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Fat Bard's blog

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Fat Bard avatar 2:41 PM on 02.17.2014  (server time)
The Present: The Big Reset

First time blogger on Destructoid, long time lurker. The creepy kind. I usually do instrumental scoring and FX, but for this I thought some lyrics and vocals would do.

or bandcamp

"The Big Reset" by Fat Bard

The indie scene, a creative dream
Simple designs or works of art
New paths are sown, but overgrown
It's RNG up on the charts

Candy saga birds galore
It doesn't matter anymore
Were all on level one

In game shops and DLC
Then give away the game for free
An industry undone
The big reset has begun

Retro rewind, nostalgia time
The pixel press is on the rise
Old ways dissolve, 2-D evolved
Horizons flood with 8-bit skies

Here's some of my thoughts:

The current state of the gaming industry reminds me of the state of the music industry about a decade ago. With digital distribution indie developers have more avenues than ever to promote and sell their games. At the same time how does one stand out when there's a bazillion apps coming out everyday (note: actual figure). On top of altering distribution and exposure, digital downloads completely screw up the business models that have been in practice for years. How do you determine pricing when you've got Steam sales and Humble Bundles? There will always be young gamers whose parents will pay the full price of a game, but it's rare to see someone over the age of 20 pay full price for a game.

When digital distribution came out CD sales went down the tubes. The price of a CD went from $18 to $10 over a few months.  The music industry has slowly moved to being single focused instead of album focused.  There are many single labels that sign you on for one song only, hoping to cash in through digital sales and commercial licensing.  Over time (some) artists and labels figured out how to make money in a digital world, and the game industry is currently going through those growing pains. There seems to be a slow shift from big budget AAA games (high risk high reward) to low budget indie games (low risk low reward). The neat part about this shift is that indie games have emphasis on the content being artistic and creative instead of realistic. For us music types this is an awesome time to be part of the industry.

Whether it be low risk and low priced games, free mobile games with ads, free games with micro transactions, or crowd funded games with budgets and goals dependent on donations there's no right or wrong way to monetize games. You never what the next overnight sensation will be, and what path they took to get there.

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