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Not much to say about myself. I am somewhat of a hermit, rarely venturing outside. The sun and I had a falling out about 24 years ago. I got all the bad Irish traits from the gene pool; pale skin, addictive personality, anger issues, etc..
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2:24 PM on 09.04.2014

Friends, countrymen, anons. Lend me your ears!

For the duration of this conflict there has been a stark line drawn in the sand. A line which has set forth the edict of, "You are either with us or against us." As you all know, only a Sith deals in absolutes, and while the power to fire lightning from my fingertips is enticing the path of the Sith is not one I wish to walk.

It is therefore that on this day I establish a new faction, a new nation if you would, in this war of e-ttrition.

We are the ones who stand in the midst of no man's land and scratch our heads!
We are the ones who hear a bump in the night and shrug our shoulders!
We are the ones who have exhausted our supply of fucks to be given!

And there is only one man, one legend who is worthy enough to lead us!

That man...is Jim Sterling.

Join me brothers and sisters in the creation of the Sterling Standard of Battle! Under his auspicious leadership we shall carve out a canyon betwixt the Twitter trenches of both sides, and found a new nation where the question of "Did you hear something?" is answered with a resounding, unanimous "Meh."

Surely we will recieve derision from both factions for our decision to remain neutral, yet it is from this derision which we will draw our strength to hold fast and not allow a single solitary fuck to pass beyond our borders! As they expend their energy trying to sway members of our faction to their respective sides we shall lean back and feast upon our bountiful harvest of popcorn. They will run themselves ragged trying to gain our favor, and it will be all for naught.

And in the end only we, the Sterling State, shall remain.

Join me friends in a proud declaration of "Meh", and thank God for Jim Sterling. #SterlingState

Look at that, I actually managed to stick with this until episode 3; that's a rare feat if you knew me like I know me.

A bit of housekeeping before I move into the description of today's episode. The blog editor here is, put bluntly, terrible. I'd like to do other content in between episodes, but my desire to format such written content nicely seems at odds with the brokenness inherent in the text editor. Thus I'm moving this over to tumblr.

Yes, I know all 0 of you fans will be quite upset at this news, but this still a podcast for the people of Destructoid. Instead of the C-blogs I'll be using the forum's community podcast section to post notifications of new episodes. You'll still be able to find each episode at my soundcloud account, if you just want to cut through the fat and listen, but I'll be looking to do more things in between episodes on tumblr.

I know how much we all hate people advertising for outside blogs, so that's the last you'll hear of me pitching that.

In today's episode I'm talking about EA's recent explanation for why Dungeon Keep Mobile failed, and my general thought on microtransactions.

Soapbox 003: Keepers of the Microtransaction Dungeon

Hello again Destructoid, I threatened with the first episode that there would be more and it looks like I've delivered!

I've managed to trim the running time, a far more palatable forty minutes, and stay mostly on point with this episode. This week I'm talking about how excited I am for No Man's Sky, and the now infamous Nintendo Shareholder's meeting. Join me as I get sidetracked from those two points and go on to talk a little more about WoW and Free-to-Play games, and my undying love/hate for Nintendo.

I'm still figuring out this podcasting thing, so let me know what you think. Feel free to suggest topics for the next episode as well. Like last time, the harsh language warning is in effect.

No nicely formatted link this week, the C-blog editor seems to be giving me issues again.
Here's the raw link: https://soundcloud.com/fengor/soapbox-002-of-spaceships-and-shareholders

Greetings once again Destructoid, I have returned with another podcast!

This is a little different from the series I began last week, Soapbox. After The Credits will be where my friends and I sit down after returning from the movies to discuss what we've just seen. I can't say it will be a regular series, since we don't go to the movies every week, but I can say you're likely to see new ones pop up when major releases roll around. We'll see where it takes us.

This episode has us discussing the newly released Transformers: Age of Extinction. It also incorporates some basic sound editing, unlike last week's Soapbox, in order to give it a semi-professional sheen. Harsh language within, so responsible discretion is advised.

After The Credits 001: More Than Meets The Eye

As always, don't hesitate to leave comments to let us know what you think.

While I'm not sure how kosher people will find this, I've decided to do my blog entries in audio form. Though I enjoy a good read just as much as the next person, there are times where I wish to convey my thoughts to people via dialogue. Now, I'm no stranger to writing, and often find myself putting far too much thought into even the smallest of comments I make; which is why I've decided to try this little experiment and see how people react, if at all.

I understand there might be some suspicion that I'm trying to use this as some way to gain a following on another site, in this case Soundcloud (which I would happily embed here so you don't have to travel to another site, if it were possible), but I want you all to know that I did this specifically as something for the C-blog space here on Destructoid.

Should you feel so inclined to listen, in this broadcast you'll find me setting the stage for why I'm doing this, my current experience of trying to get into Warhammer 40k, and my tour of duty in World of Warcraft.

I have not edited this in the slightest, so please be advised that I swear like a sailor.

Episode 001 - For The Greater Good

10:19 AM on 04.14.2014

So I spent a fair amount of time crafting a list about the cycle of MMOs for posting on a disqus comment. Disqus was having none of my html fanciness so I had to remove the eyesore.

I'm posting it here because damn-it, I wasted alot of time on this and somebody is going to read it. I also don't know why all of my formatting vanishes when I publish blogs here, leaving behind unsightly bbcode, because it all looks quite pretty in the text editor on my end. If it's showing up correctly on your end, well then I guess there's not really a problem.


And thus the cycle continues!

[li]1) New MMO for popular property announced. If a new IP, the majority of this still applies.[/li]
[li]2) Fans start calling it the fabled "WoW killer" like peasants waiting for a prophecy to be fulfilled, or decry it as bastardization.[/li]
[li]3) Early footage and screenshots are released, people begin to complain about the graphics and bland genericness; "WoW clone" is thrown about regardless of genre. Others double down and hold out hope.[/li]
[li]4) Closed beta invites start, a few people ignore the NDA and start telling others the game is terrible.[/li]
[li]4.1) Official forums become drowned in "feedback", lines are drawn in the sand, and people threaten to leave if their demands are not met by the devs.[/li]
[li]5) Payment model is announced. If F2P, go to #6B. If subscription based, go to #6A.[/li]
[li]6A) People complain about subscription, and accusations of greed are thrown around. More faith is lost in product's final quality.[/li]
[li]6B) People complain about F2P model; accusations of greed and exploitation are thrown around. More faith is lost in product's final quality.[/li]
[li]7) Game makes big showing at a convention, some faith is restored in final product.[/li]
[li]8) Release date is announced, and pre-orders begin; an open beta may also be announced.[/li]
[li]8.1) People complain about initial product purchase price, or, in the absence of one, price of "founder's packs".[/li]
[li]9) Game is released, servers promptly crumble under the launch load.[/li]
[li]9.1) Pick any myriad of launch issues you like, and assume they occur.[/li]
[li]9.2) Game is called a "WoW clone", labeled "casual", and declared a flop. If business model was F2P, go to #10B. If subscription based, go to #10A.[/li]
[li]10A) Mass exodus of players after the first 30 days, and a small but dedicated community remains. Server consolidation soon follows.[/li]
[li]10A.1) Between 9 months to 2 years go by, game is announced to be going F2P.[/li]
[li]10A.2) Core game systems are gutted to prepare for F2P business model.[/li]
[li]10A.3) Game "relaunches" as F2P, and there is a surge of new players for a few weeks.[/li]
[li]10A.4) Player base slowly bleeds away as the game hobbles along in obscurity; die-hard members may or may not stick around.[/li]
[li]10A.5) A variable amount of time passes, and the game's closure is announced. Its legacy will be based mostly upon its launch.[/li]
[li]10B) Initial surge of players gives way to mass exodus after first couple weeks/months, and a small but dedicated community remains. Server consolidation soon follows.[/li]
[li]10B.1) Game hobbles along in obscurity, as player base slowly bleeds away.[/li]
[li]10B.2) A variable amount of time passes, and the game's closure is announced. Its legacy will be based mostly upon its launch.[/li]
[li]10C) By some miracle the game turns enough of a profit that it staggers on in obscurity with a dedicated player-base. The game will live on for years past when the majority of people thought it closed. Its legacy will still, by and large, be based upon its launch but be one of those game which inexplicably still exists despite its poor reputation.[/li]
[li]11) Return to #1.[/li]