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2:14 PM on 03.01.2011

Famous Seamus' Classic Gaming Nook: Batman

Welcome to the inaugural post of my inaugural blog, The Classic Gaming Nook. I thought about using the term “retro,” but decided against it because I’m not a twat.

This blog will consist of all things from the 8 and 16 bit era of gaming. The glory days, the start of it all, the most exciting time in gaming. In my opinion anyways, and since this is my blog, my opinion is going to be the only one that matters. Comment all you wish, you will most likely be wrong. In my opinion anyways.

So enough intro-ing, onto the meat and possibly potatoes.

The first game I will be talking about is Batman for the NES. This game has very polarizing opinions. Some love it for its crisp controls, its cut scenes and its multiple weapons types. Others hate it because with the exception of The Joker as the final boss and the fact you play as Batman, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Batman mythos. Both are correct.

("I don't know who you are but prepare to be bat-punched, bitch." -Batman)

Check out the picture above of one of the early bosses. Who the fuck is that? I'm not huge up on my Batman lore but I can safely say this isn't a Batman enemy. But to be sure I asked my friend and Batman expert Rob Fitl if this was a classic Batman villain.


Thank you Mr. Fitl.

Gameplay in Batman is only rivaled by other side scrolling classics like Super Mario and Megaman. Both games I’m sure I’ll get around to talking about. You can cling and hop off walls, you can bat-punch the shit of weird robots, flame throwing dudes and guys who seemingly only purpose is to run directly at you. And then you bat punch them too. All with precision and pin point accuracy.

(Hopping up walls and avoiding the duder with the flame throwing. Double score)

You have a choice of 4 weapons, the bat-punch, the batarang, the bat-gun and the bat-weird tri-saw blade thingy. But you’ll mostly use your punch and batarang. What a fun word to use, batarang. And why isn’t this word in my Word dictionary? Curse you red dotted underscore.

Difficultly wise this game is hard but not beat you down and make you call it Sir hard. It has a nice difficulty curve. With that being said you will die, lots.

Cut scenes before each level are a nice touch, although the story is just you hunting down The Joker because Batman learned that he killed his parents. But you do get to see an 8-bit batmobile, so that’s something.

Overall a great, underrated NES game that would a welcome addition to anyone’s collection and a game that will have you throwing your controller down in frustration at least a few times.

Damn those NES controllers are tough.   read

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