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Felipe Choque's blog

5:49 PM on 08.29.2010

Metroid: Other Music

I was hyped for the new Metroid, of Course, and thrilled when i started playing it.
But after a couple hours in, my biggest question was:


At first, i thought the "prologue mission" had no music, because sometimes the BGM is used as a Cue into gameplay, like "NOW the game begins!". But sadly, after beating three bosses, the only time i heard actual music was during the boss battles, and it was very very low, lost among the various FX of footsteps and Shots (Yes, the footsteps sound louder than the BGM).

I can faintly hear something between each step

But hey, maybe my disc or wii or tv had some sort of audio issue!
Then I realized that actually, the "ambience sounds" during the stages were the "music", and DAMN, they are just a little more than Ambience Sounds, and really really low.

After looking for the soundtrack on Youtube, i finally convinced myself: The music of Metroid: Other M is probably the worst of the series. Just listen to these randomly picked examples:

Stage 7
Stage 17
Who knows, maybe i'm deaf.

There are a couple of recognizable tunes, of course (here: Ridley Battle ) like Ridley's and Metroid's Main Theme, but the rest are just low pitched sounds that have no soul at all.
And i can recognize the work put on them, i'm not just saying "LOL THEY SUCK !!1". My point is that this "music" doesn't improve the gameplay experience at all. Of course, they probably were looking for some eerie and scary mood, but personally i don't think it worked. It just makes it boring, like if it was an incomplete game.
Most of them sound almost the same, just "hummmmm" and "clanks" far away, and the little personality each tune could have, is lost among the FX during gameplay.

Randomly picked from past Metroids:
I'm not even a music person, but i know these are AMAZING

This was [for me] the worst thing of the game, and really, the gameplay is really good! most of the issues on Dtoid's review are there, but they are not that bothersome. The fights are great, there is some exploration, the cutscenes aren't that bad...

...But seriously, What's with the WALKING? IT FREAKING SUCKS!!!
There are these sectors where you switch to over-the-shoulder camera and you WALK SO SLOW, LIKE SHIT TRYING TO ROLL UPHILL, and you HAVE to press forward for like five minutes to get from one cutscene to another, WHAT THE HELL?

Buut i'll keep playing anyway, although i'm not nearly as pleasured as i was with the Metroid Prime, SMG2, or Transformers: WFC.

Thanks for reading, this is my first blog. Too bad I had to make it a rant.   read

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