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Just a guy who is verging on the obsessive about videogames. First system that I owned was a playstation but me and my older brother used to go to his friends house to play on his megadrive all the time.

Graduated with a degree in psychology the summer of 2011 and am currently just earning money to fund my gaming habit. No idea what I want to do as a profession though.

At the minute, I'm a bit of an xbox fanboy. Felt really let down by sony over the ps3 for various reasons that I wont go into here. Not a fan of PC gaming but I appreciate those that do value it as a gaming platform. I will literally play anything that is not fifa. If I had to choose a genre of gaming that Is my favourite then RPGs would be it. JRPGs in particular but of late I'm really digging more western RPGs. Open to any suggestions that the comunity may have!


5:42 AM on 02.10.2012
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