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Fengor avatar 8:42 PM on 07.10.2014
Soapbox 003: Keepers of the Microtransaction Dungeon

Look at that, I actually managed to stick with this until episode 3; that's a rare feat if you knew me like I know me.

A bit of housekeeping before I move into the description of today's episode. The blog editor here is, put bluntly, terrible. I'd like to do other content in between episodes, but my desire to format such written content nicely seems at odds with the brokenness inherent in the text editor. Thus I'm moving this over to tumblr.

Yes, I know all 0 of you fans will be quite upset at this news, but this still a podcast for the people of Destructoid. Instead of the C-blogs I'll be using the forum's community podcast section to post notifications of new episodes. You'll still be able to find each episode at my soundcloud account, if you just want to cut through the fat and listen, but I'll be looking to do more things in between episodes on tumblr.

I know how much we all hate people advertising for outside blogs, so that's the last you'll hear of me pitching that.

In today's episode I'm talking about EA's recent explanation for why Dungeon Keep Mobile failed, and my general thought on microtransactions.

Soapbox 003: Keepers of the Microtransaction Dungeon

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