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FeelinFroggie13's blog

12:27 PM on 09.27.2008

Lego Batman: wii

Hello Destructoid members, Well Yesterday was my sons 7th birthday and my wife and i got him a WII. he Enjoys it a lot played all night with me. We got him lego batman, Wii sports of course and Super Smash Brothers But I think lego batman was the funnest game i played that night. It has All the original Villians and I like that about the game. You have his gadgets and Gizmos like the batrang and you can drive the Batmobile which is my favorite mission so far but I played super smash online last night I will get the Friend code for you guys if you wanna play me but I used the game cube controller instead of the Wii remote. I find it easier and makes it better for me. Overall he loved every thing I want to know what are the GAMES to get for the WII for me or my son hes 7 but a natural gamer.   read

6:39 PM on 09.16.2008

Racism On PS3 online pisses me off

I know I know its something people do all the time and its nothing big. Im half black and hearing the word "nigger" online when Im playing C.O.D.4 is not cool. I was playing today and it started off with these black guys being loud I mean yelling in the mic loud. Then out of no where a white guy Im presuming says "shut up you faggot niggers" I almost lost it I didnt say anything I muted him. But I can still here the Black guys talking to the white guy and not one time did they say cracker or peckerwood or any derogatory term on anyone. It makes me mad if Little kids now and days think its cool to say that. Personally i cuss alot when i play but I dont go racist on anyone. But what am I to do Im not gonna stop anyone from saying that word all Im saying is QUIT SAYING THE N WORD THINKING YOUR COOL also black people quit trying to be gangsta online...... we all know your not just stop.........jesus my heart is beating fast.....Oh just for you guys that have read my previous blogs My son is working on Crash bandicot right now so hes doing real well.

------Fellinfroggie   read

6:54 PM on 09.15.2008

PS3 it is!!

For the past month I've been struggling with my PS3. This red like kept blinking every once in a while. I consulted a friend who has a 360 but is a genius. He said he had no idea whats going on. I looked online and some people said it does that when its over heated, or there's something in the disc reader. I investigated and found out my little son had shoved Kung Fu panda the game in the disc tray while madden 09 was still in there. O the irony of buying that stupid game. My thoughts went straight to college fund but he's only 3 and still playing the PS1. Just to fill you in I have been making him work his way up the video game systems. I made him start of playing mario on the snes and he did fairly well and now hes playing Spyro. Any ways I took it to Best Buy and i lost the warranty but they cut me a deal. I dont remember but I think it was 35 % off my purchase so I took it and re bought Madden 09 and picked up a copy of Bad Company. Which by the way is a fantastic game. Im thinking about getting a 360 also what are the good online games besides Halo and Call of Duty 4 ( which i can just get on the PS3 ) tell me your thoughts I will upload some pictures later of my Kids damage.......

-----FellinFroggy   read

10:31 AM on 09.14.2008

New 2 D-Toid

hello gaming world i was playing PS3 online and a buddy of mine said i should get a Destructoid Account. So far ive been looking and people take this to an Extreme some of you should take Journalism but any ways i promise not to be an EPIC FAIL!!! and not talk like a 12 year on XBOX live " yo dawg u check out the new Soulja boy cd " god i cant stand that shit. Sorry i cant write more but since your reading this my PS3 is dying im thinking should i get a 360 or stick with the PS3 you tell me.

----FeelinFroggie13   read

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