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2:37 PM on 11.22.2010

Paranormal Activity returns for a 3rd

This just isn't a rumour. It has been announced.
And the first thing i said when i read this on UHM ( Upcoming horror Movies dot com )
was '' Why the hell wont that b*****d ghost, f*** off to bed'' lol.

For those who haven't seen Paranormal activity yet, Its a handicamed film, based on a spirit who has followed Katie ( Katie Featherston ) since she was a girl. And they set up a camera while they try to run the spirit out of their lives.

Paranormal activity dragged on abit from start to end. I understand every film has its intro though.
A way of building into a story, so you understand what is happening and what the film is about.
But this film dragged on for an hour of nothing, no action or any activity from the ghost. Up until 15 til 20 minutes left. Thats when it all started.

Also the end wasnt to good for me. They have 3 different endings, and picked the worst one to have in the film. Katie gets up, walks out of the room and down the stairs, seconds later you can hear her screaming on the top of her lungs, Her husband runs down to see what's going on, And then there is a silence,

Slowly you can hear foot steps from Katie walking up the stairs, and throws her husbands body across the room like she is Syler from tv show ' Heroes '. To then walk up to him and start licking or eating him... would of been better going with the '' cops appearing to shoot up Katie, seconds after the spirit leaves her body '' scene.

I have yet to see the second film, but from what i hear, it is a repeat of the second film. But the action happens only 5 minutes from the end. I hear alot of people diss it and claim the U.S version will be half as good as Jap version.

Word on the 3rd is it will be a pre-sequel, which could either be a great idea. Or a very bad idea. Could work well with an idea like that, and add a little more to it than the ghost, Can add how it started, or who the ghost is. But, we will just have to wait and see what they come up with. Until then....


7:01 PM on 11.21.2010

Infamous review

I just got done finishing this game last week..for the 3rd time. I have good and bad things to say about this game. First of all. The game brings a brilliant story to it. A story of a normal guy, walking to work as he would any other day. But today, A huge explosion destroys New York city, which later leaves him with unusual strength and power that only he has. However, the explosion kills many people including his girlfriends sister, and as the game continues, You take the blame for what has happened. ( Figures eh lol ). But you do have choices through out the games missions. You have the choice of helping the people and becoming their guardian, or to protect yourself and become the villain. ( Picking this turns your body lightening till red ). Though i wont go on and end up spitting some details and spoiling it

Now, one of the annoying things on this game is of course, as all games have at least one, are the Glitches. This game has a few glitches that are hard to work with. One of them, would be climbing. During a mission, You may find it hard climbing glass roofs, Or build bridges of cars and bus's. Also, sometimes, jumping from one crane to the other, will have you sliding across it, to then fall and have to reclimb. That can get very frustrating, Believe me.

However, this only happens every so often, So it isnt to bad to end up ruining your fun of playing. Aside from that, The graphics and cut scenes in the game are satisfying, you really get attached to the story from the cut scenes and great voice acting. A few times, you'd find the side missions being very repetitive, Such as taking survilance cameras off buildings, Helping to heal some people and getting back hospital supply's. But dont let that take your mind of the game, As the story makes up for it with what comes and goes. And the unexpected ending ( which i wont say incase of anyone who hasnt played it yet ) was great. Very nicely put together and i cant wait to see how it will carry on from Infamous 2.

Overall rating, i would give the game a 7 out of 10, being that it has the odd glitch.
If you get it or have played it. Please do comment what you think   read

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