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4:13 PM on 08.12.2009

I had a Dtoid account? + Crimecraft (PC)

Dtoid is my morning paper. I must've forgotten I had an account on here even though I read up on news everyday for the past 3 year. So I figured it was fair enough for me to toss in a blog. Might as well be about games and such, right?

Recently, I've been caught up playing Crimecraft for the PC. I have read that people compare Crimecraft to the upcoming APB as the retarded cousin. Retarded or not...the game is fun and isn't that what matters? The gameplay is your standard run n' gun with rolling. I expected a MMO setting where if you step outside the city into the "overworld" either players would start popping caps in your ass or AI would be performing drivebys. The game follows the korean online action game formula I've come to known. Standard login with very simple character creator, a lobby, a shop, and game rooms to join. Instead of following the traditional lobby of a list of game rooms Vogster Entertainment decided to transform it into a small downtown area. I thought this was a great idea in fact a good step forward. I've always been the gamer that appreciates thinking outside of the box because if you've gamed as much as I have you start to get tired of the same shit, but different title routine.
The downtown area provides a phone where you can pick up missions from different mob families to perform. Keep in mind these aren't story arc related (if there is even one in this game). These missions consist of kill 5 players with a shotgun or kill 10 ai enemies holding a pistol and so on. Your storage is not some random NPC holding your crap, but has been replaced by an ATM machine. You got a gunshop where you can buy weapons, learn to become a gunsmith, and materials to craft. There's also a clothing store where you can buy armor, learn to tailor, and materials to craft. You can also become a chemist and create drugs to use or sell to other players. There are a large variety of skills you can pick up ranging from how much more cash you earn after a game to gaining effectiveness of drugs to new equipment such as proxy mines, incendiary rounds, molotovs, etc.
The majority of the game rooms are in the versus fashion in either Turf War, Shootout, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, or Robbery while the other game rooms are you and a pub versus AI. To make things quick...

Turf War = Capture areas
Shootout = Deathmatch
Team Deathmatch = TDM
Capture the Flag = CTF
Robbery = something new

Robbery is when your team tries to steal money from the opposing team and bring it back to your safe. Money isn't an item you run over and pick up. It's a timer/counter design. The long you're at their safe, the more cash you gather.

All in all the game is fun, but it does have its drawbacks. I get a lot of errors while playing...bad ones. So bad that my pc freezes up and reboots. What makes the experience worse is that the support team didn't help at all. Another drawback is the lack in variety of equipment you can purchase. It'd be nice for once not to run into a doppleganger of myself. I'll write another blog of how the experience is from level 20-40.   read

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