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Farktoid's blog

9:40 PM on 12.15.2007

Fun with ads

Recently while visiting Another Site, some fool had put up a link to These Clio Award Winning Ads for 42 Below vodka or something. I'm assuming vodka because there's a million cute little ones but I still buy the cheap 10 do...   read

10:14 PM on 12.13.2007

Burnout Demo and Altair's Syndrome

I just tooled around in the Burnout Paradise demo now out there on Xbox Live for about half an hour. Short version: it's boring. Longer version: There's lots of things in the world but they don't really amount to much. Sur...   read

3:01 AM on 12.11.2007

Ubisoft's QA should be ashamed

Hey guys, remember me? The guy who bitched and moaned about Assassin's Creed not having a proper producer? Well, it turns out I've been justified, because as a result of first-hand accounts, Assassin's Creed is BROKEN. Sha...   read

1:48 AM on 12.02.2007

So... Game of the Year then.

Okay, so at this point we've reached the end of the Really Good Games That Come Out This Year™ and now it's time to start nitpicking them to death so we can get that dreadful Game of the Year nonsense going. The Contenders: ...   read

2:01 AM on 11.20.2007

Take 2 and Jack Thompson: A conspiracy!

Everyone on the internets knows about Jack Thompson. Say what you want about him, the guy's the purest definition of the word crazy. Then there's Rockstar Games, a company famous for making games that are usually pretty g...   read

8:49 PM on 11.15.2007

Fry's Electronics can eat a dick.

I'm incredibly bipolar with Fry's Electronics. From one moment to the next, I either love them or hate them. Currently my hate-o-meter is spiked. It's gone to 11. I had to scrape an 11 in the side of the meter so it made ...   read

10:34 PM on 10.30.2007

Guitar Hero 3 has Axe commercials. I want Five Bucks Back.

I'm a little pissed. Okay, I'm always a little pissed, but now a little bit more. I like Guitar Hero. A lot. I've played it consistently since it first arrived on the scene back in 2005. So I was, of course, gleeful wh...   read

1:34 AM on 10.28.2007

Demo Roundup: A couple diamonds in a sea of suck

If you're anything like me, and you probably are in that sense that you own a computer and read things that your monitor displays, you've either heard of or chomped down on one of the delicious morsels recently dropped into t...   read

1:09 AM on 10.18.2007

RF Online: A lesson on how not to make MMORPGs

I always wanted to see a viable, visual, indisputable display on how to NOT make an MMORPG. Luckily, RF Online just became free, and now I can finally see how this is done. I thought RF Online might be something to try out...   read

12:00 AM on 10.15.2007

Owned by Workman: My nuts hurt

Internet Drama! Okay, this needs to be re-iterated because I actually do care about this community and drop in several times a day to check out the latest news and whatnots going around here. So I tossed a backhanded commen...   read

2:17 AM on 10.14.2007

A word on Multiplayer FPS's

Horseshit. Now I will elaborate. Deathmatch sprang to life in 1993 with the advent of Doom. 4 dudes, each computer plugged into the other with the IPX protocol, shooting each other with BFGs. Fast Forward 15 years, and we ...   read

3:30 AM on 10.09.2007

Games you should play no matter how old you are

I'm old, folks. Not old in a get off my lawn old, but seriously stay off my lawn anyway. But I am old enough to remember when King's Quest 1 hit the scene, when Wolfenstein was being traded on floppies at Ham shows (my Dad'...   read

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