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Lego Batman: wii

Hello Destructoid members, Well Yesterday was my sons 7th birthday and my wife and i got him a WII. he Enjoys it a lot played all night with me. We got him lego batman, Wii sports of course and Super Smash Brothers But I thin...


Racism On PS3 online pisses me off

I know I know its something people do all the time and its nothing big. Im half black and hearing the word "nigger" online when Im playing C.O.D.4 is not cool. I was playing today and it started off with these black guys bein...


PS3 it is!!

For the past month I've been struggling with my PS3. This red like kept blinking every once in a while. I consulted a friend who has a 360 but is a genius. He said he had no idea whats going on. I looked online and some peopl...


New 2 D-Toid

hello gaming world i was playing PS3 online and a buddy of mine said i should get a Destructoid Account. So far ive been looking and people take this to an Extreme some of you should take Journalism but any ways i promise not...


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