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Fame Designer avatar 5:10 AM on 10.22.2010  (server time)
C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 5: The Masked Man

UPDATE: I have no idea how things got so messed up when I was trying to use New Destructoid to create a group for my blogs. I've replaced the errors with what I originally wrote but minus Knutaf's corrections. From now on, I'll be updating this italicized space to inform you of... updates.

“Knutaf,” Said the masked man. “What news do you have?”

Knutaf found the masked man in Bright Falls, a town near Greenvale. They agreed to meet there if the assassination had gone as planned. Knutaf held his own severed arm underneath his still working arm. The masked man sat patiently for a reply.

“He almost killed me actually. My arm is – off.” Knutaf said. “He was able to jump really high. I thought he was going to start flying around. He got a lot of force into his first swing at me. Pried my arm off with a crowbar. Would have really hurt if I could feel pain.”

“You’re like a zombie Knutaf.” The masked man stated.

“Right… Well, Mr Andy Dixon is dead. So is his wife, but his daughter still lives.” Knutaf said.

“Why didn’t you kill her too?” The mask man said.

“Not enough time. I had to run for a half a day straight just to get here.” Knutaf said.

“Can’t you steal a car?” The man said.

“I don’t mess with cars. Shut up and just let me do my thing.” Knutaf sneered.

“Sorry, I guess I just don’t understand why you let all your talents go to waste.” The man said.

“They aren’t going to waste, just keep your opinions to yourself.” Knutaf requested.

“Fine, you did a good job. But their daughter is potentially twice as dangerous as Mr. Andy Dixon.” The man explained. “Also, here is the name of your next target.”

“I have questions.” Knutaf said.

“All in good time my friend. No, you don’t get to see what’s behind my mask. No, you don’t get to know why I want you to do kill these people. You are doing this for me in exchange for eternal life – what more do you want?”

Knutaf didn’t answer. He handed the masked man his severed limb. The man took his arm and connected the tissue. Then he talked Knutaf through the process.

“A bit of healing will happen when you age forwards. You’ll feel strange, even get some gray hairs. But I’m going to take you back into your youth. It’ll take you to a place where you never had any scars. The feeling of your arm should be back by now. The blood is flowing. Your tissue is healed. You have an excellent connection.” The masked man explained.

“Unbelievable.” Kuntaf was in awe.

“Just remember that I can take your youth away if you disobey me.” The masked man said. “Find Law – I will take care of Miss Alice Dixon.”


It was hard to find anyone that would help her. Miss Alice Dixon had to bury her parents alone that night. Her mother had met the same fate, by a man with the same claws that Mr. Andy Dixon met with. For a while, all Miss Alice Dixon could do was cry. James and Hugh weren’t around for some reason. They were probably off somewhere playing detectives. She cried and cried, but underneath her pain was anger. Someone had done this to her parents, and whoever did it was going to pay with their life.

She walked around town and asked around about James and Hugh. And before too long she picked up their trail. They were in Greenvale, which was quite a long way to go on foot.

“What’s a young lady like you doing out so late?” Said a well armored man.

“Who are you?” Said Miss Alice Dixon.

“Call me Wolf m’lady.” He said. “I’m a police man.”

“Haha!” Miss Alice Dixon laughed. “There ain’t no law here pig. You’re name is Wolf? Like the big bad wolf?”

“I’m a good wolf m’lady.” Wolf said. “Enough about me. You look lost. Can I help you find a place to go?”

“I suppose so…” Miss Alice Dixon said. “I need to find my way to Greenvale. I’m trying to find some friends of mine.”

Wolf was fully armored in plate mail. He even wore a helmet. It seemed like he shouldn’t be able to see out of that helmet very well, but he made his way around fine. He had a large sword sheathed across his back. And he had three golden triangles across the front of his armor.

“I’d be happy to escort you to the town of Greenvale. We will start our trip tomorrow morning when the sun comes up.” Wolf said.

“What do the triangles on your chest mean?” Miss Alice Dixon asked.

“Ah, those… they are called the tri-force of power.” Wolf explained. “Legend has it that many great warriors of the light have been protected though the ages by the tri-force. And it is said that the one who finds the actual tri-force of power is able make wishes! So people like me always hope that the tri-force will be found by a good natured individual, so that people will prosper – rather than living in a dark world.”

“That’s a nice story.” Miss Alice Dixon said. “I was wondering, maybe you could teach me how to use a sword?”

“Why would a young lady want to do that?” Wolf said shocked.


James knew that Elsa had to be checked out. And with any luck Alphadeus Zarius had something new up his sleeve to identify her in some way. Hugh was so far unwilling to extract knowledge from her, but that would happen soon enough. One thing was for sure, Elsa had a katana, so she was a suspect in the disappearances of the people in Greenvale. Their old dumpy bio-fuel truck had enough juice to get them back to town. It’d be nice to get back to his office in North Bend.
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