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8:43 AM on 05.23.2008

Destructoid has a group

I posted about our group some time ago in the forums, but so far weÂīve only 10 members, which is by far not enough. So feel free to join and start some discussions about music, videogame related stuff or just random things.

Destructoids Group   read

7:29 AM on 05.23.2008


Failblog fails, I know, just wanted to share this   read

7:08 AM on 02.28.2008

Rez clone for the psp


I quit the psp homebrew scene a long time ago. So finding out about Resonate while randomly checking out a psp page out of boredom was pure luck.

Resonate is as mentioned in the title a clone of the psychadelic shooter Rez which was first released on the dreamcast and only lately got ported to the xbox 360, where it is downlaodable via xbla in hd graphics.

Just like in Rez your character moves on a predefined path and you only have to aim and shoot. Eventhough Resonate looks gamplaywise pretty much like Rez the programer didnīt copy everything. For instance you arenīt controlling a hacker who is trying break into a totally top secret server, but a fish making its way through an underwater world.

Of course your character evolves while shooting down enemys, and will eventually become a shark (dick sucking not included) or take on a lower form, untill you are a plankton, if you suck.

As if this wasnīt already awesome enough, there will also be a level-editor, available for download.

Both, the game itself and the level editor havenīt got a release date by now, but when Resonate will be released Iīll finally have a reason to get that dust of my psp and turn it on again.

Let's face it. Resonate will never deliver the same intense atmosphere as Rez, not only because of the lack of a vibrating controller. Nevertheless itīs an interesting approach and I applaud the programer for coding one of the few 3d homebrew games.   read

5:30 PM on 12.11.2007

German Silent Hill preview with translation


Colette posted a video of Silent Hill 5. Hereīs the tranlation:

An old saying says every road leads to rome. For friends of ambitious videogames every road leads somewhere else, to silent hill.

Here you can see scenes of Silent Hill 5, which is developed for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

New is that the game isnīt developed in Japan by Konami but in America by a studio called the collective.

For the story of Silent hill 5 the of fans and critics equally liked 2nd Silent Hill is used as a main inspiration.

You slip into the parka of the former soldier Alex Shepard, who recovers in hospital of a bad war injury.

Traumatised Alex has to fight with psychic problems because of his experiences an just lives tragically for the moment.

This changes abruptly when Alex is afflicted with dark forebodings. From the disturbing visions he gets to know that his little brother is in danger. So Alex heads for his hometown Shepards Glenn to check if everythingīs alright. Sadly too late.

When he arrives there, he finds his twitching mother and his father and little brother are nowhere to be found.

Although the beginning of the game is set in Shepards Glenn, the main part of the game of course takes place in Silent Hill, where you will meet some familiar or in the case of the nurses, none faces.

To get more dynamic into the game the developers overworked the slightly plump fightingsystem completely. Instead of just beating with a metal pole there will be countless combos in the game which depend of your current weapon. Grabs with which you can push enemies out of windows and alike will alos be included.

Instead of the last Silent hill (4: The Room) the 5th Silent Hill will oriantate its structure on the classic parts of the series. That means you follow a liniar storyline and explore the secrets of the mysterious small town, which is populated by old and new monsters, bit by bit.

Of course tha classical parallel dimension is central part of the game again. The change from the normal world to the bloody dimension has been adopted directly from the movie.
In front of your eyes the reality slowly dissolves into a nice graphic effect and lets you take a look at the horror behind the curtain.

With the havok physik engine finally realistic conditions are being created, which means if you run against a chair it will fall over.
The sound of falling objects can be used to set monsters. on the wrong track.   read

1:21 PM on 11.27.2007

Velocity Micro gaming PC!

-Are you one of those guys that stopped keeping up with PC gaming because you've spent a fortune on consoles recently and can't afford to?


-Are you dreading that upgrade down the line needed to play hardware-intensive games like Giant Robots Blow Sh*t Up and Sims 2: Can I SYD?


-Are you a retard?

Che..... Hey wait what? No Iīm not.

Iīd really like to have a new pc because my old one hasnīt been used for gaming in like 6 months because itīs just to slow for new games.

I only hope itīs ok entering the contest from outside of the us (Germany) But Niero should have no problem delivering it to me with his Robot Powers, right?   read

5:45 PM on 09.24.2007

The fun I had with Drawn to life so far

Playing Drawn to life was rather disappointing for me. The platforming is really boring and the game is to childish for me. But the thing that made it actually fun for me to play was the drawing. You probably never wouldīve figured that out.

It felt natural to draw Mr Dtoid as my first creation.

Here is a closeup (maby someone actually wants to put the time into it and rebuild it. It took me about 20 minuits.)

Didnīt know how to name their city so I just went with STFUAJPG.

Also lasers

Drawn to life is definitely a game for children, but itīs fun to draw stupid stuff.
The platforming is no fun at all and the game becomes boring after a while.
Good idea but bad realization.
Either borrow it from a friend or pirate it.   read

3:38 PM on 06.29.2007

Mac or Pc?


As some of you maby know Iīm not a fan of hiphop/rap, but this video is pretty good.
The video has two guys dressed like in the Iīm a mac, Iīm a pc ads who do a little rapp.
However, it doesnīt answer the question "mac or pc?"
Well for me itīs definitely mac but everyone has to make their own choice of Os.   read

12:35 PM on 06.07.2007

Is this living?

You all know the strange "This is living" adverts that make you think wtf? This uncut and very nsfw version isnīt any different.
Basically itīs like going to bed after consuming several illegal substances and having a strange dream. While I donīt think Sony can attract anyone to the PS3 with this, because it simply hasnīt anything to do with it at all, I still think itīs somehow cool like modern art cool, also it has really good music.
What do you think about it?   read

3:34 AM on 05.31.2007


This is teh awesome.   read

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