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Farid Saba Henry avatar 6:23 PM on 04.26.2013  (server time)
My take on Nintendo not showing on E3

E3 its being only about trying to please 3 kind of demographics (and never ever really doing a good jb at it) casual, hardcore, and shareholders. And for once EVERYTIME Nintendo did a ND, shares raise a little, wich actually they being on a roll in that case, not wasting money in this doesnt mean they do not have, but that they dont want to waste if there are better wyas to do it (im not saying they are, but hey first there was gasoline and after that diesel, now biogas, things change...)

Instead Nintendo, its separating those 3 in different smaller conferences for people that care about that, so... no longer we will have to watch an hour and a half, where 30 minutes were games that we care, 30 were crappy dancing games (with people dancing or doing like they play music, or reading a book...) and 30 about "the 3DS sales are starting to... ZZZZZZ (people start to sleep)"

And lets be honest, in this day and age where everything its so fast and information goes around in a matter of seconds, waiting a FULL year to announce some games its pretty stupid, E3 has being awful for around 3-4 years now, sure its nice since we get to hear the hype in the audience, seeing new games and everything, but Nintendo Direct has been doing a pretty good job at that, no longer showing a new game that would not work on stage (Skyward Sword),

For me, im kind of happy with this decision, trying to please all 3 demographics in one big conference has always been a bad idea, but doing a different, more personal conference, seems like a good idea, wasting A LOT of money in 1 big conference was a good idea when the internet wasnt that big, and news didnt travel like today with smartphones, tablets, etc... that you can watch them in a matter of seconds, but now ? it seems stupid that companies keep on doing this, wasting money, when you can be doing something smaller that (again, with the help of how fast its information travelling this day...) will get the same kind of attention for a LOT LESS

if grumpy cat manage to be this big with just a couple of photos and videos, you think nintendo wont with a small more personal conference ? Everything changes, and finding new ways, more efficiently to do them, its just how the world it is now

PD: Sorry me english, not my "mothers" lenguage (yo hablo espaņol lol)

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