Not much to say about myself. I am somewhat of a hermit, rarely venturing outside. The sun and I had a falling out about 24 years ago. I got all the bad Irish traits from the gene pool; pale skin, addictive personality, anger issues, etc..
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While I'm not sure how kosher people will find this, I've decided to do my blog entries in audio form. Though I enjoy a good read just as much as the next person, there are times where I wish to convey my thoughts to people via dialogue. Now, I'm no stranger to writing, and often find myself putting far too much thought into even the smallest of comments I make; which is why I've decided to try this little experiment and see how people react, if at all.

I understand there might be some suspicion that I'm trying to use this as some way to gain a following on another site, in this case Soundcloud (which I would happily embed here so you don't have to travel to another site, if it were possible), but I want you all to know that I did this specifically as something for the C-blog space here on Destructoid.

Should you feel so inclined to listen, in this broadcast you'll find me setting the stage for why I'm doing this, my current experience of trying to get into Warhammer 40k, and my tour of duty in World of Warcraft.

I have not edited this in the slightest, so please be advised that I swear like a sailor.

Episode 001 - For The Greater Good

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