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If you are a FPS genre fan than i believe you probably heared about Far Cry Series and Specially the Last releases Far Cry 3 & Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.Both are great accroding to their own story and gameplay.

Far Cry 3

It all start when a lovely group of friend are on the Vacations on lovely Island and Vaas Kidnapped all to get money from there parents.Unfortunately Jason Brody escape and his brother get killed by Vaas when trying to escape.Now it's time for Jason to get revenge of killing his brother from Crazy Vaas and his boss Hoyt Volker the devil.

The Story and gameplay is really intresting with all the sideline missions, huge range of different weapons and Quests.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

This is a 90's version of Far Cry 3 aka Blood Dragon and by Blood Dragon yes they call dinosaur's in the Game 'Blood Dragons' they are difficult to Kill and require some great technique and firepower.

The game has all the side-missions like the Original Far Cry 3 and Selective Weapon Range but it sure is fun playing it.
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