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7:29 AM on 09.26.2011

Myth of PC Gamers

PC gaming is one of the biggest things in my life, always has been, always will be. But I wonder that even though I love PC games, am I and many others really PC gamers? When you think about it, the answer seems quite obvious but with all the things that the PC offers the gaming community (good and bad), most of your time is dedicated to something else entirely. When I play WoW with my friends, a vast majority of my time is put into chatting on forum boards, researching raids, theory-crafting, and screwing around in Ventrilo. This is all certainly related to my game but I wouldn't consider browsing things a game activity.

Now let's say you're not into those types of games and prefer quick and on the fly action. Well, have you EVER played a PC game? At sometime or another you will find yourself looking from webpage to webpage figuring out why Error 125-38237944 pops up every time you launch your game or why your game keeps closing when you enter a vehicle or even why your screen glitches out during a simple campaign mission. These examples DEFINE our PC "gaming" time spent and why people prefer consoles over a good-ole computer.

It's true that consoles have voice chat and slack off but have you ever met a console gamer who has said that they spend most of their time "customizing my xbox theme, checking my messages, fixing my hard drive, submitting bug reports, and then possibly playing something with a friend before it gets too late"? Most likely not but if you have, tell him I said hi. He'll probably know me as the guy who comes to his house everyday to break his console and scratch his games, only to then go home and spam his inbox with messages about nonsense. As you can tell, me and him are friends for life.

Although I might have come out a little strong on the subject, I don't want to say that PC gamers don't actually exist but what I really want to get across is how we, in some sense, have become something even better than just gamers. In the arduous path to PC gaming we may have become computer technicians in the process while others may have become professional trolls. Maybe even both at the same time, where conversely if your console breaks, all you would know how to do is b**** and moan in a corner.

For a first post I don't think I did that bad, leave some feedback and questions. It's nice to join the community,   read

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