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Fanatism avatar 11:18 AM on 02.11.2010  (server time)
Review the reviewer.

As we all know, is an awesome place for awesome people. But in recent times the amount of awesome visitors have risen exponentially to a level at which we no longer can continue our old tradition of biased reviews by fat evil editors. We need to think about the future, you know?
So after some serious tinkering I have managed to construct a system enabling this site to stay awesome.

Yes, now you can take back control with the Anti-bias Rating System Extreme!

ARSE was created, so that users like you could respond to the critics, critique and generally have "your rage" heard by critics around the site.

This new function will elevate this awesome site to match other unbiased game related news sites such as IGN,com,, and Also, it's the only way to get Jim Sterling fired, making this new rating system totally obsolete afterwards.

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