environments we give a shit about. Not satisfied with just doling out a poor rating in the graphics department, now this video has popped out which portrays Master Chief, Mario and Kratos (awesomely voiced by their actual voice actors, may I add) encountering their least fearsome enemies: a large group of tree hugging morons.

If you can watch this entire video without popping a chubby for two or climaxing at least twenty times, I'll call you a hippie next time I see you (feel free to take me up on this at any moment on Xfire or Steam friends until 2012). I am in full support of no one actually being like the villains on Captain Planet, but in all honesty, is there really anyone in the world who just wants to blow up the world because they're angry? No? Oh, well maybe it's time for Greenpeace to kindly fist themselves.

There's a whole Web site too, which I'd advise you peruse only if you're feeling ready for some serious awesome ( The next thing you know, every gamer that's wandered away from his couch will be high-fiving Destructoid editors at E3 over owning consoles and knowing that we're just not going to be able to kill the whole fucking planet with current console power. Here's too the X-Playsation Wii60 granting us that ability though. Cheers.

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